Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Elastic Band

How does the deadlift change when you attach elastic bands to the barbell? 24.09.2022
Bench presses with elastic band result in 32 percent more strength 02.07.2022
Meta-study | Strength training with weights equivalent to strength training with elastic bands 05.06.2022
Flyes and reverse flyes: an elastic band instead of dumbbells 09.05.2018
What's better? Twists with a machine or an elastic band? 28.12.2016
Training shoulders with elastic band just as effective as using weights 08.10.2014
Swiss-ball crunches with elastic band better than machine crunches 02.10.2014
Push-ups with elastic band just as good as bench presses for strength building 11.08.2014
Abductions better with elastic band than on machine 24.02.2014