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Alzheimer's & Dementia

Social activity protects against dementia 26.10.2023
More vitamin E, less dementia 31.08.2023
After 60, a high intake of vitamin E maintains cognitive abilities 29.08.2023
Glucosamine reduces risk of dementia 06.04.2023
Substantial reduction in the risk of dementia thanks to vitamin D supplementation 22.03.2023
Aged 65 or older | More steps, better brains 10.03.2023
Supplementing with Lion's Mane improves mental fitness in people over 50 26.02.2023
The BDNF Files | How summer & sunlight make you smarter and happier 04.11.2022
Ginkgo and DHA combination may protect against Alzheimer's | Animal study 31.10.2022
50+ | A diet with nuts keeps your reaction speed up to par 20.10.2021
This is the effect of a keto diet on Alzheimer's patients 15.09.2021
High omega-3 levels? B vitamins protect your brain from aging 10.09.2021
This many hours of sleep you need to prevent dementia 13.07.2021
A healthy diet keeps the brain young for longer 08.07.2021
Getting older? Belly button mushrooms improve motor coordination 09.04.2021
Spermidine improves memory in over-60s | Pilot study 10.09.2020
Omega-3 fatty acids protect the cognitive abilities of over 60s 27.08.2020
Carotenoids in carrots, oranges and tomatoes protect against dementia 27.07.2020
Diet rich in vitamin B3 protects against Alzheimer's 30.01.2020
Strawberries protect against Alzheimer's disease 27.01.2020
NEP28, a SARM for your brain (and your muscles, of course) 11.01.2020
Edible mushrooms halve the risk of early-stage dementia 27.10.2019
Phosphatidylcholine, a choline analog in eggs and meat, protects against dementia 03.10.2019
Increase your daily intake of choline, reduce your chance of Alzheimer's 01.10.2019
Frequent contact with friends and family protects against dementia 06.08.2019
Older than 60? Supplementation with fish oil, Ginkgo and B vitamins protects your brain 12.01.2019
Ergothioneine makes mushrooms healthy for your brain 31.12.2018
Ketogenic diet may help prevent dementia 23.10.2018
Little bit of physical activity protects the brain against hereditary form of Alzheimer's 07.10.2018
Physical activity enables the brain to repair itself and rejuvenate itself 08.06.2018
Healthier diet means more brains 23.05.2018
High fitness in middle age reduces the chance of dementia by ninety percent 18.03.2018
Curcumin improves memory 26.01.2018
Do you cook curry often? It helps keep your brain cells in good condition 08.12.2017
Scans don't lie - yoga protects against dementia 21.09.2017
Virgin olive oil may offer protection against dementia 29.08.2017
More chance of depression and dementia in old people with low zinc levels 11.05.2017
Vitamin B6 helps over 60s stay mentally fit 31.03.2017
Loneliness leads to first stages of dementia 09.02.2017
Strength training makes elderly people mentally stronger 28.09.2016
Diet with enough alpha-linolenic acid protects against dementia 10.08.2016
Shortage of sleep increases chance of dementia 11.10.2015
Combination of B vitamins and fish oil reduces age-related brain atrophy 21.07.2015
Trenbolone may increase Alzheimer's risk 07.02.2015
Saturated fats in meat and dairy hasten mental decline, unsaturated fats in nuts and olive oil delay decline 26.11.2014
Animal study: combination of melatonin and exercise protects against Alzheimer's 22.07.2014
Daily capsule of phosphatidylserine-DHA-complex improves memory in over 60s 06.03.2014
Cynical over 65s more likely to develop dementia 21.06.2014
Brisk walking protects against dementia 26.05.2012
Animal study: milk thistle inhibits Alzheimer's 17.05.2012
Animal study: spirulina prevents dementia 10.03.2012
Walk at least two kilometres a day for protection against dementia 09.12.2011
Less carbs, better memory 14.11.2011
Aging shrinks your brains; cardio makes them grow 04.11.2011
How to halve your risk of Alzheimer's 03.11.2011
Anti-Alzheimer's diet is an old friend 01.11.2011
Test-tube study: ashwagandha inhibits Alzheimer's 10.08.2011
Steroids speed up Alzheimer's, in cell study 01.07.2011
Ginkgo protects elderly against first signs of Alzheimer's 16.08.2008