Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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The side effects of SARMs and MK-677 are more similar to those of anabolic steroids than you think


If you believe the industry, SARMs do have the effects of anabolic steroids but lack their side effects. However, the largest study of SARM users to date points in a different direction.

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50+ | A diet with nuts keeps your reaction speed up to par

50+ | A diet with nuts keeps your reaction speed up to par
50+ | A diet with nuts keeps your reaction speed up to par


Eating nuts regularly will likely reduce your chances of cognitive decline after age 50. And it also seems that nuts can help keep your reaction speed up to par after your fifties.

Three strength training sessions a week keep bones strong without medication


Post-menopausal women with lower estradiol levels face a serious risk of osteoporosis. Doctors generally treat the problem with hormone therapy and medicines like biphosphonates, but many women are not happy with this.

Men in their twenties produce more testosterone with 600 milligrams of Tongkat Ali per day

Men in their twenties produce more testosterone with 600 milligrams of Tongkat Ali per day

Men in their twenties produce more testosterone with 600 milligrams of Tongkat Ali per day
Men in their twenties produce more testosterone with 600 milligrams of Tongkat Ali per day


People over fifty produce more testosterone if they take 400 milligrams of Tongkat Ali every day, but this dose has no hormonal effect in young men. If young men want to increase their testosterone levels, they need 600 milligrams of Tongkat Ali extract daily.

A healthier diet, less covid


The more vegetables, fruit and other high-quality plant-based foods in your diet, the lower your risk of covid.

Interval training helps elite athletes get fitter without overtraining


Elite athletes usually have a jam-packed training schedule. Adding more training often means over-training, which can results in a drop in testosterone level, muscle breakdown and reduced performance. Fortunately, though, there's interval training.

Strength training works even with a low protein intake


If you do weight training, nothing helps you more than making sure you have a high-protein diet. But what happens if you combine strength training with a diet that is low in protein?

Covid-19 | Low dose of arginine speeds up recovery

Covid-19 | Low dose of arginine speeds up recovery
Covid-19 | Low dose of arginine speeds up recovery


Supplementation with three grams of L-arginine per day almost halves the number of days that patients with a serious form of covid have to spend in hospital.

Pumpkin boosts endurance capacity and muscle strength


In fifteen years from now endurance athletes will no longer fuel themselves with pasta, bread and rice before a race, but with pumpkin soup. Or they'll use supplements containing a pumpkin extract.

At this vitamin D3 level, SARS-CoV-2 is (in theory) no longer lethal


If you manage to raise your vitamin D3 level to 50 nanograms per milliliter, your chances of dying from SARS-CoV2 infection are practically zero. Well, in theory.

This is what happens if you take a gram of cinnamon with every meal


Your blood pressure and cholesterol and glucose balance improve, and you also become slimmer.

These 4 bodybuilding drugs are completement merde


According to the analyzes of the Center Hospitalier Universitaire Raymond Poincaré, it is better to avoid these 4 products...

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The antioestrogenic effect of pomegranate 20.09.2021
Quercetin, naringenin, naringin | These three flavonoids in citrus fruits are anti-estrogens 19.09.2021
On a diet? Capsaicin keeps your testosterone level up 18.09.2021
Phenol-rich diet improves ailing immune system 17.09.2021
This is the effect of a keto diet on Alzheimer's patients 15.09.2021
Strength training results in more muscle mass and strength if you supplement with capsiate 14.09.2021
Vitamin D supplements work better when taken with large meal 13.09.2021
Vitamin D3 supplement keeps elderly covid-19 patient alive 12.09.2021
Combination of B vitamins and fish oil reduces age-related brain atrophy 11.09.2021
High omega-3 levels? B vitamins protect your brain from aging 10.09.2021
Citrus flavonoid naringenin inhibits breast cancer metastasis 09.09.2021
Night owl puts on weight faster than early bird 07.09.2021
Magnesium and Q10 protect against covid 06.09.2021
Glucosamine protects joints of strength athletes 05.09.2021
Tomato powder protects athletes better during intensive exercise than lycopene 04.09.2021
Eat nuts or peanuts and live longer 03.09.2021
High-intensity sports slow down the rate at which you age 02.09.2021
Nuts and peanuts make you a little slimmer 01.09.2021

The DNP effect of anacardic acid in cashew nuts 31.08.2021
Looking for a one hundred percent safe and effective pre-workout formula? Try chicken soup... 30.08.2021
Don't like fish? Mussels are also a source of omega-3 fatty acids 29.08.2021
Anacardic acid: the anti-oestrogen in cashew nuts 28.08.2021
Royal Jelly: more testosterone and red blood cells 27.08.2021
Nothing wrong with DIY creatine drink 26.08.2021
Coming soon in pharmacological bodybuilding: DS20060511 25.08.2021
Empathetic doctors have higher cure rate 24.08.2021
Daily cup of nitrate-rich leafy vegetables helps prevent cardiovascular disease 23.08.2021
Green Propolis gets covid patient discharged from hospital sooner 22.08.2021
Prostate cancer cells die in the blood of active people 21.08.2021
Exercise less tiring in green surroundings 20.08.2021
Anabolic effect of dileucine greater than that of leucine 19.08.2021
Supplement with Brazilian propolis makes deadly viruses less dangerous 18.08.2021
How to halve your risk of Alzheimer's 17.08.2021
There are tumor inhibitors in lovage 16.08.2021
Your initials determine how old you get 15.08.2021
Quercetin analogs provide just as much protection against viruses as quercetin itself 14.08.2021
Caffeine chewing gum gives faster final sprint and higher testosterone levels 13.08.2021
Does quercetin take the sting out of covid? 12.08.2021
Poo smells less with Grape Seed Extract supplement 11.08.2021
Lost weight? Staying on target gets easier by the year 10.08.2021
Covid patients recover faster with quercetin phytosome supplementation 09.08.2021
Grape Seed Extract inhibits aromatase 08.08.2021
Carotenoids not sunbeds make you more attractive 07.08.2021
Too little sleep makes you less attractive 06.08.2021
This is the unhealthiest food habit of all | And this is the healthiest... 05.08.2021
Bioavailability of quercetin phytosome is 20 times greater than that of regular quercetin 04.08.2021
Less stress? Less myostatin 03.08.2021
Ergothioneine loosens up stiff joints 02.08.2021
Extra vitamin D speeds up recovery after coronavirus infection 01.08.2021

Ergothioneine, the longevity vitamin from mushrooms, protects against deadly cardiovascular disease 31.07.2021
Dietary fats increase bioavailability of quercetin 30.07.2021
Forgive and live longer 29.07.2021
In vitro study: ashwagandha inhibits Alzheimer's 28.07.2021
Meta-study confirms protective effect of edible mushrooms against cancer 27.07.2021
Quercetin makes zinc a better corona protector 26.07.2021
Lower your heart rate and live longer 25.07.2021
Cup of tea inhibits uptake of mercury from fish 24.07.2021
More fruits and vegetables, less stress 23.07.2021
Less cortisol and more testosterone with a daily 200 mg Tongkat Ali 22.07.2021
More omega-3, less omega-6, fewer migraines 21.07.2021
How propolis kills breast cancer cells 20.07.2021
More fruit, less diabetes 19.07.2021
Lycopene and beta-carotene protect against heart attacks 18.07.2021
Greater burdock for more testosterone 17.07.2021
Indeed, zinc protects against corona 16.07.2021
Preventing zinc deficiency, preventing (or surviving) covid 15.07.2021
Weight loss makes fat men more masculine 14.07.2021
This many hours of sleep you need to prevent dementia 13.07.2021
By inhibiting inflammation, nuts protect against strokes and heart attacks 12.07.2021
Chewing gum makes you alert and reduces stress 11.07.2021
Selenium increases chance of survival after infection with coronavirus 10.07.2021
More chili, longer life 09.07.2021
A healthy diet keeps the brain young for longer 08.07.2021
Meta-study: animal proteins are better muscle builders than vegetable proteins 07.07.2021
Three grams L-cysteine can soften a hangover 06.07.2021
Vitamin C maintains endurance athletes' testosterone levels 05.07.2021
Grape Seed Extract protects against prostate cancer 04.07.2021
Grunting tennis player, faster ball 03.07.2021
Supplement with omega-3 fatty acids takes lungs functioning to a higher level 02.07.2021
Covid-19 | Vitamin K increases survival chances 01.07.2021

More muscle strength, less fat mass due to a few grams of chlorella per day, animal study 30.06.2021
Ashwagandha enhances athletes' endurance 29.06.2021
This category of athletes benefits from supplementation with 6 grams of glutamine per day 28.06.2021
Coffee protects against chronic liver disease 27.06.2021
Low-fat yogurt enhances the effect of strength training 26.06.2021
Walking and running can halve the chance of brain cancer 25.06.2021
Spirulina gives runners more stamina 24.06.2021
Citrulline increases muscle mass and reduces fat mass by blocking the aging process 23.06.2021
Circulating omega-3 fatty acids from fish reduce mortality risk | Meta-study 22.06.2021
Do dietary amphetamines play a role in the Christmas feeling? 21.06.2021
Goji polysaccharides enhance endurance 20.06.2021
Swiss-ball crunches better than machine crunches 19.06.2021
Stiff and painful joints | Apple peel extract supplementation increases flexibility 18.06.2021
Schisandra enhances the increase of muscle strength induced by exercise 17.06.2021
Improve your sleep with glycine, and your memory will work better too 16.06.2021
Cauliflower, broccoli & bodybuilders 15.06.2021
Supplementation with Epilobium angustifolium relieves mild prostate complaints 14.06.2021
Meta-study determines the protective effect of lycopene against prostate cancer 13.06.2021
Aging shrinks your brains; cardio makes them grow 12.06.2021
Diet lacking vitamin K1 makes knee joint susceptible to arthritis 11.06.2021
Chlorella is an antidote against dioxins 10.06.2021
Chlorella makes blood vessels supple 09.06.2021
Suspensions make your plank exercises even better 08.06.2021
Daily serving of strawberries improves insulin and cholesterol levels 07.06.2021
The best sports drink is purple 06.06.2021
Physical activity makes the coronavirus less deadly 05.06.2021
Clove of garlic boosts athletes' endurance capacity 04.06.2021
Endurance athletes perform better if they eat almonds instead of cookies 03.06.2021
Citicoline speeds up damaged nerve recovery 02.06.2021
An apple a day helps to keep deadly cancer away 01.06.2021

Grape Seed Extract helps prevent swollen legs 31.05.2021
An anti-cancer factor in the skin of apples 30.05.2021
Fasting for a few days makes chemotherapy more effective 29.05.2021
Fructose is a cortisol booster 28.05.2021
Eat 2 apples every day, improve your cholesterol 27.05.2021
Less carbs, better memory 26.05.2021
Isolation exercises for strength training require longer recovery time 25.05.2021
Gyms closed? Vitamin D keeps your fat percentage low 24.05.2021
This variant of the leg curl is the most effective 23.05.2021
Vitamin B6, the dream vitamin 22.05.2021
Two elite exercises for your abs 21.05.2021
Does Rhodiola rosea protect against ebola? 20.05.2021
Eat chicken instead of beef, and live longer 19.05.2021
Dried apricots vs. jam sandwiches: endurance sports study 18.05.2021
Rumex crispus, a natural drug against osteoporosis 17.05.2021
Cinnamon protects short-term memory 16.05.2021
The best way to do the plank 15.05.2021
Interval cardio training eats up calories 14.05.2021
Animal study from 1953: glucosamine inhibits cancer 13.05.2021
More proof: crunches alone won't give you a sixpack 12.05.2021
Get more quercetin from onions 11.05.2021
Omega-3 fatty acids prevent breast cancer from spreading to bones 10.05.2021
Take berberine, live 80 percent longer 09.05.2021
Drink your sports beverage ice-cold for better times 08.05.2021
Lifestyle improvements boost testosterone level in over fifties 07.05.2021
Supplementation with glucosamine and chondroitin regenerates damaged intervertebral disc | Case study 06.05.2021
Proof: plank is better for your core than crunches 05.05.2021
Vitamin C strengthens muscles in the elderly 04.05.2021
Train your core and upper body with the same exercises 03.05.2021
Ellagic acid in berries, raspberries and strawberries blocks skin aging 02.05.2021
More vitamin K2, more testosterone 01.05.2021