Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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More vitamin B3 gives people over 40 more muscles and less body fat 19.02.2023
Supplementing with vitamin D3 reduces pain in fibromyalgia 15.02.2024
Shot with turmeric and vitamins reduces the number of sick days of professional athletes 05.02.2024
Vitamin D as a painkiller 03.02.2024
Do vitamin C and arginine enhance each other's antiviral effect? 30.12.2023
A daily dose of 4 grams of arginine and 1 gram of vitamin C might rid you of long Covid 28.12.2023
Accelerated recovery and fewer complications after heart surgery with extra vitamin C 22.12.2023
Supplement with vitamin E supports the non-alcoholic fatty liver 28.11.2023
Significantly less pain after surgery due to vitamin C supplementation 26.11.2023
Metastudy suggests possible antidepressant effect of vitamin D supplementation 12.10.2023
More vitamin E, less dementia 31.08.2023
After 60, a high intake of vitamin E maintains cognitive abilities 29.08.2023
Take a vitamin D supplement every day, and halve your risk of melanoma 24.08.2023
Vitamin C protects knee joint from wear and tear 14.08.2023
With or without hydrocortisone, supplementing with vitamin D reduces eczema 06.06.2023
Low vitamin D levels induce acne 28.05.2023
Vitamin D supplement reduces risk of suicide 12.04.2023
Lower back pain? A vitamin D supplement may help 03.04.2023
Substantial reduction in the risk of dementia thanks to vitamin D supplementation 22.03.2023
Supplement with vitamin D reduces pain in rheumatoid arthritis 01.03.2023
Metastudy | Yes, vitamin D supplements protect against Covid-19 11.02.2023
High intake of vitamin K1 keeps bones strong (and muscles too) 03.02.2023
Pantethine | The underrated cholesterol-lowering effects of a B vitamin 19.01.2023
High vitamin E levels reduce the risk of gallstones 12.01.2023
Vitamin C helps prevent gallstones 09.01.2023
Vitamin B for stronger bones 02.01.2023
A multivitamin for your nails 21.12.2022
Wound heals faster by supplementing with arginine, vitamin C and zinc 18.12.2022
Vitamin C supplement accelerates foot ulcer healing 07.12.2022
Mass supplementation with vitamin D could have prevented one-third of Covid-19 deaths 05.12.2022
This dose of thiamine increases your glucose uptake 29.10.2022
Supplement with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and carotenoids increases working memory of people over 65 28.10.2022
More vitamin D, faster stress fracture recovery 18.10.2022
A vitamin D supplement to lower your triglycerides | Does that make sense? 09.10.2022
More vitamin D, less dental caries 06.10.2022
Vitamin D supplement accelerates recovery after concussion 18.09.2022
Vitamin D supplement protects diabetic DNA from free radicals 13.09.2022
Vitamin C reduces risk of death by 25 percent 12.09.2022
The antidiabetic effect of vitamin D 10.09.2022
Glucose level out of control? Maybe a vitamin D supplement helps 09.09.2022
This multivitamin makes men feel better 04.09.2022
Combination of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids improves neurological recovery after concussion 03.09.2022
Vitamin D reduces risk of death from covid | Research among unvaccinated covid patients 30.08.2022
Biotin, a feel-good vitamin? 22.08.2022
How vitamin E supplementation can contribute to vitamin E deficiency 27.07.2022
Vitamins reduce side effects of oral contraceptives 25.07.2022
More grip on anxiety with vitamin B6 22.07.2022
Do you need extra vitamin D if you are already supplementing with fish oil? 28.04.2022
Supplement with 500 milligrams of vitamin C increases survival chances in life-threatening covid by a factor of 5 26.04.2022
Vitamin C is a brain vitamin 24.03.2022
Getting enough vitamin B6 will make you live longer 18.02.2022
How vitamin D increases testosterone levels 12.03.2022
Vitamin D supplement keeps type 2 diabetes at bay 08.03.2022
Low vitamin D levels increase the risk of serious covid by a factor of 14 05.03.2022
Take vitamin D and lower your risk of an autoimmune disease 12.02.2022
How vitamin C boosts quercetin's antiviral action 02.02.2022
Vitamin D supplement reduces flu risk, says meta-study 26.01.2022
Combination of vitamin D3, vitamin B12 and magnesium keeps covid patient out of the ICU 09.01.2022
Vitamin B6 may enhance the cancer-inhibiting effect of curcumin 29.12.2021
Sunlight protects against coronavirus infection, vitamin D supplements help prevent hospital admission 09.12.2021
Q10, vitamins B2 and B3 mitigate cardiovascular risks of tamoxifen 06.12.2021
Sleep problems may be the result of vitamin D deficiency 18.11.2021
High vitamin D levels help keep heart patients alive 01.11.2021
Vitamin B3 reduces fatigue, depression and anxiety in cancer survivors 23.10.2021
At this vitamin D3 level, SARS-CoV-2 is (in theory) no longer lethal 11.10.2021
Infected with corona? You need more vitamin C 30.09.2021
Vitamin D3 supplement keeps elderly covid-19 patient alive 12.09.2021
High omega-3 levels? B vitamins protect your brain from aging 10.09.2021
Magnesium and Q10 protect against covid 06.09.2021
Extra vitamin D speeds up recovery after coronavirus infection 01.08.2021
Covid-19 | Vitamin K increases survival chances 01.07.2021
Gyms closed? Vitamin D keeps your fat percentage low 24.05.2021
Vitamin D and corona | Less chance of infection, illness and death 28.04.2021
Do vitamin C & beta-carotene reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes? 18.04.2021
Meta study | Vitamin D protects against the coronavirus 15.04.2021
Covid-19 infection with hardly any symptoms - thanks to the tanning bed? 17.03.2021
This supplement reduces the risk of coronavirus infection by a factor of 12 11.12.2020
Vitamin D supplement reduces cancer mortality 29.11.2020
Resveratrol turns vitamin C into an even more effective skinceutical 22.11.2020
Multivitamin protects against viruses 11.11.2020
A high intake of vitamin B6 protects against pancreatic cancer 08.11.2020
Vitamin B reduces stress | Meta study 07.10.2020
How vitamin C might prevent blood vessel calcification 04.10.2020
Get over colds faster thanks to a combination of zinc and vitamin C 09.09.2020
More vitamin C, more muscle 30.08.2020
Vitamin D deficiency reduces survival after coronavirus infection 21.08.2020
B vitamins protect heart and blood vessels against air pollution 28.05.2020
Vitamin D may be a Covid-19 drug, American study suggests 04.05.2020
After infection with the coronavirus, a high vitamin D level may prevent you from getting sick 24.04.2020
Vitamin D supplement helps women with breast cancer survive 22.04.2020
Vitamin D supplements reduce the risk of cancer death 03.04.2020
Diet rich in vitamin B3 protects against Alzheimer's 30.01.2020
Modest dose of vitamin D increases lean body mass 22.12.2019
Aging without wrinkles due to vitamin C supplementation 21.04.2019

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