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Cancer Prevention & Survival

Reishi | A spoke in the wheel of aggressive breast cancer 21.02.2024
Chaga inhibits lung cancer 09.02.2024
A dipeptide for a longer life with less disease? | Thymogen 30.09.2023
Take a vitamin D supplement every day, and halve your risk of melanoma 24.08.2023
Cucumbers against cancer? 16.07.2023
Tea protects against glioma 27.01.2023
High intake of nuts and legumes protects against brain cancer 16.01.2023
Glucosamine users are less likely to get cancer 23.11.2022
This daily dose of zinc increases your risk of prostate cancer 06.11.2022
Lactic acid helps the body clear up tumors 04.10.2022
Reduction of prostate cancer risk by a few tablespoons of beans a day 12.02.2022
Meta-study | Healthier diet after cancer increases chances of survival 13.03.2022
Vitamin B6 may enhance the cancer-inhibiting effect of curcumin 29.12.2021
Vitamin B3 reduces fatigue, depression and anxiety in cancer survivors 23.10.2021
Eat mushrooms and reduce your risk of prostate cancer 04.10.2021
Quercetin, naringenin, naringin | These three flavonoids in citrus fruits are anti-estrogens 19.09.2021
Citrus flavonoid naringenin inhibits breast cancer metastasis 09.09.2021
There are tumor inhibitors in lovage 16.08.2021
This is the unhealthiest food habit of all | And this is the healthiest... 05.08.2021
Meta-study confirms protective effect of edible mushrooms against cancer 27.07.2021
More chili, longer life 09.07.2021
Meta-study determines the protective effect of lycopene against prostate cancer 13.06.2021
An apple a day helps to keep deadly cancer away 01.06.2021
An anti-cancer factor in the skin of apples 30.05.2021
Fasting for a few days makes chemotherapy more effective 29.05.2021
Animal study from 1953: glucosamine inhibits cancer 13.05.2021
Omega-3 fatty acids prevent breast cancer from spreading to bones 10.05.2021
Leafy vegetables, broccoli and blueberries, no juices | 4 nutrition tips to survive breast cancer 30.03.2021
Surviving breast cancer with fewer & slower carbohydrates 16.03.2021
More apples, less lung cancer 22.01.2021
A little bit of physical activity drastically increases the survival chances of breast cancer patients 12.12.2020
Vitamin D supplement reduces cancer mortality 29.11.2020
Ecdysterone kills breast cancer cells 27.11.2020
A high intake of vitamin B6 protects against pancreatic cancer 08.11.2020
Supplementation with MCP slows prostate cancer 29.08.2020
These Echinacea components kill cancer cells 03.08.2020
Growth hormone therapy does not increase the risk of cancer 01.08.2020
Betaine & choline | Body recompositioning nutrients that protect against cancer 13.07.2020
MSM, a muscle enhancer that sabotages cancer cells 14.06.2020
Apples protect better against cancer if you don't peel them 13.05.2020
You have to walk that many minutes every day if you want to live longer 10.05.2020
More dietary diversity, less cancer-related mortality 27.04.2020
Fucoidan intensifies the attack of the immune system on cancer cells 23.04.2020
Vitamin D supplement helps women with breast cancer survive 22.04.2020
Eating a few raw carrots every week reduces your risk of colon cancer 13.04.2020
Animal study | Stronger evidence of anti-cancer effect of carrots 12.04.2020
Anabolic steroids eliminate the cancer-inhibiting effect of strength training 10.04.2020
Vitamin D supplements reduce the risk of cancer death 03.04.2020
AHCC increases the survival chances of cancer patients 01.04.2020
Polyacetylenes, the lesser known cancer inhibitors in carrot, celery and parsnip 30.03.2020
Low carbohydrate diet protects women with breast cancer during chemotherapy 05.03.2020
Lutein, the anti-cancer compound from kale and spinach 03.11.2019
Omega-3 fatty acids sabotage breast cancer cells by boosting free radicals 26.10.2019
How omega-3 fatty acids help beta-carotene to better protect against cancer 22.10.2019
Meta-study confirms that carrots protect against breast cancer 14.10.2019
Carrots protect against breast cancer 12.10.2019
Onions, garlic, eggs, olive oil and beans protect against melanoma 05.10.2019
Sumac extract accelerates the aging of breast cancer cells 29.08.2019
Two leg press sessions per week reduce the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy during breast cancer treatment 21.07.2019
The more soda you drink, the bigger your chance of cancer 14.07.2019
Sleeping with lights on increases the risk of prostate cancer 13.07.2019
Animal study: probiotic Lactobacillus casei CRL431 inhibits metastatic breast cancer 27.04.2019
How sugars in soft drinks stimulate colon cancer 26.03.2019
AGEs | The estrogenic effect of unhealthy foods 24.03.2019
The anticancer effect of lemon balm 24.10.2018
Megadose pantethine inhibits tumor growth 27.09.2018
Kefir inhibits tumor growth: animal study 18.09.2018
A lifestyle that simultaneously makes you leaner and fitter protects against cancer 05.09.2018
Green neighborhood lowers breast cancer risk 25.08.2018
Early evening meal protects against cancer 24.07.2018
Replacing regular soft drinks with diet sodas helps colon cancer patients survive 22.07.2018
High vitamin D levels due to supplementation may protect against breast cancer 24.06.2018
Cancer inhibitor in green tea may be effective in humans 15.06.2018
Diet with lots of pumpkins, peppers and carrots reduces colorectal cancer risk 13.05.2018
Not only tomatoes, but also carrots protect against prostate cancer 06.05.2018
Cyanidin, the life-extender in blueberries 12.04.2018
Does creatine stimulate cancer cells? According to this study, it doesn't 11.04.2018
A healthy sleep rhythm makes antioestrogens more effective 04.04.2018
Animal study: SAM-e inhibits breast cancer 27.03.2018
Testosterone makes cancer more agressive 25.03.2018
Ketogenic diet during radiotherapy: cancer patients build muscle mass 14.03.2018
The more junk from the food industry you eat, the greater your chance of cancer 04.03.2018
Nuts halve mortality risk in colorectal cancer 03.03.2018
Interval training for cancer survivors 28.02.2018
Animal study: anti-cancer effect EPA and DHA 8 times greater than that of ALA 28.01.2018
Alpha-linolenic acid, the broad-spectrum breast cancer cell slayer 07.01.2018
Enhanced with lycopene, Natural Killer Cells are better cancer fighters 01.01.2018
When combined with other exercise, strength training boosts survival chances of cancer survivors 20.12.2017
How hispolon helps the immune system to kill cancer cells 16.12.2017
Couple of grams Phellinus linteus daily makes Natural Killer Cells 15 percent more deadly 10.12.2017
Each gram of mushroom reduces chance of breast cancer by several percent, says meta-study 26.11.2017
Yet again: eating lots of mushrooms protects against cancer 16.10.2017
1998: walk a couple of kilometres a day and halve your chance of cancer 13.10.2017
Running reduces side effects of chemotherapy 10.10.2017
Physical exercise may improve lung cancer survival chances 06.10.2017
Eating lots of button mushrooms helps Natural Killer Cells to clear up more cancer cells 03.10.2017
Enough selenium in the diet gives prostate cancer less chance 02.10.2017
Interval training slows down prostate cancer 23.09.2017
This is how physical exercise clears up tumours 12.09.2017
Every intensive training session is a chemo lite 08.09.2017
Good sleep helps cancer patient's survival chances 31.08.2017
How stress impacts on cancer 28.08.2017
Sufficient magnesium in diet boosts post-cancer survival chances 25.08.2017
Not eating a few hours before sleeping inhibits cancer cells 18.08.2017
Aspirin is a cancer medicine 14.08.2017
Mushrooms may protect against cancer 10.08.2017
Curcumin and ursolic acid starve prostate cancer cells 03.08.2017
Salmon, mackerel and other oily fish improve post-breast cancer chances 26.07.2017
Being fit halves your chance of cancer 21.07.2017
B-vitamin supplementation halves chance of aggressive skin cancer 20.07.2017
One hour of exercise daily reduces the mortality risk of cancer survivors 23.05.2017
Nuts increase survival chances of prostate cancer patients 05.05.2017
Eating lots of walnuts helps fight prostate cancer 02.05.2017
Muscle mass is key factor in surviving incurable cancer 29.04.2017
Qigong boosts cancer patients' survival chances by factor of 18 20.04.2017

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