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Waxed men score better with women than muscled men

Waxed men score better with women than muscled men
If men's and women's magazines are anything to go by, women are only sexually attracted to men who have sculpted their bodies. A natural looking male body is not likely to turn a woman on; it needs to be trained and waxed. According to a joint study by researchers at the University of Southern California and the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, things are not that bad. At least not all bad.

Since the 1990s social scientists have been studying changing preferences for physique response to media influence. Harrison Pope has described the trend in nude magazine Playgirl of portraying men with increasingly muscular bodies, [Int J Eat Disord. 2001 Jan;29(1):90-3.] and other researchers have discovered that readers of men's magazines become more insecure about their body as a result of reading articles conveying the message that a muscular body is the only way to ensure success in the love market.

A study done at the University of California in Los Angeles two years ago showed that women's preferences for muscular men are not quite so conservative. Female students are happy with a man whose muscles are well toned, but are likely to run a mile from anything resembling a bodybuilder’s physique. The California-New Zealand research, carried out among a couple of hundred women and published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, confirms this conclusion.

The researchers showed the women images of men's bodies with varying amounts of muscle. The women indicated how attractive they found them on a scale of 0 to 5. The results are shown below. USA = preferences of American women; NZ = preferences of New Zealand women.

Women find an average physique just as attractive as a slightly muscled male body. Thin men are out of luck, but the real losers are fat men.

The researchers also asked the women how important a man's penis length is when it comes to attraction. The figure below shows that women find an average length penis just as arousing as the larger models. Less well endowed men are out of luck. The graph shows the appreciation scores of the American women. The New Zealanders' scores were almost identical.

Waxed men score better with women than muscled men

You'd imagine that the increasing popularity of porn would have led to women lusting after the kind of well hung men you see in adult films, but these suspicions are unfounded.

Nevertheless media exposure does seem to be changing some tastes. Body hair is a turn-off for many women. A hairless male body, on the other hand, does well.

Waxed men score better with women than muscled men

Oh the irony of it. Men who spend time in the gym in the hopes of becoming more attractive to women are wasting their time. They'd be better off paying a visit to a beauty salon.

Arch Sex Behav DOI 10.1007/s10508-008-9441-y.

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