Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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What did you just say? Nicotinamide riboside reduces endurance capacity?

The oh-so trendy anti-aging supplement nicotinamide riboside reduces endurance capacity. Greek sports scientists at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki report this in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. But even after reading the Greek study very carefully we'll still be taking our nicotinamide riboside.

The researchers did experiments on two groups of rats that were four months old. The animals were still young, as lab rats usually live about two years.

Half of the rats were given a daily dose of nicotinamide riboside for three weeks and the other half were not. At the end of the three weeks the rats had to swim to the point of exhaustion in an aquarium.


The rats that had been given nicotinamide riboside swam 35 percent less long than the rats in the control group.

What did you just say? Nicotinamide riboside reduces endurance capacity?

Another study, however, showed that a similar dose of nicotinamide riboside actually increased endurance capacity.

It is so that a diet that is high in animal protein is often associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. No, we're not talking about natural bodybuilders and paleo diet adepts. These people are often health freaks. But in others a diet containing high amounts of animal protein is often accompanied by unhealthy lifestyle factors such as overweight, high alcohol consumption, smoking, high unhealthy fat intake and high blood pressure, to name but a few factors.

What did you just say? Nicotinamide riboside reduces endurance capacity?
"Chronic administration of the NAD+ precursor nicotinamide riboside tended to decrease physical performance in rats", the Greeks wrote in summary. "We believe that this finding is important and timely and adds to the expanding literature showing that altering metabolic and redox homeostasis via exogenously administered agents may lead to adverse and not necessarily beneficial or neutral effects."

Honestly speaking, we ignorant compilers of this free webzine are not panicking yet. And we're certainly not throwing away our pots of nicotinamide-riboside pills.

The researchers gave their rats 300 mg/ kg bodyweight nicotinamide-riboside every day. The human equivalent of this dose, based on someone weighing 80 kg, is about 3400 mg. That's really an awful lot. Supplements manufacturers advise doses of 100-125 mg per day. Ergonauts experiment with doses of 300-500 mg per day.

What's more, the experimental animals were young. Users' experience shows that nicotinamide-riboside supplementation has an increasing effect the older the users are. Going by the information that users post, the effects of this supplement only become noticeable in people over the age of forty.

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