Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Two capsules ViNitrox increase endurance by ten percent

Two capsules ViNitrox increase endurance by ten percent
Tomorrow you have an important competition or training. In the evening, before you go to sleep, you take a capsule with ViNitrox, which consists of phenols from grapes and apples. And in the morning, an hour before The Great Moment, you take another one. The end result? Your stamina will increase by ten percent.

You probably saw it coming. This post is based on a human study that was financed by the producer of ViNitrox: Nexira, [] a French manufacturer of ingredients for nutritional supplements. Besides, one of the authors is a Nexira employee.

ViNitrox consists of 60 percent phenols from grapes and apples. According to unpublished Nexira research these substances increase the concentration of nitric oxide in the blood vessels, making them wider and more flexible - and thus increasing the transport of oxygen and glucose to the muscle cells.

Two capsules ViNitrox increase endurance by ten percent

Two capsules ViNitrox increase endurance by ten percent
ViNitrox also inhibits inflammatory reactions. It is not surprising that you can find Vinitrox in a broad spectrum of supplements: in prosexual supplements, in supplements that are supposed to maintain cardiovascular health and - of course - in pre-workout formulas.

The researchers made 48 physically active subjects aged 25-40 years cycle on two different occasions. During the first 3 minutes of the test, the subjects produced 45-60 Watts. After these 3 minutes, each minute the subjects had to produce 20-30 Watts more, until they were completely exhausted.

On one occasion the subjects took a placebo, the night before that exercise test. The netxt day, one hour before the test, they took another. On the other occasion the subjects took a capsule of 250 milligrams of ViNitrox in the evening, and another capsule of 250 milligrams ViNitrox the next morning, one hour before the test. In total, the subjects took 500 milligrams of ViNitrox.

Supplementation with ViNitrox prolonged the time that the subjects could sustain cycling by 9.7 percent.

The supplement prolonged the time until the moment when the subjects reached the point of maximal perceived exertion with 12.8 percent.

Two capsules ViNitrox increase endurance by ten percent

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