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Nigella sativa is an effective fat loss supplement, meta study 11.01.2021
Lower fat percentage with sufficient magnesium in diet 05.01.2021
Schisandrin-B, the fat cell destroyer in Schisandra chinensis 04.01.2021
Weight-loss attempts make you healthier, even if they fail 03.01.2021
Black Seed Oil makes you lose fat without losing muscle mass 31.12.2020
Chemical weight loss won't lift depression 25.12.2020
Burning fat with circuit training goes better with extra vitamin D 02.12.2020
A multivitamin pill a day helps you maintain your weight 14.11.2020
On a diet? One capsule of Grape Seed Extract per day doubles the rate at which you lose fat 06.11.2020
Rosehips contain slimming medicine 05.11.2020
Zinc supplement accelerates weight loss during slimming diet 31.10.2020
Superior weight-loss diet: high protein plus capsaicin supplements 27.10.2020
Capsaicin keeps metabolic rate high during weight loss diet 26.10.2020
Lose weight faster by eating carbs in the evening only 22.09.2020

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Curcumin supplement increases muscle strength and fitness in people over 65 - again... 24.12.2020
Schisandra sinensis increases muscle strength by 8 percent 23.12.2020
Curcumin increases the muscle strength of people over 65 20.12.2020
Animal study | Thyme oil increases testosterone levels 15.12.2020
Quercetin prevents stress hormone cortisol from breaking down muscle cells 07.12.2020
Supplementing with quercetin or red onion forces the body into giving muscle preferential treatment over fat 06.12.2020
Cysteine sulfoxides in onions increase testosterone levels 20.11.2020
Prunes boost IGF-1 levels in humans 19.11.2020
An unsuspected muscle food: blueberries 14.10.2020
Dioscorea esculenta supplement boosts DHT in athletes 10.10.2020
Dioscorea esculenta increases the concentration of DHT in muscles 09.10.2020
Testosterone levels go off the scale with holy basil 03.10.2020
More vitamin C, more muscle 30.08.2020
Withaferin-A, an anti-estrogen (and maybe also an anabolic) in ashwagandha 20.08.2020