Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Meta-study negative about HMB efficacy


But if we, the compilers of this free web magazine, take a look at the figures in the study, we cannot share this view yet.

Pilot study | Nandrolone alleviates joint pain
Pilot study | Nandrolone alleviates joint pain


The umpteenth example of incorrect bro science? Not according to these American endocrinologists.

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Curcumin just as effective antidepressant as Prozac, study concludes


Although this research was not funded by the supplements industry, we have reservations about this study...

Collagen supplement eases athletes' sore joints

Collagen supplement eases athletes' sore joints
Collagen supplement eases athletes' sore joints


Athletes who experience joint pain when standing, walking or lifting weights can ease the pain by taking collagen hydrolysate. But they need to take a heavy dose...

Unstable weights | Bench press, only better


Bench presses stimulate the pecs even better if you don't just slide some of the discs onto the bar, but tie them to the ends of the barbell with a rope.

Lose weight faster by eating carbs in the evening only
Lose weight faster by eating carbs in the evening only


If you are slimming you'll lose weight quicker if you confine your carb intake [like pasta, rice, bread, potatoes and fruit] to the evenings.

Eat citrus fruit for strong bones


Researchers at Texas A&M University did an animal study and discovered that adding orange and grapefruit to the diet had a positive effect on bone health.

AKG, a problematic health span enhancer

AKG, a problematic health span enhancer
AKG, a problematic health span enhancer


AKG, a bodybuilding supplement that seems to have lost some of its shine in strength sports, may be the secret to a long, yet healthy life. Animal study.

Citrus limon extract reduces pain, but does not make you drowsy


Athletes who want to push their pain threshold have a love-hate relationship with painkillers. The drugs undeniably work, but they also make you drowsy and slow down reaction time.

Sweetener sucralose reduces insulin sensitivity | Human study


Although the subjects didn't actually get sick, the results were so troubling that the university advised researchers to discontinue their study.

Broken hip? Strength training increases the chance that you will still be alive in a year


A small experimental study published in 2012 by Australian sports scientists in JAMDA.

Androgens deteriorate immune system


Women's immune systems are more capable of eliminating germs such as Candida albicans than men's. This is partly because male sex hormones are detrimental to immune system function.

Menthol protects runners and cyclists against hot weather


It probably doesn't matter whether you use a homemade sports drink with menthol dissolved in it or gelatin capsules you suck on. The point is to keep menthol in your mouth while doing continuous intensive exercise.

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Omega-3 fatty acids protect the cognitive abilities of over 60s 27.08.20
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Tea drinkers have stronger bones 22.08.20
Vitamin D deficiency reduces survival after coronavirus infection 21.08.20
Withaferin-A, an anti-estrogen (and maybe also an anabolic) in ashwagandha 20.08.20
C60 is orally available 18.08.20
One hour walking a day increases survival chances of colorectal cancer patients 17.08.20
C60 makes muscles tireless 16.08.20
Practicing Tai-Chi or Qigong gives you more immune cells 15.08.20
Acne? Your whey protein might be the problem 14.08.20
Piperine increases cannabidiol bioavailability 13.08.20
A capsule of L-ornithine may take the edge off your hangover 12.08.20
High blood sugar level makes you look older 11.08.20
C3, the 'successor' to C60 (note the quotes, dear readers) 10.08.20
Can C60 double your lifespan? 09.08.20
Vitamin C supplement lowers blood pressure 08.08.20
Whey enhances the effect of strength training on muscle mass, collagen does not 07.08.20
Animal study: spirulina prevents dementia 06.08.20
Cinnamon boosts IGF-1, rejuvenates skin 05.08.20
Cinnamon fights migraines 04.08.20
These Echinacea components kill cancer cells 03.08.20
The anti-diabetes effect of Green Coffee Bean 02.08.20
Growth hormone therapy does not increase the risk of cancer 01.08.20
Animal study: L-citrulline supplementation accelerates healing of broken bones 31.07.20
400-mg capsule of L-ornithine improves sleep 30.07.20
Protein intake key factor in growth hormone's anabolic effect 29.07.20)
A glass of tomato juice makes exercise even more healthy 28.07.20
Carotenoids in carrots, oranges and tomatoes protect against dementia 27.07.20
Selenium helps maintain the muscle strength of the over-eighties 26.07.20
Trees protect against cancer 25.07.20
Strong muscles, strong immune system 24.07.20
Less pain with fish oil 23.07.20
BAM15, the 'light' version of DNP 22.07.20
Tongkat Ali raises testosterone levels in over-fifties 21.07.20
Are supplements companies messing with kratom? 20.07.20
More betaine in your diet, more muscle mass 19.07.20
Human study | This is the analgesic effect of kratom 18.07.20
Every 10 g carrot reduces chance of prostate cancer by 5 percent 17.07.20
Why supplements are a better source of 10-DHA than fresh Royal Jelly 16.07.20
HMB works, meta-study says 15.07.20
Strength training cures mouse arm and tennis elbow 14.07.20
Betaine & choline | Body recompositioning nutrients that protect against cancer 13.07.20
Green tea inhibits cortisol synthesis 12.07.20
Cur2004-8 more effective than curcumin, animal study 11.07.20
Hormone factor in Royal Jelly keeps skin young 10.07.20
Animal study: lean or fat, old or young, Bay 60-6583 improves your body composition 09.07.20
Green tea improves cholesterol 08.07.20
Can oranges extend your life? 07.07.20
50 mg vitamin B1 supplement improves your mood and speeds up your reactions 06.07.20
Started running? Carnitine makes you fit (and lean) faster 05.07.20
Too little protein at breakfast and lunch inhibits muscle growth in the elderly 04.07.20
Use betaine, lose pounds of fat 03.07.20
Eat two kiwis for a good night's rest 02.07.20
Too little TB-500 does not work, neither does too much 01.07.20
European labs detect gly-GHRP-2, gly-GHRP-6 en ala-GH in research chemicals 30.06.20
Rhodiola rosea helps weekend athletes cross the finish line more quickly 29.06.20
Carrots are healthier if you don't peel them 28.06.20
EPA, DHA, and GLA fight acne 27.06.20
Supplement helps hyperactive children to focus 26.06.20
Carnitine makes type 2 diabetics healthier 25.06.20
Boss who does weight training is a nicer boss 24.06.20
Red Ginseng stimulates muscle growth, increases stamina 23.06.20
Loneliness makes stress even more unhealthy 22.06.20
Very old but in top shape | The promise of interleukin-37 21.06.20
Is DMHA present in Kigelia africana? 20.06.20
Hyaluronic Acid supplements restore moisture balance in dry skin 19.06.20
In combination with betaine, stims may burn more fat 18.06.20
Build muscles but eat little protein? Use L-citrulline 17.06.20
Are you anxious, worried and not sleeping well? Maybe CBD will help 16.06.20
Daily half hour of meditation protects against burnout 15.06.20)
MSM, a muscle enhancer that sabotages cancer cells 14.06.20
Ginger, a natural hay fever medicine 13.06.20
Difference between good and average student is twenty minutes sleep 12.06.20
MSM, growth hormone and IGF-1 | Stronger bones, stronger muscles? 11.06.20
Garlic enhances slimming effect of running 10.06.20
MSM for athletes | MSM is a cortisol blocker 09.06.20
Raw tomatoes boost HDL 08.06.20
Smoking, alcohol and coke make anabolic steroids more dangerous for your heart 07.06.20
Alpinia galanga, a kitchen spice that increases testosterone levels 06.06.20
A capsule of MSM per day reduces wrinkles in a few months 05.06.20
The joint effect of strength training and ginger supplementation 04.06.20
Use ginger, think faster 03.06.20
Rehydration and whey protein administration go together fine 02.06.20
MSM protects muscle proteins during exercise 01.06.20
Animal study | Eat stinging nettles as a vegetable, and lose body fat 31.05.20
Spreading proteins over meals increases muscle growth 30.05.20
Five cups of green tea daily rejuvenates skin 29.05.20
B vitamins protect heart and blood vessels against air pollution 28.05.20
Laboratory tests 4 supplements with 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin that should contain 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin 26.05.20)
Calves do respond to strength training, says Brad Schoenfeld 26.05.20
Red grape juice is a smart drug 25.05.20
A diet that inhibits inflammation protects against stroke and myocardial infarction 24.05.20
Alpinia officinarum, a fat loss supplement? 23.05.20
Beetroot improves 5K times (22.05.20
Cynical over 65s more likely to develop dementia 21.05.20
Alpinia officinarum: an excess of calories, yet no increase in body fat 20.05.20
L-Citrulline changes apple into pear 19.05.20
Kaempferia parviflora, a supplement for your six-pack 18.05.20
Sometimes SARMs damage the liver 17.05.20
Tryptophan helps lift interval training to a higher level 16.05.20
Testing positive for heptaminol after using octodrine 15.05.20
Meta-study | Lose fat with curcumin 14.05.20
Apples protect better against cancer if you don't peel them 13.05.20
Pycnogenol reduces muscle cramp in athletes 12.05.20
Why chicken protein contributes more to muscle anabolism than beef protein 11.05.20
You have to walk that many minutes every day if you want to live longer 10.05.20