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Users of dating apps use anabolic steroids more often

Users of dating apps use anabolic steroids more often
If you are on Tinder or another dating app, you know that users judge you as if you were a piece of cattle. The use of this type of technology probably has consequences for the way people treat their bodies. Nutrition scientists at Harvard University express this suspicion in the Journal of Eating Disorders. They discovered that users of dating apps also use anabolic steroids, diet pills or laxatives or laxatives more often.

The researchers studied 1726 people aged 18-65. Of these, 17 percent used dating apps, 83 percent did not. The researchers determined on the basis of questionnaires whether the study participants tried to slim down in an unhealthy way.

You have to take that 'unhealthy' with a grain of salt. They are talking about slimming methods that raise the eyebrows of orthodox food scientists. We ourselves do not understand what is wrong with fasting or using supplements, but hey - we're just ignorant bloggers.

The study participants who used dating apps more often indicated that they tried to lose weight by vomiting or fasting, or by using laxatives, diet pills, bodybuilding supplements and anabolic steroids.

The association was especially strong for the use of anabolic steroids. For the population studied as a whole, the risk of using anabolic steroids was a factor of 16.2 greater among the study participants who used dating apps than the study participants in the other group.

Below you see the data broken down by sex. All differences between app users and non-users are statistically significant.

Users of dating apps use anabolic steroids more often

Users of dating apps use anabolic steroids more often

"Whether the use of dating apps can be attributed to adverse health outcomes, including unhealthy weight control behaviors, remains unclear", write the researchers. "The findings from our study, however, continue to fuel speculations that dating app users may be at risk of preventable physical and mental health outcomes."

"Therefore, identifying individuals at risk of eating disorders and their risk factors is critical in informing effective public health efforts aimed at alleviating the global burden of these potentially deadly yet preventable conditions."

"Based on our findings, we recommend future studies aim to assess the association between dating app use and unhealthy weight control behaviors temporally and use a more representative sample. Such studies should specifically explore the underlying mechanisms as to how and why dating app use may contribute to unhealthy weight control behaviors and possibly the development of eating disorders."

J Eat Disord. 2019 May 31;7:16.

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