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The anti-AGE-ing effect of olive oil

If olive oil is your main source of fatty acids, then you probably live longer than if the bulk of your fats come from butter. Spanish researchers at the University of Cordoba discovered this in an experiment in which twenty healthy over-65s participated as test subjects. The Spaniards also discovered that supplementation with Q10 might enhance the life-prolonging effect of a diet with a lot of olive oil.

The researchers gave their test subjects a standard Western diet for four consecutive weeks. 15 percent of the energy came from protein, 47 percent from carbohydrates and 38 percent from fat [12 percent from monounsaturated fatty acids, 22 percent from saturated fatty acids and 4 percent from polyunsaturated fatty acids]. The main source of the saturated fats was butter.

On another occasion, the same subjects were given a Mediterranean diet for 4 weeks. The main difference with the Western diet was the prominent presence of virgin olive oil and the absence of butter. Here too 38 percent of the energy came from fat [24 percent came from monounsaturated fatty acids, 10 percent from saturated fatty acids and 4 percent from polyunsaturated fatty acids].

Co-enzyme Q10
On yet another occasion, the subjects were given a Mediterranean diet for 4 weeks, and took 200 milligrams of Q10 daily. The subjects used ubiquinone from Kaneka. Kaneka did not pay for this research; the main sponsor was the Spanish government.

After each period, the subjects were given a breakfast that was representative of their dietary pattern over the past 4 weeks. Just before and after breakfast, the researchers analyzed the blood of the test subjects. They mainly looked at the presence of AGEs.

What are AGEs?
'AGEs' is an abbreviation for Advanced Glycation End Products: compounds, made from carbohydrates and amino acids, that originate in the body, especially with a high intake of rapidly absorbing carbohydrates and high levels activity of inflammatory factors and free radicals. AGE's are also present in our food. [J Am Diet Assoc. 2010 Jun;110(6):911-16.e12.]

AGEs can accumulate in the body and sabotage the effects of important enzymes. The accumulation of AGEs in tissues is an important accelerator of aging processes.

Shortly before and after breakfast, the researchers found fewer AGEs in general, and fewer N-carboxymethyl lysine in particular, in the subjects' blood if they had used olive oil as the main source of fat.

The positive after-meal effects of an olive oil diet with olive oil were reinforced by Q10 supplementation.

The anti-AGE-ing effect of olive oil

The anti-AGE-ing effect of olive oil

"In conclusion, our results support the protective effect of a Mediterranean Diet against oxidative stress/inflammation, and this protection is enhanced by supplementing with CoQ, thus reducing postprandial circulating AGEs levels", write the researchers.

J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2018 Mar 2;73(3):340-6.

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Olive Oil

Longevity-factor Q10
If there are only relatively small amounts of inflammatory factors such as TNF-alpha and CRP circulating in your body, you are less likely to develop cancer and you'll probably age more slowly than if your cells generate large amounts of inflammatory factors.

Why olive oil can help us live longer
If you use olive oil for cooking - not the tasteless stuff but the extra virgin sort - it may help to extend your life expectancy.

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