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Male orgasm prolongs life

Every hundred orgasms a man has a year diminish his chance of dying by 36 percent. Epidemiologists at the University of Bristol come to this conclusion in a study that was published in 1997. Regular sex halves men's chance of dying, the research shows.

The British researchers base their arguments on data from the Caerphilly Study in which nearly a thousand men were monitored for ten years. The Caerphilly Study started in the early eighties. The men who took part were between 45 and 60 when the study started.

The researchers were interested to know if there was a relation between sexual activity and health, so they asked the men how many orgasms they had. The number mentioned is a good predictor of male sexual activity, previous research has shown.

The researchers distinguished three levels: less than one orgasm a month was 'low', two orgasms a week or more was 'high', with a 'medium' category in between.

The table below shows the relation between the number of orgasms and death.

Male orgasm prolongs life

It might have been the case that men reach climax less often because they have more unhealthy lifestyle, for example smoke more or have higher blood pressure, or simply because they are older. But when the epidemiologists filtered out these factors, the positive relation between orgasm and survival remained. The mortality rate of men who had an orgasm two or more times a week was half that of men who climaxed less than once a month.

On the basis of their results, the British scientists were able to calculate that an increase of 100 orgasms per year reduced the men's chance of dying by 36 percent.

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Better health = more sex 15.02.2013


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