Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Can oranges extend your life?


Chinese scientists did experiments with the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, a popular model organism in anti-aging research.

50 mg vitamin B1 supplement improves your mood and speeds up your reactions

50 mg vitamin B1 supplement improves your mood and speeds up your reactions

50 mg vitamin B1 supplement improves your mood and speeds up your reactions
50 mg vitamin B1 supplement improves your mood and speeds up your reactions


Vitamin B1 – chemists call it thiamine – is a mental pep pill. Human data from the nineties.

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Started running? Carnitine makes you fit (and lean) faster


If you start running or doing cardio training, your stamina will increase faster if you also use a supplement with carnitine tartrate. Animal study.

Too little protein at breakfast and lunch inhibits muscle growth in the elderly

Too little protein at breakfast and lunch inhibits muscle growth in the elderly

Too little protein at breakfast and lunch inhibits muscle growth in the elderly
Too little protein at breakfast and lunch inhibits muscle growth in the elderly


Older people who want to build more muscle are often advised to eat more protein. Better advice is to increase the intake of proteins at breakfast and lunch to a level of at least 40 grams of protein per meal.

Use betaine, lose pounds of fat


It is official now. Betaine is an effective fat loss supplement. Meta-study.

Eat two kiwis for a good night's rest


If you have trouble sleeping, and - very sensibly - prefer not to use sleeping pills, then nutritionists at Taipei Medical University in Taiwan may have a solution to your problem.

Too little TB-500 does not work, neither does too much


Pharmacological athletes struggling with an injury sometimes use TB-500, an injectable research chemical, to accelerate healing. Whether TB-500 has the desired effect may well depend on the dosage, according to research from 2012.

European labs detect gly-GHRP-2, gly-GHRP-6 en ala-GH in research chemicals

European labs detect gly-GHRP-2, gly-GHRP-6 en ala-GH in research chemicals

European labs detect gly-GHRP-2, gly-GHRP-6 en ala-GH in research chemicals


Strange things are happening in the already shadowy world of injectable research chemical peptides, European laboratories that analyze seized peptides report.

Rhodiola rosea helps weekend athletes cross the finish line more quickly


According to health scientists at Gettysburg College in the US, athletes' finishing times become a wee bit sharper after taking just one capsule.

Carrots are healthier if you don't peel them


Carrots contain different groups of phytochemicals that have a positive effect on health, the most important of which is perhaps the group of polyacetylenes. When you peel carrots, you throw out half of those polyacetylenes.

EPA, DHA, and GLA fight acne


South Korean dermatologists from Seoul National University came to this conclusion in a human study that lasted 10 weeks.

Supplement helps hyperactive children to focus


A supplement containing omega-3 fatty acids, GLA, zinc and magnesium makes hyperactive children pay more attention and focus better. German study.

Carnitine makes type 2 diabetics healthier


If type 2 diabetics take 2 grams of L-carnitine every day, they may become healthier. Their insulin sensitivity increases, and their cholesterol levels improve. It sounds promising, but there is a lot to be said about the design of the study.

Boss who does weight training is a nicer boss


In these times of economic recession, managers in companies and organisations are under pressure. And who suffers most from this? The people who do the real work. Weightlifting to the rescue!

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Fruits and vegetables are natural antidepressants 28.04.20
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Black ginger dimethoxyflavone is a muscle rejuvenation drug 26.04.20
Ashwagandha increases stamina, meta-study 25.04.20
After infection with the coronavirus, a high vitamin D level may prevent you from getting sick 24.04.20
Fucoidan intensifies the attack of the immune system on cancer cells 23.04.20
Vitamin D supplement helps women with breast cancer survive 22.04.20
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Eating a few raw carrots every week reduces your risk of colon cancer 13.04.20
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Rooiboos-dandelion combination increases testosterone levels, human study 09.04.20
Quercetin protects athletes from colds and flu 08.04.20
Quercetin sabotages influenza virus 07.04.20
Strength training helps prevent thrombosis 06.04.20
Strength training improves cholesterol level (a little) 05.04.20
Dandelion + rooibos = more testosterone 04.04.20
Vitamin D supplements reduce the risk of cancer death 03.04.20
Dandelion-based testosterone therapy? 02.04.20
AHCC increases the survival chances of cancer patients 01.04.20
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Combination of S-adenosyl-methione and betaine combats mild depression 28.03.20
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