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Skipping breakfast does not make you fatter (but it may make you slimmer)

The indications that people get fatter when they skip breakfast were not very strong to say the least. The experiment that the exercise scientist Julia Zakrzewski-Fruer published in the British Journal of Nutrition has not improved the situation for those in favor of breakfast. According to this study, young people do not get fatter when they skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast doesn't make them eat more, nor does it make them exercise less.

The researchers, affiliated with the Bedfordshire University, had 40 13 years old girls skip breakfast three days in a row [NB]. The researchers recorded how much the girls ate later in the day, and how much they exercised.

On another occasion, the researchers repeated the procedure, but then gave the girls a breakfast [SB].

In the period that the girls skipped their breakfast, they ate a little more later in the day than they did on their breakfast-days. But that compensation did not come close to the 'energy saving' due to the omission of breakfast.

Skipping breakfast does not make you fatter (but it may make you slimmer)

Skipping breakfast did not make the girls physically less active, nor dit it make them spend more time sitting down.

Skipping breakfast does not make you fatter (but it may make you slimmer)

"In conclusion, adolescent girls showed a small increase in post-breakfast energy intake of 115 kcal/d that was not sufficient to compensate completely for 3 consecutive weekdays of breakfast omission when compared with standard breakfast consumption (approximately 469 kcal/d)", write the researchers.

"Thus, total daily energy intake remained greater when a standard breakfast was consumed."

"We also report no evidence of breakfast affecting time spent sedentary or in physical activity."

"These findings require examination using extended periods of breakfast manipulation and more sensitive devices to quantify physical activity energy expenditure in young people."

Br J Nutr. 2017 Sep;118(5):392-400.

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