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Hefty dose of chrysin boosts testosterone synthesis

If you're not afraid of hefty doses, you might be able to up your testosterone level by taking the flavonoid chrysin [structural formula shown here]. An animal study published by researchers at the University of Inonu, Turkey in Andrologia suggests this may be the case.

Chrysin was a 'hip' supplement in the nineties, after test-tube studies had shown that it sabotages the enzyme aromatase. Supplements manufacturers seeking to boost testosterone concentration in the body added chrysin to their combinations until it became clear that enzymes remove chyrsin so quickly from the body that supplements containing a few score milligrams hardly have any effect on testosterone levels.

Meanwhile chrysin and its analogues have started to attract attention again. Studies have now shown that substances resembling chrysin boost testosterone synthesis. Apigenin in parsley is one of these. Isorhamnetin in onions is another.

These recent studies were also done in test tubes, which is why the Turkish study is so interesting. The researchers tested the testosterone-boosting properties of chrysin on rats.

They used 50 mg chrysin per kg bodyweight per day, and gave it orally. The human equivalent of this dose would be about 500-800 mg per day. That's high, more than you could get from food, but not stupidly high. It should be possible to consume this dose by taking a supplement. The figure below shows that 60 days of supplementation boosted the testosterone level by over 30 percent and improved the rats' sperm quality.

Hefty dose of chrysin boosts testosterone synthesis

Hefty dose of chrysin boosts testosterone synthesis

The Turkish researchers discuss the theory that chrysin enhances the activity of the StAR protein, but report that they did not measure this. What they did measure was the activity of endogenous antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase and catalase in the testes, and the concentration of the detoxifier glutathione.

"Overall results indicate that chrysin positively affected sperm quality including sperm motility, concentration and abnormal sperm rate and increased testosterone levels", the researchers write. "Based on our results, chrysin might be used as an alternative drug for the treatment of male infertility problems. The mechanism of action and dose analysis need to be further investigated."

By the way, there are also synthetic chrysin analogues with enhanced bioavailability. We've been wondering for ages what the effect of these is on testosterone levels.

Andrologia. 2012 Jun;44(3):181-6.

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