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New designer steroid The One is really just Methyl-DHT

New designer steroid The One is really just Methyl-DHT
The American supplement manufacturer Applied Nutriceuticals is waging a marketing campaign on the bodybuilding message boards for its new designer supplement The One. The product contains a steroid that has never been on the market before, an oxime. And because oximes are unknown in doping circles, the manufacturers are taking a bit of license with the truth, describing The One as a miracle drug.

According to the label, The One contains 17a-methyl-etioallocholan-17b-ol-3-hydroxyimine. The name is outdated: etioallocholan is the old name for dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, the masculinising metabolite of testosterone. DHT doesn't really build muscles, but it does cause the typically male side effects, such as increased aggression.

In the DDR the communist part of Germany before the fall of the Berlin wall the dictatorship did experiments with the 17-alpha-methyl analogue of DHT on athletes. The code name given to that steroid was STS 646. From the East Germans' experiments it became clear that STS 646 was not a good muscle builder, but it did make athletes more aggressive and better focused. The East Germans therefore gave it to team players, just before an important match.

New designer steroid The One is really just Methyl-DHT
The substance that The One contains bears a striking resemblance to methyl-DHT. The structural formula is shown here. According to the manufacturer, one capsule of The One contains 22.5 mg of the stuff. The recommended dose is three to four capsules per day.

The steroid in question is an oxime. You can read more about oximes in Chapter 17 of the Anabolics Book. Oximes are prohormones. The acid in the stomach converts the oxime in The One into 17-alpha-methyl-DHT.

In the postings that Applied Nutriceuticals employees are bombarding the message boards with you can read that The One is 'the only steroid you'll ever need'. Hence the name. And the company posts graphs like the one below, in which a tester is supposed to have gained more than eight kilograms of dry mass as a result of taking The One. Yeah, yeah.

New designer steroid The One is really just Methyl-DHT

The company also writes that this 'completely new steroid' was first described in an article published in Steroids in 1966. [ 01-05-2009] [Steroids. 1966 Aug;8(2):209-18.] Now, we just happen to have past editions of Steroids in the attic, alongside our old Batman comics. And when we started to search, we found the data that we've published below. Steroid XVI is the oxime in The One.

New designer steroid The One is really just Methyl-DHT

According to this table which is based on animal tests 17-alpha-methyl-3-oxime is 3.8 times more anabolic than testosterone (I) and 1.6 times as androgenic. By the way, IV is DHT, VII is 1-testosterone and XX is stanozolol. You'll also come across these figures in postings about The One on the message boards. But the point is that they are not applicable here. If you read the 1966 article, you'll learn that the researchers base their figures on tests in which they injected rats with the steroids. Blood is less acid than stomach acid. The oxime probably remains intact for much longer in the blood than in the stomach, where it changes rapidly into methyl-DHT. The promising figures in the table will remain illusory if you take The One.

That the oxime was first described in the 1966 article is also not the case. In 1963, three years earlier, Robert Mazur, a chemist working for Searle, filed a patent for a series of DHT oximes. That patent, US Patent 3,211,756, also covers the steroid in The One.

The same goes for The One as for other designer steroids: at best you'll be a guinea pig for a substance that has never been properly tested on humans. At worst, well...

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