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Animal study: ginger has similar effect to Clomid

Are you looking for a supplement that will help you to recover more quickly from your last course of steroids? Perhaps steroids are not your thing, but you're looking for a supplement that'll boost your testosterone level? It's in the supermarket and you've walked past it hundreds of times. According to a study done at Tabriz University in Iran, ginger increases the production of testosterone and sperm cells in the testes.

Animal study: ginger has similar effect to Clomid
Animal study: ginger has similar effect to Clomid
The researchers studied the effects of ginger on male rats in the hope that they had found a cheap and safe substance that increases male fertility. According to studies, some antioxidants have this effect. Because ginger also contains antioxidants such as zingerone, gingerdiol, zingibrene, gingerols and shogaols, and because an animal study done seven years ago [Asian J Androl. 2002 Dec;4(4):299-301.] shows that ginger raises the testosterone level, the researchers decided to pay a visit to the nearby Tabriz Porcina herbal shopping centre, where they bought ginger that they gave to their laboratory rats.

The animals were given ginger orally for twenty days. A control group was given water, the experimental group G1 got 50 mg ginger per kg bodyweight each day, and the G2 group was given twice as much. The table below shows the effect of the powdered ginger on the testosterone concentration and on the production of the hormone LH.

In addition, the number of sperm cells increased, and they became more motile and viable.

Animal study: ginger has similar effect to Clomid

The researchers measured the concentration of malondialdehyde in the rats' blood. When free radicals damage polyunsaturated fatty acids in the cell membranes, malondialdehyde is produced. And malondialdehyde is not a substance you want to have in your body as it damages your genetic material. Researchers measure malondialdehyde as a marker for free radical activity in your body. The ginger-taking rats had lower concentrations of malondialdehyde, which the researchers regard as support for their idea that ginger compounds reduce free-radical damage to the testes, and thus help to increase the production of testosterone and sperm.

The researchers refrain from speculations as to the effect of ginger supplements on humans.

Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine Vol.7. No.1. pp: 7-12, Winter 2009.

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