Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Paracetamol softens the realisation that we are mortal 07.11.2013
Testosterone makes you more indifferent 30.10.2013
One gram paracetamol reduces your hurt feelings 29.10.2013
Testosterone makes men more honest 20.10.2013
Curcumin just as effective antidepressant as Prozac, study concludes 26.08.2013
You run faster on the treadmill if you watch music videos 19.06.2013
Positive emotions extend life expectancy by ten years 13.06.2013
Intensive weight training helps fight depression 05.06.2013
Feeling of being in control lengthens life 15.05.2013
Your word use reveals the age you are likely to reach 11.05.2013
Music lowers testosterone level 09.05.2013
Positive view of life after retirement extends life expectancy 29.04.2013
Looking down on the elderly raises chance of heart attack 25.04.2013
No fear in the face of aging extends life expectancy 23.04.2013
Chemical weight loss won't lift depression 20.04.2013
Exercise less tiring in green surroundings 11.02.2013
The calming effect of tamoxifen 31.01.2013
Meditation prevents colds 15.12.2012
Child that still needs you lengthens your life expectancy 05.12.2012
Can the testosterone supplement N1-T cause a psychosis? 06.09.2012
You're less strong with your eyes closed 03.08.2012
Join Greenpeace and double your chance of good health 15.07.2012
Words of encouragement make you stronger and fitter 03.07.2012
Walking in green areas healthier than walking in the city 20.06.2012
Vitamin S prolongs your life 16.06.2012
Meditation delays molecular aging 12.06.2012
Don't feel like training? Caffeine makes exercise more enjoyable 10.06.2012
Contented men live longer, contented women don't 29.04.2012
Contented people live longer 22.04.2012
Imaginary training can replace the real thing 08.04.2012
Stay fit and untroubled by negative feelings for a long life 04.04.2012
Feeling good? You're likely to live longer 24.03.2012
Happy people catch cold less quickly 22.03.2012
Empathetic doctors have higher cure rate 20.03.2012
Boss who does weight training is a nicer boss 14.03.2012
Supplement helps hyperactive children to focus 28.12.2011
There's a price to pay for persistence 25.12.2011
Optimists live longer 24.12.2011
Belief in a just world extends life expectancy 27.11.2011
Aging shrinks your brains; cardio makes them grow 04.11.2011
How to halve your risk of Alzheimer's 03.11.2011
Anti-Alzheimer's diet is an old friend 01.11.2011
Forgive and live longer 28.10.2011
Beta-Alanine helps against anxiety 26.10.2011
Why big studies say supplements don't work 01.10.2011
Ginkgo's role in the chemistry of lust still elusive 25.09.2011
Hard workers live longer 12.06.2011
Nonagenarians with resilience will make it to 100 14.04.2011
Schoolchildren's brains work better after two glasses of water 21.01.2011
Too little sleep makes you less attractive 29.11.2010
Red clothes make the man 29.11.2010
Dieting is stressful all round 20.10.2010
Testosterone makes naive people less trusting 26.09.2010
Steroids users need more XTC pills 05.07.2010
Grit your teeth and you'll be stronger 04.06.2010
It's healthier to run in the fields than on the treadmill 23.05.2010
Swearing reduces pain 18.05.2010
Lose weight but keep good humoured with protein-rich diet 06.04.2010
Healthy margarine makes you depressed, olive oil brightens you up 31.03.2010
Male body hair a turn off for fertile women 17.03.2010
Steroids use doesn't lead to drugs 09.03.2010
Creatine helps women cheer up – but not men 24.02.2010
Fish oil capsules prevent psychoses 11.02.2010
Curious? Then you'll live longer 16.12.2009
Muscle groups work harder during a set if you focus on them 26.11.2009
Stressed out? Your molecular clock is ticking faster 22.11.2009
Increase your strength by watching your muscles at work 17.11.2009
Constant fight against appetite reduces life expectancy 09.11.2009
Power training gets rid of listlessness 03.11.2009
Low-carb or low-fat, weight loss better with psychological insight 05.10.2009
Torn tendons recover faster with imaginary training 03.10.2009
Waxed men score better with women than muscled men 30.09.2009
Ephedrine increases arousal in women 24.09.2009
Long marriage adds years to your life 18.09.2009
Four percent of bodybuilders go off the rails on 600 mg testosterone cypionate a week 10.09.2009
Sexy women in lad magazines make men unsure of themselves 29.08.2009
Women with larger cup size draw more men 14.08.2009
GHB's little brother makes low-carb diet enjoyable 13.08.2009
Dozing off at the wheel? Coffee and a nap help equally well 09.08.2009
Beautiful women are more easily turned on 07.08.2009
Your initials determine how old you get 30.07.2009
Testosterone reduces pain sensitivity 28.07.2009
Testosterone makes men fall for feminine women 26.07.2009
Women find bodybuilders unattractive 18.07.2009
Relaxation exercise halves cortisol level 08.07.2009
Fit but mentally tired athlete performs less well 17.06.2009
Stress course does away with need for doctor 14.06.2009
Stress course lowers athletes' cortisol level 13.06.2009
Stressed out? Your cortisol level will explode after training 11.06.2009
Testosterone helps depression 08.06.2009
Chewing gum makes you alert and reduces stress 23.05.2009
L-Tryptophan gives women a rosy view of the world 19.05.2009
Sorrow and frustration inhibit power training progression 18.05.2009
Testosterone leads to social handicap 09.04.2009
Meditate for less cortisol, more testosterone and growth hormone after training 09.03.2009
Meditation protects against cancer and heart attack 26.02.2009
Meditation lengthens lifespan 20.02.2009
Don't eat in front of TV if you want to lose weight 19.02.2009
Training is more fun with a bottle of water 20.01.2009
Bodybuilders are made in the school playground 10.01.2009
Testosterone makes dominant men aggressive, but not the nice guys 21.12.2008
Testosterone doesn't make everyone a jerk 17.12.2008
Cramming for exams goes better with Red Bull 27.11.2008
S-Words extend lifespan of writers and psychologists 11.10.2008
High T-man spends longer on the same dirty books 04.09.2008
The anabolic effect of dirty films 01.09.2008
Not enough sleep? Creatine keeps you alert 28.08.2008