Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Psychology of Longevity

A life with ikigai is a longer life 22.11.2022
Accept yourself and live three years longer 19.11.2022
Two pieces of advice for over-100s who want to live (even) longer 20.09.2022
Less lonely, longer life 30.07.2022
Old-school psychiatrists live longer 14.04.2022
Autonomous people live longer 28.01.2021
Optimism extends lifespan by 15 percent 14.09.2019
The secret to a healthy old age? Stay in control of your anger 11.05.2019
Your life partner's happiness extends your life span 15.04.2019
Investing time & energy in others makes you happier 30.07.2018
Religion as a life-extender: more is better 09.07.2018
Obituaries reveal the secret of a long life: religion 17.06.2018
Worrying about health increases the risk of heart attack 06.01.2018
Subjective age says more about chance of serious illness than objective age 28.04.2017
Conflictive and stressful relationships are fatal 30.03.2017
Loneliness leads to first stages of dementia 09.02.2017
Good comics die sooner 19.12.2016
Book readers live a few years longer 21.11.2016
Concentrating on positive feelings during adversity extends life expectancy 21.06.2016
More stress, less longevity hormone 01.11.2015
Brainwashing makes the elderly fitter 10.02.2015
Loneliness makes stress even more unhealthy 15.08.2014
A life with a purpose lasts longer 10.08.2014
Six things you can do to if you want to live to a hundred 13.01.2014
Positive emotions extend life expectancy by ten years 13.06.2013
Feeling of being in control lengthens life 15.05.2013
Your word use reveals the age you are likely to reach 11.05.2013
Positive view of life after retirement extends life expectancy 29.04.2013
Looking down on the elderly raises chance of heart attack 25.04.2013
No fear in the face of aging extends life expectancy 23.04.2013
Child that still needs you lengthens your life expectancy 05.12.2012
Join Greenpeace and double your chance of good health 15.07.2012
Vitamin S prolongs your life 16.06.2012
Meditation delays molecular aging 12.06.2012
Contented men live longer, contented women don't 29.04.2012
Contented people live longer 22.04.2012
Stay fit and untroubled by negative feelings for a long life 04.04.2012
Feeling good? You're likely to live longer 24.03.2012
Optimists live longer 24.12.2011
Belief in a just world extends life expectancy 27.11.2011
Forgive and live longer 28.10.2011
Hard workers live longer 12.06.2011
Curious? Then you'll live longer 16.12.2009
Stressed out? Your molecular clock is ticking faster 22.11.2009
Constant fight against appetite reduces life expectancy 09.11.2009
Stress reduces life expectancy at molecular level 07.11.2009
Long marriage adds years to your life 18.09.2009
Your initials determine how old you get 30.07.2009
Meditation lengthens lifespan 20.02.2009
S-Words extend lifespan of writers and psychologists 11.10.2008
Male orgasm prolongs life 23.08.2008