Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Supplementation with beta-alanine makes circuit training with weights more effective 05.05.2018
Beta-Alanine improves cyclists' final sprint and time trial performance 10.03.2017
Beta-Alanine offers protection against post-traumatic stress disorder 16.04.2015
Beta-Alanine supplementation makes soldiers more deadly in combat 21.05.2014
Beta-alanine shaves four seconds off runners' 800 metres 17.03.2014
Beta-alanine works even better when combined with sodium bicarb 30.01.2014
Beta-Alanine works better if you take it with meals 21.05.2013
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Creatine and beta-alanine combined improve endurance capacity 15.02.2012
How beta-alanine can extend your life expectancy 27.01.2012
Animal study: carnosine slows down tumour growth 25.01.2012
Beta-alanine improves stamina in over-sixties 23.01.2012
Slow beta-alanine: works better and without the pincushion effect 21.01.2012
Beta-Alanine helps against anxiety 26.10.2011
Beta-Alanine effective for weeks after end of course 17.10.2011
Small amount of beta-alanine also works 12.10.2011
Beta-Alanine helps wrestlers lose fat and gain muscle 16.09.2011
Live longer take carnosine 04.08.2011
Carnosine extends lifespan in animal study 10.11.2010
Sprint a tiny bit faster and do a few more reps with beta-alanine 19.07.2010
Beta-Alanine makes interval training more effective 11.07.2010
Beta-Alanine boosts aging muscles 20.05.2009
Beta-Alanine for a faster final sprint 29.03.2009