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Steroid user more vulnerable to heat: animal study

Steroid user more vulnerable to heat: animal study
If the temperature rises again in a few months, steroids users may well want to find a gym with good air conditioning. The more androgens circulate in your system, the more difficulties your body has keeping your body temperature low during heat exposure. This is evident from an animal study that researchers from the US Army published in Life Sciences.

The researchers experimented with 4 groups of mice: a group of normal male mice [Sham males], a group of female mice [Females], a group of castrated male mice [Gnx] and a group of castrated mice that had been given testosterone releasing implants [Gnx+T].

All mice had a thermometer in their abdominal cavity, which recorded the core temperature of the animals.

The researchers exposed the mice to an ambient temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, and then looked at how well the animals could regulate their core temperature.

The test animals with relatively high testosterone levels in their system - the intact males and the castrated males with testosterone implants - had more trouble keeping their body temperature under control than the other test animals. Their core temperature came in the red range, which was not the case with the females and the castrated males.

Steroid user more vulnerable to heat: animal study

Steroid user more vulnerable to heat: animal study

The higher the testosterone level, the higher the peak core temperature during the heat exposure.

"Our results demonstrated that testosterone plays a role in enhancing hyperthermic response to heat exposure", write the researchers.

"Testosterone is a potential susceptibility factor for heat-related injuries and illnesses."

Life Sci. 2018 Dec 1;214:34-40.

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