Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Bifidobacterium breve B3, a probiotic for your muscles

Bifidobacterium breve B3, a probiotic for your muscles
Bifidobacterium breve B3, a probiotic for your muscles


Researchers from the Japanese dairy company Morinaga Milk Industry have discovered that the probiotic bacterium Bifidobacterium breve B3 makes muscles of test animals stronger.

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A year on a high-protein slimming diet benefits cardiovascular system


A high-protein diet is just as good for your cardiovascular system as a traditional weight-loss diet - even if you stay on it for a year. Human study.

Combination of creatine nitrate and creatinine outperforms creatine nitrate or creatine monohydrate

Combination of creatine nitrate and creatinine outperforms creatine nitrate or creatine monohydrate

Combination of creatine nitrate and creatinine outperforms creatine nitrate or creatine monohydrate
Combination of creatine nitrate and creatinine outperforms creatine nitrate or creatine monohydrate


According to some sponsored studies, creatine nitrate works a better than regular creatine, but Serbian researchers suspect that the combination of creatine nitrate and creatinine is even more effective.

2-oxa-methyldienolone, a forgotten super steroid


Until 1969, steroid chemists considered methyl trenbolone to be the most powerful anabolic ever synthesized in a lab. But after two American researchers started experimenting with 2-oxa-methyldienolone, they changed their minds.

GABA: body fat inhibitor and insulin booster

GABA: body fat inhibitor and insulin booster

GABA: body fat inhibitor and insulin booster
GABA: body fat inhibitor and insulin booster


According to researchers at the University of California Los Angeles, GABA inhibits the increase in fat reserves that otherwise happens if you eat more calories than you burn. This is because GABA makes your cells more sensitive to insulin.

Artichoke may protect testes against anabolic steroids


Animal study delivers proof of principle, but the translation of the results into real life solutions is still questionable.

Beta-Alanine supplementation makes soldiers more deadly in combat

Beta-Alanine supplementation makes soldiers more deadly in combat

Beta-Alanine supplementation makes soldiers more deadly in combat
Beta-Alanine supplementation makes soldiers more deadly in combat


Beta-Alanine supplements are not only useful for athletes. Scientists at the University of Central Florida discovered that soldiers function better too if they take beta-alanine.

Do you want to live longer? Drink three cups of tea a week...


If animal studies have given you the idea that tea is only healthy if you drink liters of it, or take high-dose extracts, then we have good news for you.

Animal study: cranberries are an anti-aging drug


Cranberry is capable of almost doubling the lifespan of the microscopic worm Caenorhabditis elegans. American research.

Combination of creatine and HMB improves the performance of rowers, cyclists and runners


Athletes in disciplines where acidification is a factor to be reckoned with - such as rowing, running and cycling - are likely to benefit from supplementation with creatine and HMB.

NEP28, a SARM for your brain (and your muscles, of course)


Researchers from the Japanese chemical company Sumitomo Chemical have developed a SARM that may not only counteract the breakdown of the muscles due to aging, but also the age-related deterioration of cognitive abilities.

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Human study: TWK10 increases endurance subjects by 58 percent 14.11.19
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Hunting for the active substances in Antrodia camphorata 12.11.19
Grape Seed Extract speeds up damaged muscle tissue recovery 11.11.19
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Citicoline improves concentration 08.11.19
Obacunone, nomilin... Weird anabolic substances in ordinary citrus fruits 07.11.19
Taurine protects steroids users' testes 06.11.19
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Watermelon prevents sore muscles 04.11.19
Lutein, the anti-cancer compound from kale and spinach 03.11.19
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Quercetin is a geroprotector 19.10.19
L-Theanine, the complete stress buster 18.10.19
More almonds, fewer wrinkles 17.10.19
Supplement with lactic acid and caffeine makes athletes' muscles bigger 16.10.19
Meta-study compares interval training with traditional endurance training 15.10.19
Meta-study confirms that carrots protect against breast cancer 14.10.19
Sleep better - do strength training 13.10.19
Carrots protect against breast cancer 12.10.19
Strength training with high reps great for building muscle mass, not for building strength 11.10.19
Replacing sugar with palatinose increases muscle mass and reduces body fat 10.10.19
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How using whey hydrolysate makes athletes lose body fat 08.10.19
Do you want to lose some fat? Replace whey concentrate with whey hydrolysate 07.10.19
Supplementation with placebos is often effective, but is counterproductive for some athletes 06.10.19
Onions, garlic, eggs, olive oil and beans protect against melanoma 05.10.19
Carrots and spinach cooked healthier than raw 04.10.19
Phosphatidylcholine, a choline analog in eggs and meat, protects against dementia 03.10.19
Add ginger to your food to boost calorie burning 02.10.19
Increase your daily intake of choline, reduce your chance of Alzheimer's 01.10.19
Loading phase increases performance improvement by nitrates 30.09.19
Daily dose of 600 milligrams of carnitine reduces muscle cramps 29.09.19
One and a half grams of chia oil per day: more muscle, less fat 28.09.19
HMB works just as well as leucine 27.09.19
The use of anabolic steroids makes Candida fungi even more aggressive 26.09.19
People with a lot of DHA in their blood live longer 25.09.19
Push-ups just as good as bench presses for strength building 24.09.19
Words of encouragement make you stronger and fitter 23.09.19
Eat spinach and quinoa and live longer 22.09.19
Training together is less painful 21.09.19
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3 grams of MSM per day counteracts hay fever attack 17.09.19
Aza-6-Gingerol, an experimental ginger-based fat-loss drug 16.09.19
Three grams of sumac powder per day lowers your glucose and insulin levels 15.09.19
Optimism extends lifespan by 15 percent 14.09.19
Lifting weights protects against Parkinson's 13.09.19
Supplementation with EMIQ makes leg muscles bigger 12.09.19
Successful weight loss diet? Quinoa ecdysteroids help you stay slim 10.09.19
Stop worrying, go and start strength training 09.09.19
Terbutaline increases muscle mass at the expense of fitness 08.09.19
Ecdysterone analogue Bio103 has more anabolic effect than its mother compound 07.09.19
DHEA boosts muscle build-up from strength training 06.09.19
Worried about the cardiovascular side effects of anabolic steroids? Don't count on taurine... 05.09.19
Walnuts make bad cholesterol harmless 04.09.19