Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Nutrition & Endurance Training

The more miles you run, the greater your need for omega-3 fatty acids 20.11.2023
Two tablespoons of sesame seeds make soccer players fitter and faster 31.07.2022
Gelatin may improve endurance by 240 percent, claims forgotten study 13.02.2022
Caffeine takes the sting out of physical exertion without carbohydrates 04.12.2021
Adding coffee to post-workout meal speeds up glycogen recovery 13.11.2021
Looking for a one hundred percent safe and effective pre-workout formula? Try chicken soup... 30.08.2021
Whether or not you are used to caffeine, a cup of coffee improves sports performance 18.12.2019
Purple grape juice, a natural alternative to pre-workout formulas 29.12.2019
1.9 percent faster running after a cup of coffee 13.12.2019
For athletes, potatoes are just as good a source of carbohydrates as gels 10.12.2019
Vegetables, fruit and muscles 09.12.2019
Vegetarian and vegan runners do not perform better or worse than omnivores 04.06.2019
Athletes perform better after four days of healthy eating 19.04.2019
UV radiation enhances performance-enhancing effect nitrates 19.02.2019
Adding salmon, green tea, onions, blueberries and grape juice to diet may improve sports performance 17.02.2019
Protein after cycling today increases performance tomorrow 16.11.2018
Alkaline diet improves high-intensity sports performance 13.06.2018
Cactus juice makes you fitter 23.04.2018
After adaptation phase the low-carb athlete changes into a fat incinerator 22.02.2018
Low carb ketogenic diet makes athletes lose 5 kilos while maintaining performance 16.02.2018
Thinking of running a marathon? Start taking whey! 05.12.2017
Consuming carbs at night doesn't make for better sport performance 28.01.2017
Sports drink with alanine and proline works better than one with just carbs 26.02.2016
Gluten-free diet has no effect on athletic performance 29.10.2015
Build muscle mass, increase endurance capacity and lose fat through intermittent fasting 01.07.2015
Some energy shots make cyclists a little faster 30.04.2015
Green lip mussel extract reduces damage to muscles after extreme exertion 04.04.2015
Endurance athletes speedier if they avoid these foods 13.02.2015
Endurance athletes prepare better for races with a low-carb diet 26.10.2014
Endurance athletes can also use chia to load 13.08.2014
Rehydration and whey protein administration go together fine 28.07.2014
Endurance athletes perform better if they eat almonds instead of cookies 09.07.2014
Animal study: endurance athletes perform best on diet where 20 percent energy comes from protein 03.05.2014
Watermelon prevents sore muscles 03.04.2014
Better sports drinks or pre-workout shakes contain L-citrulline 01.04.2014
Animal study: 1000 IU vitamin D3 inhibits muscle breakdown in athletes 29.11.2013
Touch of caffeine makes pre-workout shake more effective 27.11.2013
Carbohydrate supplementation of little use to tennis players 18.11.2013
Sports drinks of little use for recreational runners 11.06.2012
Men more likely to dehydrate than women during endurance exercise 18.04.2012
Pumpkin boosts endurance capacity and muscle strength 08.04.2013
Cyclists do just as well on bananas as on sports drinks 21.03.2013
Sprint faster with betaine 13.12.2012
Optimal carb dose for cyclists is 78 g per hour 17.10.2012
Raisins for runners just as good as commercial sports food 15.08.2012
Litre of non-alcoholic beer keeps marathon runner healthy 10.08.2012
Raisins or sports gels - what difference does it make? 27.07.2012
Dried apricots vs. jam sandwiches: endurance sports study 28.02.2012
Animal study: oatmeal fibre protects athletes against viruses 16.11.2011
Drink your sports beverage ice-cold for better times 19.10.2011
Cold sports drink works better 05.10.2011
Trained muscles stronger and harder from fasting every other day 23.01.2011
Endurance athletes are faster if they just taste carbs and spit them out 03.01.2011
Low-carb sports drink with a little protein better for endurance athletes 07.11.2010
When I stopped training my body went all flabby 06.11.2010
Low GI breakfast gives endurance athletes faster times 01.08.2010
Training on an empty stomach boosts endurance athletes' speed faster 28.07.2010
Low carb + intensive training = fall in T levels 02.06.2010
Low-carb diet delays aging and promotes health 19.05.2010
Low-carb diet gives endurance athletes more stamina 16.02.2010
Red Bull is painkiller 19.09.2009
Little bit more fat protects runners from injuries 15.08.2009
Hyperhydration helps endurance athletes 09.07.2009
Post-training recovery of endurance athletes quicker with milk and cornflakes than with sports drink 01.06.2009
Animal study: endurance athletes perform better on a little more fat 14.05.2009