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Turkey tail extract keeps skin young

Turkey tail extract keeps skin young
The most important factor in skin aging is ultraviolet light, especially the harmful UVB type. The aging impact of UVB on skin cells may be reduced by supplementation with Trametes versicolor, the edible mushroom you might know better as Turkey Tail. Japanese researchers from Kyushu University report this in Cytotechnology.

The researchers picked 28 types of mushrooms in the upland forests of Nepal. Because the ultraviolet radiation at a high altitude is stronger than on the ground, the researchers suspected that these mushrooms protect themselves against UVB radiation by making special substances, and that people who eat these mushrooms may also be protected.

The researchers put those extracts in test tubes in human skin cells. The more of the longevity enzyme SIRT1 cells create, the better they can repair damage by radiation and other factors, and the slower they age.

The researchers had genetically modified the cells in a way that they could determine the activity of the cellular machinery that produces SIRT. More EGFP [a light-emitting protein] means more production of SIRT1.

Turkey tail extract keeps skin young

Turkey tail extract keeps skin young

When the researchers then exposed their cells to a few promising extracts, and looked specifically at SIRT1, extract No. 27 proved most effective. And that was an extract of Trametes versicolor.

The researchers then exposed their skin cells to Trametes versicolor and UVB. They then determined the activity of the enzyme senescence associated beta-galactosidase in the cell. The more active that enzyme is in cells, the more senescent they are. As you can see below, Trametes versicolor inhibited the increase of this enzyme.

Turkey tail extract keeps skin young

Mechanism unknown
The researchers do not understand how Trametes versicolor accomplishes this. According to the theory, skin aging by UVB is mediated by the formation of aggressive radicals in skin tissue. You would therefore expect Trametes versicolor to have a considerable antioxidant effect. And that is, we know from other studies, not the case...

Cytotechnology. 2018 Jun;70(3):1001-8.

Supplementation with Trametes versicolor and Ganoderma lucidum decimates the human papillomavirus 05.09.2018


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