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Polyacetylenes for diabetics (and bodybuilders)

Polyacetylenes not only inhibit cancer, but may also mimic and enhance the effect of insulin. This is suggested by a Danish in vitro study published in Food & Function in 2015. The research suggests that falcarinol and falcarindiol stimulate the uptake of glucose by muscle cells, and that falcarinol can also stop the growth of fat cells.

Muscle cells
The researchers extracted the polyacetylenes falcarinol and falcarindiol from carrots and put them in test tubes together with different types of cells. Below you can see that both falcarinol and falcarindiol made muscle cells absorb more glucose.

Polyacetylenes for diabetics (and bodybuilders)

Polyacetylenes for diabetics (and bodybuilders)

Fat cells
When the Danes exposed fat cells to the two polyacetylenes, they saw that falcarinol blocked the increase in the amount of fat in fat cells. You can see that above. The researcher compared the effects of falcarinol and falcarindiol with that of rosiglitazone. This was not without reason.

Rosiglitazone interacts with PPAR-gamma. You can describe PPARs as receptors for fat, which tell cells that fatty acids are nearby and stimulate cells to absorb fatty acids such as glucose.

Computer simulations enabled the Danes to demonstrate that falcarinol and falcarindiol, like rosiglitazone, interact with PPAR.

Polyacetylenes for diabetics (and bodybuilders)

"The potential effects of these compounds toward type-2 diabetes still remain to be demonstrated in vivo in animal and human trials", the Danes write.

"[However], the slightly different effects of the two polyacetylenes that both enhance glucose uptake suggest that they are of interest in relation to prevention and/or treatment of type-2 diabetes and could serve as interesting scaffolds for novel PPAR-gamma partial agonist with insulin sensitizing properties."

Pretty nice stuff, those polyacetylenes. More coming soon.

Food Funct. 2015;6(7):2135-44.

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