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Royal Jelly rejuvenates pituitary: animal study

Royal Jelly raises testosterone levels, according to the Iraqi and Egyptian animal studies we wrote about recently. And according to a 2009 Japanese study, the stimulatory effect of Royal Jelly is not confined to the testes, but also works on the pituitary.

The researchers gave 9-month-old female rats feed that contained 5 percent Royal Jelly. [RJ] A control group was given regular feed. [CON]

The experiment lasted 7 months. Female lab rats become infertile during this length of time. Their cycle ceases because the production of LH and FSH declines.

In addition, the pituitary starts to make more prolactin and less TSH. TSH is the hormone that tells the thyroid gland to start producing thyroxine [T4].

The supplement had no effect on the rats' cycle. The Royal Jelly did reverse ageing effects by altering the production of TSH and prolactin.

After 7 months the Japanese measured the amount of hormones the rats' pituitaries were synthesising. The results are shown below. PRL = prolactin; GH = growth hormone; POMC = pro-opiomelanocortin.

Royal Jelly rejuvenates pituitary: animal study

Royal Jelly rejuvenates pituitary: animal study

The researchers found that Royal Jelly supplementation led to lower levels of prolactin and higher levels of TSH in the rats' blood.

The researchers hope that they can put Royal Jelly to use to lessen the hormonal effects of ageing.

Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2009 Feb; 73(2): 431-3.

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