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Phaleria macrocarpa: more testosterone, more fertile

Phaleria macrocarpa: more testosterone, more fertile
In Asian countries supplements with extracts of Phaleria macrocarpa - other names: Mahkota Dewa, God's Crown - have already hit the shelves, but in Western regions things are different. Nevertheless, especially for producers of sports supplements, these extracts may be interesting. According to Malaysian researchers, they increase testosterone levels.

Phaleria macrocarpa
Phaleria macrocarpa is a tropical tree, which is growing more and more as an ornamental plant in gardens. In the form of tea, traditional healers have for centuries used the bark, leaves and fruits of the tree against a variety of diseases and diseases.

Modern animal and in vitro studies have confirmed the medicinal effects of Phaleria macrocarpa. These studies show that extracts of Phaleria macrocarpa, which contain substances such as phalerin, icaricide C, magniferin and mahkoside A, activate suicide genes in cancer cells [Pharmacogn Rev. 2013 Jan;7(13):73-80.] lower cholesterol levels, [Molecules. 2015 Mar 9;20(3):4410-29.] block the functioning of the alpha receptor for estradiol, [Int J Mol Sci. 2014 Apr 25;15(5):7225-49.] and accelerate wound healing. [Bosn J Basic Med Sci. 2015 May 12;15(2):25-30.]

Phaleria macrocarpa: more testosterone, more fertile

Phaleria macrocarpa: more testosterone, more fertile

The researchers wondered whether Phaleria macrocarpa also had an effect on the hormonal household of men, and gave male rats an extract of water-based Phaleria macrocarpa every day for 7 weeks. If the rats had been humans, they would have received 2-4 grams of extract daily. That is, er, quite a lot.

A control group received distilled water, a positive control group received testosterone undeconate.

When the 7 weeks had ended, the testosterone level of the animals in the Phaleria macrocarpa group had increased.

Phaleria macrocarpa: more testosterone, more fertile

Phaleria macrocarpa: more testosterone, more fertile

When the researchers put female rats in the cages of their rats, the rats in the Phaleria macrocarpa group climbed significantly more often on the females than the rats in the other groups.

Some plant extracts that increase testosterone levels may be harmful to testes and fertility in the long term. This probably does not apply to Phaleria macrocarpa, the researchers reported in other animal studies. According to these publications, Phaleria macrocarpa enhances testes' tissue vitality and improves sperm quality. [Iran J Basic Med Sci 2014; 17:384-90.] [Adv Pharm Bull. 2013;3(2):345-52.]

"Phaleria macrocarpa can possibly improve the fertility and overcome the impotency problem in men", the researchers write.

Avicenna J Phytomed. 2013 Fall;3(4):371-7.

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