Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Supplementation with DHA extends sleep by three quarters of an hour 24.11.2017
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Good sleep helps cancer patient's survival chances 31.08.2017
Not eating a few hours before sleeping inhibits cancer cells 18.08.2017
Non-alcoholic beer has sedative effect 28.11.2015
Shortage of sleep increases chance of dementia 11.10.2015
Animal study: L-theanine, caffeine and sleep 10.10.2015
Caffeine making you sleep badly? GABA helps 22.09.2015
ADHD boys sleep better with L-theanine 31.08.2015
Good sleep reduces chance of prostate cancer 17.08.2015
Grape Seed Extract during menopause: fewer hot flushes, more muscle and better sleep 12.08.2015
Sleep better do strength training 24.05.2015
400-mg capsule of L-ornithine improves sleep 26.03.2015
Optimal melatonin dose: 0.3 mg 21.07.2014
Difference between good and average student is twenty minutes sleep 12.06.2014
Sleeping longer makes athletes faster 01.06.2014
Sleeping pills quadruple mortality risk 07.05.2014
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Do you sleep badly in the summer? Maybe ornithine can help 04.09.2013
Exposure to red light makes top athletes fitter 16.04.2013
Sleep less and you're more likely to die 03.04.2013
A good night's rest protects against colds 28.03.2013
Sleep speeds up post-viral healing 23.03.2013
Move more, sleep more (and better) 09.03.2013
Burn more calories, sleep better 08.03.2013
Eat two kiwis for a good night's rest 22.02.2013
Glycine boosts reaction time with lack of sleep 19.02.2013
Improve your sleep with glycine, and your memory will work better too 18.02.2013
Three grams glycine improves your sleep 17.02.2013
More sleep can double your testosterone level 16.02.2013
Evening workout won't cost you sleep 02.02.2013
Night owl puts on weight faster than early bird 08.01.2013
Getting enough sleep gives better diet results 20.12.2012
Each little zolpidem pill increases your cancer risk 13.08.2012
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Magnesium supplement helps you perform to the max despite lack of sleep 16.12.2011
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Sleep better with cherries 29.10.2010
Sleep aid L-tryptophan works at daytime too 16.10.2010
Less sleep, less oxygen 25.08.2010
Extra hour sleep raises testosterone level by 12 percent 02.05.2010
An hour more sleep reduces fat percentage by three percent 23.02.2009
Not enough sleep? Creatine keeps you alert 28.08.2008