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Testosterone level rise from Pedalium murex may be permanent

Local healers in India give men with impotence problems not only Tribulus terrestris but often also extracts of fruit from the Pedalium murex plant. It is more than likely that these extracts are effective, conclude pharmacologists at the Dr H.S. Gour University in India. In rats Pedalium murex causes a large and apparently long-lasting rise of the testosterone level. In any case up to two weeks after stopping administration of the extract.

Pedalium murex
Many herbal preparations given to boost men's sexual functioning are referred to as Gokhru in India. Tribulus terrestris goes by the name of Chota Gokhru, and the equally popular Pedalium murex is called Bada Gokhru. Here you can see a modern product containing Bada Gokhru/Pedalium murex. Whether it actually contains the ingredients listed on the label we don't know.

The researchers wanted to find out whether preparations containing Pedalium murex are really effective, and if so, how.

The researchers made their extracts themselves. They dried Pedalium murex fruits, ground them to a fine powder, which they mixed with 95 percent alcohol, filtered the extract and then evaporated the water and alcohol. They used the powder produced for their experiments [EE]. They compared the effect of the extract with that of sildenafil citrate [SC], the active ingredient in Viagra.

When the researchers gave the Pedalium murex extract to young adult male rats, all doses raised the rats' testosterone levels after four weeks. The highest dose worked best, 150 mg per kg bodyweight per day.

The effect only kicked in after a few weeks, but once in place it turned out to be semi-permanent. When the researchers stopped giving the rats Pedalium murex, the testosterone level in the rats remained raised for up to 14 days. The researchers regard the permanency of the effect as unusual, but cannot explain it.

Testosterone level rise from Pedalium murex may be permanent

Testosterone level rise from Pedalium murex may be permanent

Testosterone level rise from Pedalium murex may be permanent

They brought their experimental rats in contact with female rats that were receptive to mating and counted the number of erections that the rats had. The figure above not the plant, that's Pedalium murex, but above that shows that the effect was optimal at the highest dose, and remained so after administration of Pedalium murex ceased.

In experiments with human corpus cavernosum cells the extract [at an extremely high concentration] boosted the production of blood vessel dilating NO, the researchers discovered. The corpus cavernosum transports more blood to the penis, the higher the NO concentration. The researchers suspect that the combination of the NO-boosting effect and the rise in testosterone level explains the stimulatory effect of Pedalium murex.

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