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Dymethazine is almost the same as methasterone

Six years ago we announced that the designer steroid dymethazine is practically identical to methasterone, the anabolic steroid in Superdrol that devours your liver. We based that statement on our limited understanding of bio-organic chemistry, as there were no studies to back up what we were saying then. Now there are.

Dymethazine is almost the same as methasterone
Dymethazine is almost the same as methasterone
The structural formula of dymethazine is shown on the right below. It consists of two methasterone units, attached to each other in an azine compound. Our 2009 prophesy: the way the units are bound together is pretty useless, so a dymethazine molecule disintegrates immediately after ingestion into two methasterone molecules.

Scores of bodybuilders have encountered problems as a result of taking methasterone. Companies selling dymethazine described it as a mild anabolic steroid, with a significant anabolic effect and few side effects. We thought otherwise. And we have been proved right, going by the study that Belgian doping hunters at Ghent University will soon publish in Biomedical Chromatography.

Stability of dymethazine
The researchers confirm that dymethazine is indeed hardly stable at all. In an acid environment, like that of the stomach, dymethazine is quickly converted into methasterone.

Metabolism of dymethazine
The researchers gave dymethazine to mice and then examined what substances showed up in the animals' urine.

The researchers found hardly any dymethazine. The structural formulas of the compounds that they did find in significant quantities are shown below. As you can see, they are all metabolites of methasterone.

Dymethazine is almost the same as methasterone

There are doping tests that detect methasterone. And they also detect dymethazine, the Belgians concluded.

After reading their publication, we, the ignoramus compilers of this free webzine, repeat our earlier message on dymethazine: the health risks associated with dymethazine are the same as those associated with methasterone.

Biomed Chromatogr. 2015 Dec 10. doi: 10.1002/bmc.3668. [Epub ahead of print].

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