Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Betaine increases testosterone, lowers cortisol after strength training 24.03.2023
Heavy training + betaine = more testosterone 04.05.2022
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More betaine in your diet, more muscle mass 19.07.2020
Betaine & choline | Body recompositioning nutrients that protect against cancer 13.07.2020
Use betaine, lose pounds of fat 03.07.2020
In combination with betaine, stims may burn more fat 18.06.2020
Combination of S-adenosylmethione and betaine combats mild depression 28.03.2020
Betaine supplement makes strength athlete on diet lose more body fat 16.08.2018
More choline and betaine means more muscles and less fat 16.03.2018
Betaine forces fat cells to eat themselves 17.02.2018
Betaine may make not only muscles but also bone tissue stronger 11.08.2017
Trimethylglycine stimulates muscle growth via IGF-1 20.02.2014
The anabolic effect of betaine 04.11.2013
Betaine gives bodybuilders more muscle and less fat 24.10.2013
Sprint faster with betaine 13.12.2012
Twenty grams of creatine makes you stronger; two grams of betaine doesn't 15.10.2011
Superstack: CLA + betaine 10.05.2009
Trimethylglycine helps you get more reps out of your squats 03.04.2009