Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Unusual Muscle Building Strategies

Combination of animal and plant foods keeps the muscles of people over 65 in optimal shape 20.09.2023
Citrus flavonoid hesperidin stops muscle breakdown due to aging 12.09.2023
Does Spilanthes acmella accelerate muscle growth? And if so - how? 27.07.2023
Calisthenics plus fenugreek = more strength, more muscle, less body fat 14.06.2023
Does Myotor really work that well? 08.04.2023
Fish oil doubles strength gains through strength training 18.03.2023
A pinch of GABA makes whey a more effective muscle builder 06.03.2023
Nitrate in food makes your muscles (a little) stronger and faster 20.02.2023
High intake of vitamin K1 keeps bones strong (and muscles too) 03.02.2023
Shilajit induces muscle collagen biosynthesis 08.01.2023
Moderate-intensity exercise burns more fat through supplementation with fish oil 07.01.2023
More alpha-carotene, more muscle strength 05.01.2023
More dietary fiber, more muscle (and less body fat) 30.12.2022
Pinoresinol and vanillic acid | Phytochemicals that mimic the anabolic effect of IGF-1 29.08.2022
Paraxanthine makes you stronger, more muscular and increases your stamina 02.05.2022
Oligonol, a muscle-building supplement based on lychees 25.03.2022
Lychees inhibit muscle breakdown | Animal study 22.03.2022
Diet with lots of vegetables keeps the elderly fit 19.03.2022
Diet rich in resveratrol, astaxanthin and beta-carotene increases muscle strength, reduces fatigue 02.01.2022
Combination of resveratrol, astaxanthin and beta-carotene may accelerate muscle growth 30.12.2021
Curcumin supplementation: More stem cells in recovering muscles in old age 26.12.2021
Coming soon in pharmacological bodybuilding: DS20060511 25.08.2021
Anabolic effect of dileucine greater than that of leucine 19.08.2021
Schisandra enhances the increase of muscle strength induced by exercise 17.06.2021
How pumpkin may reduce muscle breakdown 17.04.2021
Curcumin supplement increases muscle strength and fitness in people over 65 - again... 24.12.2020
Schisandra chinensis increases muscle strength by 8 percent 23.12.2020
Curcumin increases the muscle strength of people over 65 20.12.2020
Anti-inflammatory diet keeps you muscular and strong 13.12.2020
Quercetin prevents stress hormone cortisol from breaking down muscle cells 07.12.2020
Supplementing with quercetin or red onion forces the body into giving muscle preferential treatment over fat 06.12.2020
An unsuspected muscle food: blueberries 14.10.2020
Dioscorea esculenta supplement boosts DHT in athletes 10.10.2020
Dioscorea esculenta increases the concentration of DHT in muscles 09.10.2020
More vitamin C, more muscle 30.08.2020
Animal study: lean or fat, old or young, Bay 60-6583 improves your body composition 09.07.2020
Red Ginseng stimulates muscle growth, increases stamina 23.06.2020
Black ginger dimethoxyflavone is a muscle rejuvenation drug 26.04.2020
Wakame, the fitness algae 21.04.2020
Ligustrazine in bodybuilding supplements 06.02.2020
Sinensetin, yet another anabolic substance from citrus 04.02.2020
Bifidobacterium breve B3, a probiotic for your muscles 21.01.2020
Do you eat a lot of salt? That's not good for your muscles... 24.12.2019
Modest dose of vitamin D increases lean body mass 22.12.2019
Vegetables, fruit and muscles 09.12.2019
Study: supplementation with schisandra maintains your muscle mass as you age 03.12.2019
Combination of salbutamol, caffeine and high-calorie diet: more muscle, less fat 19.11.2019
Black pepper extract PipeNig-FL stimulates muscle growth while inhibiting body fat growth 17.11.2019
Obacunone, nomilin... Weird anabolic substances in ordinary citrus fruits 07.11.2019
Supplementing with astaxanthin turns walking into bodybuilding 20.10.2019
One and a half grams of chia oil per day: more muscle, less fat 28.09.2019
Supplementation with EMIQ makes leg muscles bigger 12.09.2019
Ecdysterone analogue Bio103 has more anabolic effect than its mother compound 07.09.2019
Ginsenoside Rg1, a natural anabolic from the ginseng plant 20.07.2019
Thanks to ecdysterone supplementation, strength athletes gain 2 kilos of muscle mass in 10 weeks 30.05.2019
Pericytes | Blood vessel wall cells that make muscles grow 05.05.2019
Three capsules of Grape Seed Extract protect muscles during extreme strength training 29.04.2019
Synthetic superantioxidant Eukarion-134 stops muscle breakdown 14.04.2019
Combination of fish oil and curcumin activates anabolism in inactive muscles 11.04.2019
What is the anabolic effect of 6-keto-progesterone? 07.04.2019
More dietary fiber, stronger muscles 06.04.2019
The anabolic effect of methoxyisoflavone 04.04.2019
The anabolic effect of a few grams of nori protein per day 18.03.2019
Ashwagandha accelerates increase of muscle strength in novice strength athletes 25.12.2018
Red pepper makes muscles stronger 13.12.2018
Butyrate protects muscles against aging 02.12.2018
Modified ecdysteroids with more anabolic effect 28.11.2018
More tomato juice, stronger muscles 25.11.2018
Increasing muscle size with neuromuscular electrostimulation more likely to succeed with high frequency 22.11.2018
Insulin-like peptide-3, an unknown testicular anabolic hormone 11.11.2018
CinDura, Cell-Tech's secret weapon 26.10.2018
4 weeks of supplementation with keratin equals gaining 1 kilo of muscle 05.10.2018
A few grams of galacto-oligosaccharides make your protein shake a better muscle builder 04.10.2018
Laxogenin reduces fat percentage, hydroxy-laxogenin increases muscle mass 26.08.2018
Betaine supplement makes strength athlete on diet lose more body fat 16.08.2018
Healthy blood vessels, strong muscles 14.08.2018
Alpha-cedrene, a completely new kind of anabolic from cedar oil 15.07.2018
Daily dose of 3 grams of krill oil makes bodybuilders gain more muscle 11.07.2018
N-Acetylglucosamine accelerates the formation of muscle fibers 07.07.2018
A little bit of physical activity improves body composition in combination with ursolic acid 06.07.2018
More choline and betaine means more muscles and less fat 16.03.2018
Lemon verbena extract accelerates muscle recovery after training 26.02.2018
Anabolic effect of blood pressure drug losartan due to myostatin inhibition 11.02.2018
Carotenoids versus muscle atrophy? 07.02.2018
Apigenin, a natural anabolic compound in parsley 24.01.2018
Wobenzym, the enzymatic muscle protector for athletes 12.01.2018
Omega-3 fatty acids give hemodialysis patients more muscle 02.01.2018
EMIQ, an anabolic compound based on quercetin 22.12.2017
Probiotics and tiny fatty acids boost IGF-1 levels 18.07.2017
Fish oil helps over 65s' muscles respond better to strength training 02.06.2017
Eldecalcitol, synthetic vitamin D, boosts muscle strength 14.04.2017
Strength training results in more muscle growth when combined with heat treatment 11.04.2017
Human study: mistletoe boosts effect of strength training 21.03.2017
The anabolic effect of tomatidine versus that of ursolic acid 16.02.2017
Athletes get more out of proteins with probiotics 02.02.2017
The unsuspected anabolic effect of AKG (in massively high doses) 08.12.2016
Green olives for a toned body 28.11.2016
You should be able to buy it soon: tomatidine, the anabolic in tomatoes 11.11.2016
This is how tiliroside, the anabolic in rosehip, works 17.09.2016
Arachidonic acid boosts anabolic stimulus of strength training 19.08.2016
Laxogenin and 5-hydroxy-laxogenin: natural anabolics that can enhance real anabolic steroids 31.05.2016
Carnosic acid animal study: no weight loss but some fat loss 13.05.2016
Slimming aid carnosic acid has anabolic effect 12.05.2016
Kamishimotsuto: Japanese herbal supplement that boosts anabolic training response 10.02.2016
Fish oil supplement can make you fitter, slimmer and more muscular 05.02.2016
Daily 600 mg ashwagandha helps resistance trainers build more muscle and lose more fat 11.01.2016
Super-pancake: builds muscles and burns fat 08.01.2016
Daily dose of vitamin D keeps over 50s' muscles in shape 19.12.2015
Citrulline increases muscle mass and reduces fat mass by blocking the aging process 08.12.2015
The Fast Mimicking Diet: lose fat (and gain a little muscle) 25.11.2015
Cinnamon extract supplement boosts muscle mass 19.11.2015
Grape Seed Extract during menopause: fewer hot flushes, more muscle and better sleep 12.08.2015
Fish oil supplementation makes over 60s more muscled and stronger 23.07.2015
Build muscle mass, increase endurance capacity and lose fat through intermittent fasting 01.07.2015
Strength training with high reps great for building muscle mass, not for building strength 30.06.2015
EGCG speeds up muscle recovery after period of inactivity 19.05.2015
Microwaves speed up muscle recovery after strength training 07.05.2015
More vitamin D, more muscle mass 07.04.2015
The unusual anabolic effect of Ajuga turkestanica 31.03.2015
Animal study: acerola inhibits growth of fat tissue 20.03.2015
Supplement with lactic acid and caffeine makes athletes' muscles bigger 02.03.2015
The effect of ursolic acid on bodybuilders 28.11.2014
Polyunsaturated fatty acids make you slimmer and more muscular 11.11.2014
Weight gain? The kind of fat in your diet helps determine how much muscle mass you build up 14.10.2014
Meta-study: vitamin D supplementation boosts muscle strength 13.10.2014
Only phosphatidic acid from soya speeds up muscle growth 07.09.2014
Anabolic effect of ecdysterone strong enough to put it on the doping list 06.08.2014
The joint effect of strength training and ginger supplementation 27.07.2014
Daily 1500 mg arachidonic acid makes strength athletes stronger and bulkier 25.07.2014
Oxytocin is a rubbish doping substance 05.07.2014
Diosgenin, the plant steroid in Smilax and Yam 28.06.2014
Citrus extract Sinetrol reduces fat mass but increases lean body mass 14.06.2014
Drone milk: boosts testosterone and has an anabolic effect too 08.04.2014
Resveratrol may speed up muscle growth 05.04.2014
Onion juice: helps boost rats' testosterone, has pro-sexual effect 28.03.2014
Aromatase inhibitors give women more muscle mass 24.03.2014
Bolandiol: the cheapest SARM was marketed as a prohormone 21.03.2014
Raloxifene: anti-oestrogen that boosts lean body mass and reduces fat 11.03.2014
Cacao flavonoid (-)-epicatechin inhibits myostatin and strengthens muscles 05.02.2014
Animal study: probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri ATCC 6475 boosts testosterone synthesis 04.02.2014
Strong bones, osteocalcin and high testosterone synthesis 23.01.2014
Ashwagandha: more muscle strength, more lean body mass & lower fat percentage 19.12.2013
Vitamin C strengthens muscles in the elderly 23.11.2013
Chlorogenic acid chases glucose into muscle cells 19.11.2013
Green tea speeds up muscle recovery after heavy training 11.11.2013
The anabolic effect of combining salbutamol with L-dopa 02.11.2013
The anti-catabolic effect of a couple of grams of L-carnitine 02.10.2013
Vitamin D3 boosts anabolic effect of leucine 19.09.2013
Leucine supplement helps casein build muscles 14.09.2013
Maybe it's possible to stack leucine with HMB 24.08.2013
Build 9 kg more lean body mass with HMB-ATP combo 21.07.2013
DHEA boosts muscle build-up from strength training 15.07.2013
Cell study: more arachidonic acid, more muscle growth 11.04.2013
Fish oil with high EPA stimulates muscle building 06.04.2013
Paederia foetida boosts testosterone level and has anabolic effect 05.02.2013
8-Prenylnaringenin: a natural anabolic for women 18.01.2013
Green tea has a slightly anabolic effect on strength athletes 14.01.2013
Resveratrol keeps older endurance athletes fitter 14.12.2012
How to make training with light weights just as effective as training with heavy weights 09.12.2012
Broccoli diet for more muscle cells 07.12.2012
28-Homobrassinolide boosts testosterone synthesis 28.10.2012
Phosphatidic acid works for strength athletes 14.11.2012
Ursolic acid is an all round sports supplement 21.10.2012
Human study: protein pulse gives anabolic stimulus 18.10.2012
Hesperidin stimulates formation of new muscle tissue 15.10.2012
Combination of strength training and green tea gives elderly more muscle mass 12.10.2012
Combo strength training and vitamin D makes waist slimmer 05.10.2012
Aromatase inhibitors help women react better to strength training 24.09.2012

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