Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Weight Training

The optimal incline bench press | An EMG study 23.10.2020
This is perhaps the most effective version of the lateral raise 16.10.2020
Suicidal ideation less prevalent in strong men 11.10.2020
Intensive weight training helps fight depression 08.10.2020
Which one is better? Bench press with a cambered bar or bench press with a standard bar? 06.10.2020
Unstable weights | Bench press, only better 23.09.2020
Broken hip? Strength training increases the chance that you will still be alive in a year 16.09.2020
Building muscles with low loads? Train them to failure 13.09.2020
Calves do respond to strength training, says Brad Schoenfeld 26.05.2020
24 leg exercises compared: the step-up is best for the glutes 30.04.2020
This is the difference between the belt-squat and the back-squat 29.04.2020
Anabolic steroids eliminate the cancer-inhibiting effect of strength training 10.04.2020
This type of strength training is just as good for your cardiovascular health as running 20.03.2020
When music reduces muscle strength 15.03.2020
Music with more volume for more strength 08.03.2020
The music you love improves your workout 07.03.2020
Powerlifting makes your muscles stronger - but not the muscles in your lower back 13.02.2020
Do strength athletes have to stop training to failure? 07.01.2020
Preheated muscles respond better to light strength training 31.12.2019
Women over 60 respond just as well to 2 full body workouts as to 3 full body workouts per week 16.12.2019
Does it matter which muscle group you train first during strength training? 02.12.2019
The single leg squat for the gluteal muscles, the split squat for the quads 26.11.2019
Depression disappears faster due to less than an hour of strength training or cardio per week 16.11.2019
Multi-angular strength training gives biceps a more intensive growth stimulus 05.11.2019
Do you want more pump? Train according to Patrick Tuor... 31.10.2019
How to make the bench press more effective 16.08.2019
For core muscles development, plank exercises and back extensions are irreplaceable 14.08.2019
Want to develop your serrati? Try decline pushups 13.08.2019
Sleep improvement makes cardio and strength training more effective 23.07.2019
Two leg press sessions per week reduce the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy during breast cancer treatment 21.07.2019
Which exercise is better? The conventional deadlift or the Romanian deadlift? 16.07.2019
Time-restricted feeding without positive or negative effects in female strength athletes 06.07.2019
Strength training with new 3/7 method gives superior results 23.06.2019
Whether you use anabolic steroids or not, the addition of single-joint exercises to a training routine with basic exercises adds nothing 12.05.2019
Strength training for speed extends lifespan 17.04.2019
Strength training in the morning is just as effective as strength training in the evening 29.02.2019
Exercise reduces blood pressure as much as medication 29.12.2018
Isolation exercises? You can do well without them 16.12.2018
Low-intensity cardio stimulates muscle growth through strength training, high-intensity cardio does not 26.11.2018
Early bird or night owl? In the higher echelons of sports it matters... 02.10.2018
Strength training lowers the fat percentage of children 24.09.2018
Obesity doesn't have to stand in the way of building muscles 02.08.2018
What is more effective? Strength training with a narrow or a wide pyramid system? 01.08.2018
What strength training system gives the best results? The pyramid system or the constant load system? 28.07.2018
Strength training and interval training go well together 20.07.2018
Is it so bad that women prefer strength training with light weights? 16.06.2018
Flyes and reverse flyes: an elastic band instead of dumbbells 09.05.2018
Squats with a flexible bar: a lot of impact on muscles with relatively little weight 15.04.2018
Strength training without schedule? Then no muscle growth 07.04.2018
The narrow-grip version of the bench press stimulates the pecs just as well as the regular bench press 31.03.2018
For glutes & hamstrings, single-leg squats are better than regular squats or stiff-leg deadlifts 26.03.2018
How half a year of bench presses will change your body 24.03.2018
Sadistic variants of the pull-up are just as good for your muscles as the humane version 20.03.2018
EMG study: the barbell-deadlift and the hip-thrust complement each other 15.03.2018
Strong muscles lower mortality in people in their twenties and thirties 10.02.2018
Building upper body strength? Train your legs with less weight 05.02.2018
Overcoming drug addiction? Strength training helps 02.02.2018
This is the optimal cessation period before a competition for weightlifters, strongmen and powerlifters 29.01.2018
What time do you work out? In the longer term it does matter 16.01.2018
Study: strength training in the early morning results in as much muscle mass as training in the afternoon 13.01.2018
The muscles you are growing now may save your life later 10.01.2018
MRI scans prove it: developing lower body muscles is more difficult than developing upper body muscles 08.01.2018
Just started with strength training? Training to failure isn't necessary, making enough sets is... 05.01.2018
When combined with other exercise, strength training boosts survival chances of cancer survivors 20.12.2017
Men in their fifties recover just as quickly from strength training as men in their twenties 17.12.2017
Study: your age determines the effect strength training has on your body 07.12.2017
Circuit training with light weights causes just as much fat loss as classic cardio training 23.11.2017
Periodised resistance training just as effective if you surprise your muscles with changing weights 02.11.2017
Concentric strength training just as effective as eccentric strength training 07.10.2017
Strength training + active lifestyle more than halves chance of diabetes 11.09.2017
Weight training doesn't boost endurance of women runners or cyclists 05.08.2017
Two weeks without strength training? Not a problem... 17.06.2017
Rhabdomyolysis through high-reps strength training 19.04.2017
Strength training results in more muscle growth when combined with heat treatment 11.04.2017
Impingement in your shoulder joint? A neglected lower trapezius might be the cause... 08.02.2017
This is the safest way (for your shoulder joint) to do pull ups 27.01.2017
Cardio and strength training: not on the same day 26.01.2017
Combination of strength training and cardio: workout at the end of the day results in more endurance capacity and muscle growth 19.01.2017
This is how to make your strength training three to five times more effective 06.12.2016
Too intense strength training doesn't result in muscle growth 03.12.2016
Your calf muscles won't grow? It's not your fault... 16.11.2016
Strength training protects runners against injuries 04.11.2016
Hip thrusts good for footballers, front squats for basketball players 01.10.2016
Strength training makes elderly people mentally stronger 28.09.2016
This way of doing the leg press protects your knees against injury 27.09.2016
How to choose the best suspension trainer 14.09.2016
How many times a week should strength athletes train their muscle groups? 29.08.2016
You benefit from strength training just as much in your sixties as you do in your thirties 25.08.2016
Progress with short rests between sets - the familiarisation factor 18.07.2016
Strength training reduces footballers' risk of injury 05.07.2016
Taking 2-min rest between strength training sets works better than 1-min rest 26.06.2016
Training your legs on the leg-press? Squats are better... 23.06.2016
Creatine reduces optimal rest time between sets 16.06.2016
Mouth guards make you stronger and faster 14.06.2016
Circuit training with bodyweight exercises is tougher than running 13.06.2016
Can you isolate the pecs with the dumbbell press? Not really... 23.05.2016
Cardio training boosts the effect of strength training on muscle growth, sometimes 22.05.2016
False alarm about combining interval training and strength training 28.04.2016
Self-massage with foam roller speeds up post strength-training recovery 23.04.2016
Ballistic or static stretching before doing resistance training? Both are wrong... 18.03.2016
Watching aggressive videos can boost muscle strength 15.02.2016
Separate exercises for biceps and triceps? Not really necessary... 15.01.2016
Pull-downs and curls equally effective for biceps growth 06.01.2016
Effect of strength training on women visible after just three weeks 04.01.2016

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