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On a diet? Just drink water instead of diet sodas

On a diet? Just drink water instead of diet sodas
Overweight and obese people who are trying to slim down by eating less and exercising more, are more successful if they drink water instead of light soda at their meals. Food scientists from England and Iran write this in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The researchers experimented with two groups of about thirty women. The women were 18-50 years old, and had a BMI of 27-40.

For 24 weeks the women followed a traditional slimming diet, which made them consume 500-1000 kilocalories less than they burned on a daily basis. In addition, the women tried to exercise with moderate intensity for 60 minutes per day.

One group drank a glass of water at the most important meal of the day [the water group; Water]. The other group drank a glass with light-soda [the diet-beverage group; DB; DBs].

The water group lost 1.2 kilos more than the diet-beverage group. You should not exaggerate the effect, but hey! It was statistically significant.

On a diet? Just drink water instead of diet soda's

On a diet? Just drink water instead of diet soda's

The researchers do not know for certain what causes the difference, but they suspect that drinking water is just a little better for the insulin sensitivity than drinking diet sodas. They derive from the results you see above: the insulin sensitivity increased somewhat more with the water group than with the diet-beverage group.

"In conclusion, replacing diet beverages with water consumption would appear to have a beneficial impact on weight loss and insulin sensitivity in overweight and obese subjects adhering to a weight-loss diet", write the researchers. "Longer-term studies are now required."

Am J Clin Nutr 2015;102:1305-12.

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