Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Sedentary Lifestyle

Young men get a little less fit every year 14.02.2018
Weight loss diet while physically inactive speeds up loss of muscle mass 12.05.2017
Calorie overdose speeds up muscle breakdown during physical inactivity 31.01.2017
Do intensive exercise instead of moderately intensive exercise and live longer 11.10.2016
Lutein is a medicine against a sedentary lifestyle 12.01.2016
Standing is healthier than sitting 02.07.2014
Watching TV is unhealthy; using computer is not 20.09.2013
Sedentary lifestyle causes body to deteriorate faster 30.06.2013
Watching TV is soooo bad for you 29.02.2012
The less you sit, the older you'll get 21.04.2009