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These Biotech Pharmaceuticals steroids are fakes

These Biotech Pharmaceuticals steroids are fakes
If you're searching for bargains on the steroids market, you may come across some dirt-cheap pills and bottles from Biotech Pharmaceuticals. Don't buy them immediately is our advice. Check first what they contain according to analyses done by the Italian Istituto Superiore di Sanite... or rather what they don't contain...

According to the labels Biotech Pharmaceuticals is based in Sydney, Australia, but their products turn up everywhere. Below is a row of shots of Biotech Pharmaceuticals Oxandrolone. They come from [ 16 October 2012]

These Biotech Pharmaceuticals steroids are fakes

The photos were posted by a buyer who had wondered whether the product did indeed contain oxandrolone. He was suspicious. And rightly so, it turned out.

In the summer of 2012 an Italian government laboratory published analyses of 15 steroids that had been confiscated. Of these 13 came from Biotech Pharmaceuticals factories or from the factories of someone making Biotech Pharmaceuticals copies. That's also possible of course.

The researchers tested the following Biotech Pharmaceuticals products: Methandienone, Masteron-200, Oxandrolone, Nandrolone-200, Primabolan-200, Enanthate-500-ANDROLONE-200, Trenbolone-150, Oxymethanolone, Testomix-300, Propionate 200, Boldone and Testex Prolungatum 250.

Testomix 300 was one of the tested preparations, and this one has also turned up in the Netherlands. [ 29 March 2013] The purchaser of this product was also not convinced that the stuff was the genuine article. And it wasn't.

The table below shows what the ingredients of the 15 preparations were according to the analyses. The shaded entries are the ones for Biotech Pharmaceuticals products. As you can see, none of them is what they are advertised as being, with the possible exception of Testex Prolungatum. Click on the table for a complete version.

These Biotech Pharmaceuticals steroids are fakes

This is everything we know about these substances. The Italians did not publish any photos or serial numbers.

Ann Toxicol Anal. 2012; 24(2): 67-72.

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