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Slimming aid carnosic acid has anabolic effect

Carnosic acid
We wrote recently about our latest obsession, the diterpene carnosic acid, which according to in-vitro studies induces fat cells to empty their contents into the bloodstream. Carnosic acid is already on the market as a biological conserving agent, and its safety has been well studied. In our search for more information we came across another in-vitro study, and according to this one carnosic acid helps muscle cells to absorb more glucose.

So there you go. A substance that perhaps makes fat cells smaller but muscle cells larger. Hi-yo Silver.

Glucose uptake
In 2014 cell biologists at the University of Dundee published the results of an in-vitro study in Cellular Signalling. In the study they had exposed muscle cells to carnosic acid [CA]. The higher the dose, and the longer the exposure time, the more glucose the muscles cells absorbed.

Slimming aid carnosic acid has anabolic effect

Insulin sensitivity
Slimming aid carnosic acid has anabolic effect
Carnosic acid also boosted glucose uptake of muscle cells in the presence of insulin. In the presence of wortmannin [WM] or PI103 the effect disappeared. Wortmannin and PI103 are inhibitors of the enzyme phosphoinositide 3-kinase.

Role of AMPK
The researchers made cells in which the enzyme AMPK no longer worked. AMPK is an enzyme that becomes active through exercise and fasting, and that boosts muscle cells' sensitivity to glucose. Quite a few insulin boosters that the supplements industry is experimenting with work via AMPK. But carnosic acid it seems does not need AMPK to pump muscles full with glucose.

Slimming aid carnosic acid has anabolic effect

In muscle cells where the researchers had deactivated AMPK [AMPK-alpha 1-KD] carnosic acid worked just as well as in muscle cells where that had not happened [Scr-CON].

To be continued...

Cell Signal. 2014 Nov;26(11):2343-9.

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