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Designer supplement Super DMZ Rx 2.0 can cause jaundice

Even with normal use, the designer supplement Super DMZ Rx 2.0, which contains a mix of two designer steroids, can cause cholestasis and jaundice. Researchers at Ohio State University College of Medicine described a case in a medical journal.

Super DMZ Rx 2.0
Super DMZ Rx 2.0 is produced by Blackstone Labs. Each capsule contains 10 mg methylstenbolone and 10 mg dymethazine.

The manufacturer advises users to take 1 or 2 caps a day in a cycle of no more than 4 weeks. Users should then wait at least 8 weeks before starting a new cycle.

Designer supplement Super DMZ Rx 2.0 can cause jaundice Designer supplement Super DMZ Rx 2.0 can cause jaundice

Animal studies done in the 1960s showed that methylstenbolone is an extremely effective anabolic steroid. It has by and large a positive track record according to users.

Designer supplement Super DMZ Rx 2.0 can cause jaundice
Dymethazine is really a prohormone. After being ingested the molecule disintegrates into two methasterone molecules. Methasterone is known to be an effective oral anabolic steroid, but one that can cause liver damage. [Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2008 Feb;6(2):255-8.] [Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2007 Jul;5(7):809-12.] [Am J Gastroenterol. 2006 Nov;101(11):2659-62.] So, it's logical that dymethazine will also have this effect. You can read more about dymethazine here.

The protagonist in the case study described here is a 26-year-old man, who had taken 2 capsules of Super DMZ Rx 2.0 every day for a month. Three weeks into the cycle he noticed that something was wrong: his urine turned a dark colour. In the last week of the cycle he also developed jaundice.

The man stopped taking the steroids, but his symptoms became worse. He started to itch and then went to A&E at a hospital. The doctors found raised concentrations of the liver enzymes AST, ALT and ALP in his blood, but the levels were not alarmingly high.

Designer supplement Super DMZ Rx 2.0 can cause jaundice

The doctors also did scans and biopsies of the man's liver, but found little damage. Nevertheless his concentration of direct bilirubin and total bilirubin were high.

Bilirubin is found when the body is clearing up old red blood cells. It's a waste product of haem. When enzymes attach glucose molecules to bilirubin it becomes soluble in water, and this is what doctors call bilirubin 'direct'.

Designer supplement Super DMZ Rx 2.0 can cause jaundice

Designer supplement Super DMZ Rx 2.0 can cause jaundice

The figure above shows that the man recovered spontaneously. All the doctors had to do was prescribe diphenhydramine for the man's itching.

Fortunately there was no lasting damage, but the doctors expressed concern. "Supplements like Super DMZ Rx 2.0 are relatively inexpensive, widely available online and over-the-counter, and unregulated", they write. "This is problematic because consumers are at risk of severe liver injury due to AAS, even when taken at manufacturer-recommended dosages."

"Although the manufacturer of Super DMZ Rx 2.0 did not conceal methylstenbolone and dymethazine as the major ingredients of the product, unregulated anabolic steroids use is unsafe. It is important for physicians to be aware of this while considering causes of jaundice since anabolic steroids induced liver injury can become fulminant."

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