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Nine easy ways to lose body fat

According to studies, most fat people have become too fat because over a period of many years and on a daily basis they have eaten 15 to 50 kilocalories more than their bodies burned. That is not that much. It is therefore very possible for fat people to become slim again. Without long and grueling workouts, without rigorous diets, but simply by making small changes in their lifestyle. We have nine suggestions.

#1 Replace old school TV with Netflix
If you still belong to the dying breed of old fashioned TV viewers, take Netflix or another on demand service, relieve yourself from the torment of TV commercials. And if you do not want that, then zap away when the commercials start.

Advertisers know exactly how they can influence you. According to a study by the University of Yale, just watching commercials for sweets and other junk food makes you eat dozens of percent more of that rubbish. Without you being aware of it.

Don't fool yourself. Mind control exists, and you too are susceptible to it.

#2 Replace your office chair with a therapy ball
Most of us spend their working lives sitting on a chair, consuming little energy. But if you do not sit on a chair, but on a therapy ball, that energy expenditure goes up a little.

Researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo discovered that an hour sitting on a ball burns 4 kilocalories more than an hour sitting on a chair. They also discovered that screen workers can easily sit 4 hours a day on such a thing without being less productive, and thus will burn 16 kilocalories extra daily. That's not much of course. But in the long run...

Hint: one kilogram of body fat accounts for 7,000 kilocalories.

#3 Replace the freshly cooked pasta, rice and potatoes with those from yesterday
Potatoes, pasta and rice mainly contain complex carbohydrates. After you cooked these foods, complex carbohydrates change if you put them in the fridge for a day. Because of the cooling-off period, the carbohydrates become less easily digested, so their ability to make you fat is reduced. As this structural modification is irreversible, after this cooling period you can warm your potatoes, rice and pasta, or continue preparing them.

The same thing happens with bread when you freeze it, and then roast it.

Nine easy ways to lose body fat

#4 Replace lean meat with lean fish
The best fat loss diets contain relatively high amounts of protein. You know that. Lean meat is an excellent protein source, and fits perfectly into an effective slimming diet. But lean fish may enhance fat loss even better. Lean fish contains just as much protein as meat, but that protein is of a different composition. Fish protein contains more taurine and glycine than meat protein. If you give that to experimental animals, they become less fat.

If people follow a low-calorie diet for 8 weeks, they lose almost two kilos more if they eat lean fish 5 times a week than then if they would have eaten lean meat on those days.

#5 Replace sunflower oil, corn oil and margarines with olive oil
If you eat a meal rich in fats from olive oil, then you will eat dozens of percent less at your next meal, than if the first meal was rich in fats from sunflower oil. Italian nutritional scientists, affiliated with the University of Naples Federico II, discovered this. [Food Funct. 2015 Jan;6(1):204-10.]

The body converts oleic acid, the main fatty acid in olive oil (and also in nuts and avocado), into oleoylethanolamide. This substance suppresses appetite.

#6 Replace white bread with wholemeal bread, white rice with brown rice, and pasta with wholegrain pasta
No, we're not going to bother you with a story about how healthy dietary fibers in whole foods are. We will do that another time. Now we would like to tell you that you can reduce your daily energy absorption by almost 100 kilocalories per day, according to researchers from the American agricultural ministry.

This is partly due to the fact that people who consume a lot of dietary fiber also lose a relatively large amount of energy through their feces, for another part because dietary fibers increase the calorie consumption by the body. How that comes, we explain another time - if we are going to whine about how healthy dietary fibers are...

#7 Replace snacks with a protein shake
Snacks make a significant contribution to the obesity epidemic, and that is best solved by replacing those snacks with high-protein, low-carb & low-fat products. A diet with a lot of protein inhibits the appetite, and also increases energy consumption by the body. A shake with 20 grams of whey protein, which you take between meals, is an extremely effective appetite inhibitor, recent Australian research has shown. . Shakes with more protein than 20 grams do not cause a further decrease in the appetite for food.

If you do not like protein powders, then low-fat yogurt is an alternative. If you eat a cup of low-fat yoghurt in the afternoon instead of crackers or candy with the same amount of energy, your diet will not only improve, but your energy intake at dinner will decrease by about a hundred kilocalories.

#8 Replace everything you drink when you are thirsty with water
The worst fat making food makers are liquid. The body does not notice the energy in soft drinks and juices, and doesn't decrease feelings of hunger after the intake of a substantial amount of liquid calories. As a result, people can better control their weight if they teach themselves to simply drink water when they are thirsty, and not something else. If you manage to do that, every glass of water you drink will save you 65 kilocalories, American food scientists have calculated.

#9 Replace screen time with sleep time
First there was electric light, then the radio, and then the TV. And then came the computer, the internet, the tablet, social media and the ever more versatile mobile phone. The consequence? We sleep less and less. And the less we sleep, the more hunger hormones we make, and the easier we get fat.

The fattening effect of sleep deprivation is obvious in people who sleep 5 hours per day. With such a sleeping pattern, you become fat twice as fast as if you sleep 7-8 hours per day. [Am J Epidemiol. 2006 Nov 15;164(10):947-54.]

5 hours of sleep per day is extremely little. But also less major disruptions of the sleep pattern can be fattening. Assume that if you sleep less than 6-7 hours per day, your fat percentage will eventually drop by 3 points if you go to sleep for an hour longer.


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