Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Body-Mind Techniques

Tai Chi slows down the progression of Parkinson's disease 30.10.2023
Focus on muscles during strength training for more hypertrophy 08.07.2022
Focus on muscle group during strength training does not result in more reps 04.07.2022
Focus on muscle group during strength training does not result in more strength 29.06.2022
Focus on a muscle group during strength training | This is the effect 26.06.2022
Practicing Tai-Chi or Qigong gives you more immune cells 14.08.2020
Athletes can learn mental techniques for performance enhancement in a few hours 25.10.2019
15 minutes of meditation has about the same psychological effects as a day off 08.06.2019
Yoga and meditation can not push the ego aside 26.07.2018
Yoga slows down all types of aging 30.06.2018
Less fatigue due to more hours of yoga 23.06.2018
Meditation protects attention from aging 17.04.2018
Tai Chi as lifestyle: less cortisol, more DHEA 25.12.2017
Scans don't lie - yoga protects against dementia 21.09.2017
The anti-aging effect of a simple relaxation exercise 01.08.2017
Meditation combats reduction in genetic lifespan caused by stress 13.05.2017
Qigong boosts cancer patients' survival chances by factor of 18 20.04.2017
Daily half hour of meditation protects against burnout 09.09.2014
Meditation prevents colds 15.12.2012
Meditation delays molecular aging 12.06.2012
Yoga makes diabetics healthier 29.11.2011
Meditate for less cortisol, more testosterone and growth hormone after training 09.03.2009
Meditation protects against cancer and heart attack 26.02.2009
Meditation lengthens lifespan 20.02.2009