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'Safe' DNP cycle, fatal outcome

A 50-year-old German man, who wanted to lose some pounds, bought DNP on the internet. Only ignorants think that DNP is dangerous, he was told. If you know what you are doing, the kilos will fly off - no risks involved. If you only use a well-thought-out cycle schedule. And that's exactly what this man did. It cost him his life.

The case
After 44 days, the man, a reasonably healthy 112-pound obese individual, suffered from nausea and dizziness. He perspired violently and vomited a yellow liquid. When it became clear that the symptoms did not pass, his wife called an ambulance, but it was of no avail. The man died in the hospital. There was nothing the doctors could do.

During the autopsy, researchers from Rostock University Medical Center discovered that the palms of the deceased's hands and soles were discolored yellow. That is a sign of DNP poisoning. The deceased had not mentioned using DNP before his death.

'Safe' DNP cycle, fatal outcome

The cycle
Police officers who examined the deceased man's house found the man's schedule, including a report of his weight loss progress. The man had used DNP for a total of 44 days. In between, the man had also inserted 3 periods of 4-6 days, in which he did not use DNP.

The deceased had lost 4 kg of body weight. For this modest result had had paid with his life.

The doses that the man had taken varied from 200 to 600 milligrams of DNP per day.

'Safe' DNP cycle, fatal outcome

"In the present case the deceased notes reporting a DNP uptake of 200 to 600 mg is neither strikingly high nor low compared to other single dosages described in the literature", the researchers wrote. "However, the ingestion period of 44 days is considered to be relatively long, even when taking the individual breaks into account. Therefore, it is obvious that not a single dose, but primarily the accumulation of DNP was pivotal for the man's death."

"The half-life period of DNP is about 6 days. The time of death of the present case, where the deceased took 200 mg after a 3-day pause, is most likely caused by the cumulative nature of DNP."

"Apparently, the man followed an intake prescription and tried to counteract the accumulation via intermittent breaks. The fact that the man died despite treatment-free periods underlines that DNP has a narrow 'therapeutic range' and that recommendations published online are not reliable."

The product
You see the DNP that the man had used below. The product was from Northern Ireland.

'Safe' DNP cycle, fatal outcome

"After the drug approval of DNP-containing pharmaceuticals has been withdrawn in 1938 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the number of lethal DNP intoxications became very rare", the researchers concluded. "Within the last years, the Internet has become a black market for trading DNP as a diet aid, resulting in an increase of fatal intoxications since 2002."

"The suspicion of a DNP poisoning can be raised from the medical history, clinical symptoms, or a yellow discoloration of the skin."

"The narrow 'therapeutic range' and the accumulation of DNP in the organism significantly increase the mortality risk. After the onset of poisoning symptoms, the fatality rate is high. There is neither an antidote nor a definition of a lowest lethal dose."

Int J Legal Med. 2016 Sep;130(5):1237-41.

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