Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Soya Protein & Isoflavones

Insect protein just as good for muscle growth as protein from soy 28.12.2018
Soya protein makes men healthier, not less masculine 07.03.2018
Soya protein + HMB has same anabolic effect as whey 23.08.2016
Soya isoflavones enhance the effect of antidepressants 18.07.2015
Whey before workout reduces cortisol level, soya protein doesn't 21.12.2013
Post-workout shake with 22g whey works better than one with 22g soya protein 20.12.2013
Insect protein just as good as soya protein, not as good as milk protein 08.08.2013
Soya protein boosts breast cancer survival chances 17.03.2013
How a soya and vitamin D combination kills prostate cancer cells 10.03.2013
Mix of casein, whey and soya protein works better than whey alone after strength training 07.03.2013
Older strength athlete benefits more from whey than from soya after a workout 20.08.2012
Soya protein better for cardiovascular health than dairy protein 19.04.2012
Soya isoflavone + curcumin cocktail cuts chance of prostate cancer 18.03.2012
Animal study: combination of two foods plus supplement restores bone strength 18.02.2012
Curcumin, soya isoflavone and androgen mix protects prostate 13.09.2011
Genistein, capsaicin and EGCG inhibit fat cells via AMPK 03.08.2011
The anti-obesity effect of vitamin D and genistein combined 30.07.2011
Hybrid protein shake lowers estradiol 11.06.2011
Soya protein reduces androgen's side effects, leaves anabolic effect intact 13.03.2011
Soya protein and casein equally good for muscles 25.09.2010
Soya protein and whey mix makes good pre-workout shake 15.04.2010
Two glasses of soya milk a day maintains bone mass 04.02.2010
Tweaked soya isoflavone LRXH609 is slimming aid 23.12.2009
Soya milk reduces chance of prostate cancer 22.08.2009
Metastudy: soya does not lower men's testosterone level 27.07.2009
Soya-isoflavone supplement smoothes your skin 08.03.2009