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Acetylcarnitine dispels chronic fatigue

People over 70 who suffer from mental and physical fatigue may respond well to acetylcarnitine supplementation. Italian researchers achieved good results with a daily dose of 4 grams per day, but lower doses may be effective as well.

Acetylcarnitine dispels chronic fatigue

In 2008, Italian gerontologists from the Universita degli Studi di Catania published a trial involving 96 people over the age of seventy. All subjects suffered from chronic physical or mental fatigue.

Half of the subjects took a placebo daily for 180 days. The other half took 2 grams of acetylcarnitine twice a day. In total, the test subjects in this group therefore used 4 grams of acetylcarnitine daily.

4 grams of acetylcarnitine per day is a high dose, which may not besuitable for everyone. In every day life, people who use acetylcarnitine [chemical structure below] against fatigue usually also benefit from a lower dose of 1000-2000 milligrams per day.

Acetylcarnitine dispels chronic fatigue

The researchers measured the physical and mental fatigue of their test subjects using questionnaires on which they could score a maximum of 26 points. The higher the score, the greater the fatigue. Supplementation reduced physical and mental fatigue by 7 and 3.2 points, respectively.

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Acetylcarnitine dispels chronic fatigue

The Italians measured the physical functioning of their test subjects with the Physical Functioning Scale [PF]. The best score you can get on that is 100. Supplementation lifted these scores from 69.8 to 89.8. Supplementation reduced muscle pain and fatigue after exercise, among other things.

Finally, the researchers tested their subjects' mental abilities with the Mini Mental State Examination [MMSE]. The higher you score on it, the better. The maximum score is 30. In the group that received acetylcarnitine, the average score increased from 23.4 to 26.8.

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