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SR-9009 increases testosterone release by Leydig cells

SR-9009, an experimental drug sold in hundreds of online stores, is likely to increase testosterone levels. At least, that's what a Chinese in vitro study suggests. Perhaps a lifestyle with a healthy and old-fashioned day-night rhythm has a similar effect.

SR-9009 increases testosterone release by Leydig cells

In 2021, researchers from Northwest A&F University in Yangling, China, published an in vitro study in Chemosphere. This post is based on part of this publication.

The researchers exposed Leydig cells - ie the cells in sex organs that produce testosterone - to SR-9009. As a result, the release of testosterone by the Leydig cells increased sharply. We do not know whether the concentration of SR-9009 used in these experiments can occur in the body of people using research chemicals containing SR-9009.

SR-9009 was found to act through the receptor protein NR1D1. That's the same as Rev/Erb-alpha. You can see the spatial structure of NR1D1 above.

If you like simplistic equations, Rev/Erb-alpha is a button with which the organism synchronizes the molecular clock of its cells. The better the day-night rhythm of your body, the greater the activity of Rev/Erb-alpha.

And vice versa.

SR-9009 increases testosterone release by Leydig cells

Via NR1D1, SR-9009 increased the activity of StAR, Cyp11a1, Hsd-3-b2 and Hsd-17-b3 in the Leydig cells. These are enzymes that are involved in the conversion of cholesterol into testosterone.

Even more results
The researchers had actually studied how bisphenol-A, a plasticizer in plastic, reduces the release of testosterone at the cellular level. They discovered that bisphenol lowers NR1D1.

After discovering this, the researchers looked at whether SR-9009 could counteract the negative effect of bisphenol-A. And this, as you might have guessed, was indeed the case.

You can theorize based on this in vitro data that SR-9009 might be a testosterone booster. You might even speculate that SR-9009 is useful in a PCT protocol.

We ourselves are more charmed by another theory, which came to us spontaneously after reading the Chinese publication. Perhaps athletes or lungeviteurs can optimize their testosterone levels if they have a good day-night rhythm.

You know, like, to bed early and up on time. Old-fashioned, cheap, safe and probably healthy too.

Chemosphere. 2021 Jan;263:128020.

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