Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Anabolic Substances

Longer steroid cycles, more side effects 15.10.2020
Pilot study | Nandrolone alleviates joint pain 26.09.2020
Androgens deteriorate immune system 15.09.2020
Growth hormone therapy does not increase the risk of cancer 01.08.2020
Protein intake key factor in growth hormone's anabolic effect 29.07.2020
Animal study: lean or fat, old or young, Bay 60-6583 improves your body composition 09.07.2020
Smoking, alcohol and coke make anabolic steroids more dangerous for your heart 07.06.2020
Testosterone replacement therapy for type 2 diabetes? 07.05.2020
Anabolic steroids eliminate the cancer-inhibiting effect of strength training 10.04.2020
The health effects of 11 years of testosterone therapy 27.02.2020
Will A-nor-anabolics replace SARMs? 15.02.2020
A-nor-androgens: incomplete but effective versions of testosterone 03.02.2020
2-oxa-methyldienolone, a forgotten super steroid 18.01.2020
Artichoke may protect testes against anabolic steroids 16.01.2020
NEP28, a SARM for your brain (and your muscles, of course) 11.01.2020
2,4-dioxa-3-thia-5-alpha-androstane, a forgotten eccentric anabolic from the seventies 05.01.2020
What is steroid 36644-Ba? 01.01.2020
Testosterone cream gives young women more stamina, more muscles and more body hair 24.10.2019
The use of anabolic steroids makes Candida fungi even more aggressive 26.09.2019
Worried about the cardiovascular side effects of anabolic steroids? Don't count on taurine... 05.09.2019
Anabolic steroid user ends up in prison remarkably often 03.09.2019
We know too little about anabolic steroids, doctors admit 25.08.2019
S7h, a novel anabolic steroid? 31.07.2019
Hormonal recovery after anabolic steroid cycle lasts longer than 4 months 10.07.2019
25% of young steroids users have clogged coronary arteries 15.06.2019
What is the anabolic effect of 6-keto-progesterone? 07.04.2019
What are dehydroandrostenol and dehydroandrosterone? 16.03.2019
The summer season is the anabolics season, says professor Google 20.02.2019
Steroid user more vulnerable to heat: animal study 15.12.2018
Anabolic steroids use in 2018 14.12.2018
The increased mortality risk of the average steroid user 24.11.2018
Insulin-like peptide-3, an unknown testicular anabolic hormone 11.11.2018
Steroid users are more impulsive, impatient and unhappy than natural athletes 07.11.2018
The anabolic effect of GSK20881078: human study 31.10.2018
What kind of anabolic steroid is methyldiazirinol? 22.10.2018
More anabolic steroids, more sexual problems 29.08.2018
Does Grape Seed Extract protect your heart and blood vessels when you're on steroids? 23.08.2018
Androgens give users an excuse for aggression 13.07.2018
Combination of oxandrolone and XTC causes day-long hallucinations 20.04.2018
Bloodletting for bodybuilders 29.03.2018
GSK2881078 - SARM star rising 30.01.2018
Is it worth taking testosterone in the weeks before and after an ACL reconstruction? 03.12.2017
This is what happens if you take 15 mg oxandrolone every day for 5 days 25.11.2017
Steroids users nine times more likely to rupture tendons than natural athletes 20.08.2017
Biggest study on cardiovascular side effects of steroids brings bad news for users 28.07.2017
Impact of long-term use of steroids in elite athletes not as serious as thought 03.06.2017
Steroids use doesn't influence judges' sentencing 25.03.2017
Half ex steroids users are hypogonadal 14.12.2016
Steroids' users hormone balance irreparably damaged after a couple of years - despite post cycling therapy 12.12.2016
Do anabolic steroids increase life expectancy? 16.08.2016
Mesterolone as an anti-depressant and pep pill 28.05.2016
Anabolic steroids use in women is often a man's job 16.05.2016
Doctors stigmatise steroids users 10.05.2016
Anabolic steroids make you more scared 04.05.2016
Oxandrolone can reverse effects of muscle disease 16.03.2016
Dymethazine is almost the same as methasterone 23.01.2016
Proof: show wrestling kills 16.01.2016
Thrombosis in the family? Careful with those steroids... 07.01.2016
How safe is S23? 07.12.2015
LG121071, ACP-105 and LGD-3303: three SARMs you probably haven't heard of 04.12.2015
IGF-1 analogue mecasermin boosts athletes' endurance capacity 29.11.2015
Non-stop long-term steroids use reduces life span, says animal study 29.09.2015
Doping hunters stumble across a completely new anabolic steroid: 3-chloro-17-alpha-methyl-5-alpha-androstan-17-beta-ol 02.09.2015
Steroids, creatine and high-protein diet can cause kidney damage if you don't drink enough 11.08.2015
How safe is trenbolone? 15.07.2015
Fructus Schisandrae inhibits muscle atrophy almost as well as oxymetholone 08.07.2015
This is what happens when women over 65 use oxandrolone 07.06.2015
Steroid cycle transforms acne bacteria into super-acne bacteria 24.04.2015
Bodybuilding, steroids and the acne bacteria 21.04.2015
Prohormone 7-alpha-methyl-estra-4-en-3,17-dione: effective but not without risk 17.02.2015
Sepsis even more deadly for steroids users 28.02.2015
Taurine protects steroids users' testes 15.02.2015
Trenbolone may increase Alzheimer's risk 07.02.2015
Designer supplement Super DMZ Rx 2.0 can cause jaundice 09.11.2014
Steroids cycles in 1984 31.10.2014
What steroids users aren't told until it's too late 14.10.2014
Oxytocin is a rubbish doping substance 05.07.2014
Even just a few mg of RAD140 has anabolic effect 22.06.2014
Meta-study: DHEA improves body composition of older men 11.04.2014
Testosterone therapy can increase chance of heart attack 23.03.2014
Bolandiol: the cheapest SARM was marketed as a prohormone 21.03.2014
Stretch 'n' steroid combination produces muscle growth 05.03.2014
Month of weight training with prohormone 3-beta-hydroxy-5-alpha-androst-1-en-17-one: four lean kgs' gain 28.02.2014
Vitamin C and E protect testes during steroids cycle 08.01.2014
Anabolic steroids prevent tendons from becoming stronger through training 24.12.2013
Testosterone propionate can have permanent effect on muscles, says animal study 01.12.2013
Can a few hundred mils of caffeine boost the anabolic effect of oxandrolone? 26.11.2013
Oxymetholone breaks down fat and builds up muscle 22.11.2013
The anabolic effect of combining salbutamol with L-dopa 02.11.2013
Testosterone makes you more indifferent 30.10.2013
Top athletes live just as long as ordinary people despite steroid use 27.10.2013
Testosterone makes men more honest 20.10.2013
YK11: a SARM and myostatin inhibitor in one 18.10.2013
Pro-hormone version of trenbolone 03.09.2013
Liver damage & designer steroids: blame the manufacturer again 18.08.2013
Animal study: strength training without steroids is good for heart and blood vessels 16.08.2013
New designer steroid: 6-alpha-chloro-testosterone 12.08.2013
DHEA boosts muscle build-up from strength training 15.07.2013
DHEA-supplementation boosts post-interval training anabolism 15.04.2013
Giant swelling in bodybuilder's liver 24.03.2013
Steroids use masked TB in bodybuilder 21.02.2013
The short-lived effects of an anti-aging course of testosterone and growth hormone 12.02.2013
Dumber by Deca 26.11.2012
Halotestin is a cortisol booster 13.09.2012
Trenbolone users who smoke more likely to get cancer 21.08.2012
The anticatabolic effect of 100 mg DHEA daily 29.06.2012
Dead bodybuilder's heart weighed a kilo 04.06.2012
Torn biceps heals more quickly in steroids users 31.05.2012
Gain 1.5 kg lean body mass with three-week course of LGD-4033 15.05.2012
Just one testosterone injection can mess up your cholesterol level 04.05.2012
The testosterone effect of ibuprofen 20.04.2012
Leute, das Anabolika-Buch ist da 18.04.2012
Why bother to add dutasteride to your testosterone cycle? 15.04.2012
Das Anabolika-Buch ist da, fellas 10.04.2012
Twelve weeks of 3 mg ostarine daily 01.12.2011
Stanozolol in tap water 23.11.2011
Recovery from a deca course can take up to a year 20.10.2011
Boldenone may damage liver, says animal study 10.09.2011
Training stimulates action of methandrostenolone 05.09.2011
Nandrolone finasteride combination increases androgenic side effects, not more effective 28.08.2011
Nandrolone and stanozolol damage bodybuilders' DNA 22.08.2011
Single deca injection causes genetic damage in animal test 20.08.2011
This is what 15 mg dbol a day does to your sperm 18.07.2011
The effect of a daily 50 mg DHEA and 100 mg atamestane 17.07.2011
Steroids speed up Alzheimer's, in cell study 01.07.2011
Impressive results with injectable desoxytestosterone 23.06.2011
Innervated muscle tissue reacts to steroids 19.06.2011
New prohormone: Delta-2 05.06.2011
PEG-IGF-1: improved IGF-1 analogue 20.05.2011
Dianabol for potatoes, brassinosteroids for bodybuilders 02.03.2011
Exemestane makes you slimmer and more muscular 27.02.2011
Animal study: hormone balance restored with difficulty after course of monster steroid dimethandrolone 01.02.2011

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