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Older strength athlete benefits more from whey than from soya after a workout

Older strength athletes who want to increase the effect of their workout with a protein shake before or after they train benefit more from whey than from soya. Sports scientists at McMaster University in Canada will soon publish these findings in Nutrition & Metabolism.

Yesterday we wrote about a study of the effect of timed protein ingestion and strength sports among older athletes. That study was done by Stuart Phillips at McMaster University, as is the study dealt with here. In fact, the study that we've used for this article is a continuation of what we wrote about yesterday.

In that previous study, researchers had people in their seventies do leg exercises and they then immediately gave them a shake with increasing amounts of whey. The more whey the subjects ingested, the more muscle protein they manufactured after the workout.

In this study the researchers did that experiment again, but now they gave the subjects healthy men in their seventies an isolate of soya protein instead of whey.

In the figure below, you can see that, here again, more soya protein meant more anabolic response. The researchers put the results of the whey study in the same graph in order to compare the anabolic effect of soya protein and whey. As you can see, whey stimulated the creation of muscle protein better than the soya did.

Rest = effect of proteins in leg muscles that were not trained. Ex = effect of proteins in leg muscles that were trained.

Older strength athlete benefits more from whey than from soya after a workout

The researchers suspect that whey works better than soya because it contains more leucine. You can see the composition of the proteins used in the table [here].

The researchers saw that the concentration of leucine rose more highly after whey was ingested than after soya was ingested.

Older strength athlete benefits more from whey than from soya after a workout

"Our results have implications for nutrient formulations designed to support increased muscle protein anabolism in the elderly and suggest that whey protein offers clear advantages to soy protein in its capacity to support both rested and postexercise increases in myofibrillar protein synthesis", the researchers wrote.

The dairy industry, in the form of the US Dairy Research Institute, helped to finance the study.

Nutr Metab (Lond). 2012 Jun 14;9(1):57. [Epub ahead of print].

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