Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Boosting Testosterone

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Study shows clomiphene is suitable for hormone therapy 08.12.2011
Cordyceps sinensis is not much use to young bodybuilders 17.11.2011
More vitamin K2, more testosterone 08.11.2011
Weight loss makes fat men more masculine 12.10.2011
Man's testosterone level sky-high from ActivaTe Xtreme 17.09.2011
Study: erection supplement with L-arginine and pycnogenol raises testosterone level 02.09.2011
The anabolic effect of garlic 16.08.2011
Fenugreek boosts growth hormone emission too 11.08.2011
More magnesium means more testosterone and IGF-1 06.08.2011
Testofen: fenugreek extract that boosts men's libido 02.08.2011
Breakfast boron capsule boosts testosterone 29.07.2011
Got it! Active ingredient in cordyceps is cordycepin 24.07.2011
The effect of a daily 50 mg DHEA and 100 mg atamestane 17.07.2011
Mountain climbing raises testosterone level 12.07.2011
HCG course can build muscles 27.06.2011
Too much cholesterol lowers testosterone level: animal study 21.06.2011
Testosterone levels go off the scale with holy basil 10.06.2011
Men with cat-litter disease are manlier 04.05.2011
Testosterone booster Basella alba also activates aromatase 11.04.2011
Anti-ageing effect of Royal Jelly boosts testosterone 08.04.2011
Hormone therapy with a strong lamp 03.04.2011
Royal Jelly rejuvenates pituitary: animal study 02.04.2011
Strong natural anti-oestrogens in Brassaiopsis glomerulata 27.03.2011
The Royal Jelly testosterone factor part 2 21.03.2011
The Royal Jelly testosterone factor 20.03.2011
The Viagra effect of testosterone booster Bulbine natalensis 01.03.2011
Cordyceps sinensis works like hCG 04.02.2011
Fat belly neutralises DHT 29.12.2010
Letrozole, the new anti-estrogenic T booster 01.12.2010
Flavonoid in Horny Goat Weed boosts testosterone 22.11.2010
Andropeak: anabolic furostanols from fenugreek 05.11.2010
Forskolin: slimming aid and testosterone booster all in one 02.11.2010
Getting on? Cold showers are better for your testosterone levels 01.11.2010
Tea supplement boosts testosterone levels in animal study 30.10.2010
Rubus coreanus raises testosterone level by factor 7: animal study 23.10.2010
Wild Garlic extract boosts testosterone production in vitro 02.10.2010
Ginger doubles testosterone levels in rats 08.09.2010
Silk Amino Acids: more muscle, more stamina, more testosterone 27.06.2010
Single dose of triptorelin gets bodybuilder's hormones going again 22.06.2010
Runners' testes stay young 10.06.2010
BCAAs plus glutamine raise testosterone levels in bodybuilders 15.05.2010
Extra hour sleep raises testosterone level by 12 percent 02.05.2010
One gram magnesium raises testosterone level by a quarter 28.04.2010
Cola bad for testes 21.04.2010
Case study: hCG restores testosterone production after steroids use 26.02.2010
Onion juice triples testosterone levels 25.02.2010
Case study: clomid normalises bodybuilder's hormone levels 20.02.2010
High vitamin D level = high testosterone level 01.02.2010
Three grams D-aspartic acid raises testosterone levels by forty percent 20.11.2009
Zinc megadose gives 40 percent more free testosterone 14.11.2009
It really works zinc is a testosterone booster 13.11.2009
Muscle building effect of Tongkat Ali shown in animal study 02.11.2009
Aphrodisiac Tongkat Ali boosts testosterone level 17.10.2009
Maca makes cyclists faster and hornier 15.10.2009
Animal study: ginger has similar effect to Clomid 14.10.2009
Clomid quadrupled testosterone level of over-trained runner 13.10.2009
Tribulus terrestris has no hormonal effects 11.10.2009
Megadose of Viagra raises testosterone twelve-fold in animal study 21.09.2009
Olive oil converts cholesterol more easily into testosterone 01.09.2009
Short rest period between sets stimulates anabolic effect only briefly 02.08.2009
Cell doping in the lab 29.07.2009
Metastudy: soya does not lower men's testosterone level 27.07.2009
Megadose of caffeine before training raises testosterone level 25.07.2009
Animal study: copper chloride is a testosterone booster 23.07.2009
Forty percent more testosterone with Ashwagandha 19.07.2009
Prohormone Andro increases muscle mass 07.07.2009
Lactic acid as testosterone booster supplement 15.06.2009
Lactic acid is the key and here's why 05.06.2009
More testosterone, less cortisol after training with phosphatidylserine 04.06.2009
Animal study 'proves' androgenic effect of Safed Musli 15.05.2009
Just a little clove for more testosterone 05.05.2009
SAM-e causes rise in testosterone 04.05.2009
In primitive rural areas old men have just as much testosterone as young men 28.04.2009
Calcium raises testosterone levels in athletes 08.04.2009
Study: ZMA does not raise testosterone levels 07.04.2009
Muscles benefit more from testosterone if you rest less between sets 23.03.2009
Strength sports increase testosterone production by forty percent 21.01.2009
Combination of selenium and NAC raises testosterone levels 18.01.2009
'Smilax' the deadly testosterone booster 17.01.2009
Cranberries help liver clear more cholesterol out of your blood 05.12.2008
Onions have androgenic effect, says 1967 animal study 04.12.2008
Molybdenum lowers testosterone level 22.11.2008
Not Tribulus terrestris, but Tribulus alatus 21.11.2008
Mucuna pruriens: more testosterone, more LH, less prolactin 19.11.2008
Tribulus components don't convert to testosterone 14.11.2008
Flu shot lowers testosterone level 12.11.2008
More magnesium, more free testosterone 11.11.2008
Bodybuilder on hCG almost loses last testicle 30.10.2008
African pepper raises testosterone level 17.10.2008
Animal study: pomegranate juice increases testosterone level and sperm quality 02.10.2008
Astaxanthin supplement raises testosterone level 07.09.2008
The anabolic effect of dirty films 01.09.2008