Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Colon Cancer

Vitamin B6 may enhance the cancer-inhibiting effect of curcumin 29.12.2021
Vitamin B3 reduces fatigue, depression and anxiety in cancer survivors 23.10.2021
These Echinacea components kill cancer cells 03.08.2020
Eating a few raw carrots every week reduces your risk of colon cancer 13.04.2020
How sugars in soft drinks stimulate colon cancer 26.03.2019
Replacing regular soft drinks with diet sodas helps colon cancer patients survive 22.07.2018
Diet with lots of pumpkins, peppers and carrots reduces colorectal cancer risk 13.05.2018
Cyanidin, the colorectal cancer fighter in blueberries 12.04.2018
Nuts halve mortality risk in colorectal cancer 03.03.2018
Colon cancer | The muscles you are growing now may save your life later 10.01.2018
How hispolon helps the immune system to kill colon cancer cells 16.12.2017
Aspirin may be a colorectal cancer medicine 14.08.2017
One hour of exercise daily reduces the mortality risk of cancer survivors 23.05.2017
High vitamin D level multiplies survival chances of colon cancer patients 04.03.2013
Trees protect against colon cancer 10.07.2012
One hour walking a day increases survival chances of colorectal cancer patients 08.05.2012