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What you are not supposed to know about C60

Two years ago we, the industrious compilers of this free web magazine, were quite enthusiastic about the longevity supplement C60. Of course we were. How can you not be excited when a French animal study says that laboratory rats live almost twice as long as normal when given C60. However, after reading a publication by researchers at State University of New York, we have decided to ignore C60 for the time being.

What you are not supposed to know about C60

Kristopher Grohn, a chemist from New York University, published in 2021 in Geroscience the study on which we base this post.

In his article, Grohn describes experiments in which he injected laboratory animals with C60 for life. As a result, the test animals, unlike in the French study, did not live longer. Because Grohn's experimental design differs from that of the French, you cannot deduce that the French did not do their research properly.

We'll leave this part of Grohn's research out of this post.

The researchers bought 4 C60 products and made a batch themselves. They were sure that the last batch was all right. They immediately saw that the purchased products looked different from their homemade C60.

What you are not supposed to know about C60

What you are not supposed to know about C60

When Grohn analyzed the preparations, he found substances in the purchased products that did not belong there.

To be honest, that doesn't surprise us. In 2019, French researchers also found contaminants in C60 products.

In test tubes, the C60 molecules made by the researchers knocked out free radicals, but the products the researchers had bought did not. There was even a purchased C60 preparation that turned out to have a free radical activity in itself.

What you are not supposed to know about C60

What you are not supposed to know about C60

When the researchers exposed C60 they produced themselves to a lamp that imitates daylight, they saw C60 molecules change into other molecules. In a vial that was not closed, almost all C60 had disappeared after 8 days of exposure.

A few days of exposure to light did not affect the biological effects of the C60 preparations. After an exposure of 4 days or more, the preparations turned into dangerous products. When the researchers gave these to lab animals in large quantities on a one-off basis, a quarter to half of the animals died within 14 days.

What you are not supposed to know about C60

"Toxicity of C60 products should be more extensively assessed if the material is to be considered for downstream therapeutic purposes", concludes Grohn.

The thrust of Grohn's research is clear. Only if you are 100% sure that a C60 product has been carefully produced and has never been exposed to light, should you consider using it. p>

This post is based on a blog that appeared on [, December 3, 2022]

Geroscience. 2021 Apr;43(2):579-91.

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