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Pineapple reduces eye floaters

People over 60 and diabetics in particular can suffer from floaters - and the clumps in one's visual field caused by floaters. According to research from Taiwan, floaters disappear if people eat a few slices of pineapple every day.

Pineapple reduces eye floaters

Doctors prefer not to talk about floaters, but about myodesopsia. Myodesopsia appears as shadows or dark spots in the visual field caused by conglomerates of peptides in the form of tiny spheres, threads or webs floating in the eye fluid. Almost everyone has floaters like these, but they can get pretty tricky as you get older.

An experimental treatment method is the introduction of enzymes that break down protein structures in the eye fluid. Those enzymes are also in pineapple - those are the bromelains. Taiwanese researchers at Tajen University wondered whether daily consumption of fresh pineapple could reduce floaters.

Pineapple reduces eye floaters

Experiment 1
The researchers divided 95 subjects with vitreous floaters [190 eyes] into 2 groups. One group had 1 floater in one eye, the other had more. Subsequently, the subjects in both groups ate 2 fresh pineapple slices every day at lunch for 3 months.

Each slice weighed 100 grams.

There was a significant improvement in both groups.

There was no control group.

Pineapple reduces eye floaters

Experiment 2
The researchers divided 99 subjects with vitreous floaters [190 eyes] into 3 groups. One group consumed 1 fresh slice of pineapple daily at lunch for 3 months, a second group consumed 2 slices and a third group consumed 3 slices.

Again each slice weighed 100 grams.

The more slices the subjects consumed, the greater was the decrease in the number of floaters,

There was also no control group in this study.

Pineapple reduces eye floaters

"This study found that pineapple may significantly dissolve and remove vitreous floaters", the researchers write.

"In the experiments of our survey, we found that vitreolysis from the regular intake of pineapple could decrease the rate of the vitreous floaters with less complication."

"Moreover, we believe that pineapple supplementation is suitable for patients presenting floaters and the associated vitreous problems."

J Am Sci. 2019;15(4):17-30.

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