Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Diet containing beetroot, arugula and other nitrate sources protects against heart failure 24.02.2023
Beetroot for bone strength 13.02.2023
Does it make sense to combine beet root and citrulline? 29.03.2022
Loading phase increases performance improvement by nitrates 30.09.2019
UV radiation enhances performance-enhancing effect nitrates 19.02.2019
Your mental arithmetic improves after a bottle of beet root 04.05.2017
Beetroot juice is a better source of betalains than supplements are 07.04.2017
Betalains, the red colour in beetroot and amaranth, make triathletes faster 06.04.2017
Short of oxygen? Beetroot juice helps 27.03.2017
Beetroot better for athletes than sodium nitrate 15.03.2017
Athletes who use antibacterial mouthwash won't get anything from beetroot 23.02.2017
Performance-enhancing effect of nitrates still present 24 hours after intake 22.02.2017
Athletes perform better after six days of spinach, collard greens or beetroot 14.01.2017
Spinach and rucola work just as well as beetroot for athletes 15.07.2016
Bodybuilders manage twenty percent more reps with beetroot juice 08.06.2016
Betalains in beetroot ease painful joints 02.11.2015
Beetroot improves 5K times 29.09.2014
Beetroot concentrate makes team sport players faster 05.11.2013
Concentrated beetroot juice: optimal dose is 140 ml 05.10.2013
Beetroot juice works at high altitude too 08.09.2013
The EPO effect of beetroot juice 20.09.2011