Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Quercetin protects athletes from colds and flu


Quercetin has an antiviral effect in vitro, we wrote yesterday. Quercetin may also reduce the risk of virus infections in real people, especially if they train intensively.

Quercetin sabotages influenza virus
Quercetin sabotages influenza virus


Well - it does so in test tubes. Is quercetin an antiviral agent?

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Strength training helps prevent thrombosis


Thrombosis, the formation of blood clots that can constrict crucial blood vessels, can be prevented by strength training. Human data.

Strength training improves cholesterol level (a little)

Strength training improves cholesterol level (a little)

Strength training improves cholesterol level (a little)


Endurance training is good for your cholesterol, say medical websites. But according to this American research, strength training can make a difference as well.

Dandelion + rooibos = more testosterone


Testes cells produce more testosterone after being exposed to an extract of the common dandelion. Would dandelion have the same effect in humans?

Vitamin D supplements reduce the risk of cancer death
Vitamin D supplements reduce the risk of cancer death


Meta-study, published in BMJ.

Dandelion-based testosterone therapy?


No, this is not an April Fool's Day prank...

AHCC increases the survival chances of cancer patients
AHCC increases the survival chances of cancer patients


If patients with advanced liver cancer take 3 grams of with the shiitake extract AHCC daily, their chances of survival may increase. Human study. Not sponsored.

How divorced parents can mess up their children's immune systems


You don't have complete control over how well your immune system functions, American psychologists at Carnegie Mellon University discovered.

Polyacetylenes, the lesser known cancer inhibitors in carrot, celery and parsnip


Carrots protect against prostate cancer, breast cancer and undoubtedly more types of cancer. That's because of the carotenoids in carrots, we thought - until a reader sent us a few studies we didn't know yet...

Celery, the vegetable of lust?


According to hundreds of websites, men become more attractive to women if they eat celery. It sounds extremely improbable, but according to this German study it is not completely nonsensical.

Combination of S-adenosyl-methione and betaine combats mild depression


If pharmacological antidepressants do not work well, mildly depressed patients may benefit from supplementation with S-adenosylmethionine and betaine. Human data.

Avoiding stress is preventing virus infection


If there is anyone who knows how to protect yourself from the coronavirus, it is Sheldon Cohen. As early as 1991, he published a human study that showed how avoiding stress reduces the chances of becoming infected with a coranavirus.

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After training your brain functions better 31.01.20
Diet rich in vitamin B3 protects against Alzheimer's 30.01.20
Edible mushrooms keep skin young 29.01.20
Bifidobacterium breve B-3 accelerates body fat breakdown in human study 28.01.20
Strawberries protect against Alzheimer's disease 27.01.20
Sleep speeds up post-viral healing 26.01.20
Cordycepin from Cordyceps militaris rejuvenates testes 25.01.20
Growth hormone is for sprinters 23.01.20
Bifidobacterium breve B3, a probiotic for your muscles 21.01.20
A year on a high-protein slimming diet benefits cardiovascular system 20.01.20
Combination of creatine nitrate and creatinine outperforms creatine nitrate or creatine monohydrate 19.01.20
2-oxa-methyldienolone, a forgotten super steroid 18.01.20
GABA: body fat inhibitor and insulin booster 17.01.20
Artichoke may protect testes against anabolic steroids 16.01.20
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Do you want to live longer? Drink three cups of tea a week... 14.01.20
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NEP28, a SARM for your brain (and your muscles, of course) 11.01.20
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2,4-dioxa-3-thia-5-alpha-androstane, a forgotten eccentric anabolic from the seventies 05.01.20
Herring roe supplements, a new source of omega-3 fatty acids 04.01.20
Fish oil for lower back pain? 03.01.20
Just one capsule of Rhodiola is enough to improve your stamina 02.01.20
What is steroid 36644-Ba? 01.01.20
Preheated muscles respond better to light strength training 31.12.19
Creatine + endurance training = a lot more mitochondria in your muscle cells 30.12.19
Purple grape juice, a natural alternative to pre-workout formulas 29.12.19
Sports drinks of little use for recreational runners 28.12.19
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Cardio on an empty stomach just as pleasant as after breakfast 01.12.19
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Royal Jelly, a natural stress hormone blocker 28.11.19
Pistachio nuts versus impotence 27.11.19
The single leg squat for the gluteal muscles, the split squat for the quads 26.11.19
Avocados improve your cardiovascular health even more than you think 25.11.19
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Red spinach extracts come in different shapes and sizes 22.11.19
Red spinach, a natural NO booster 21.11.19
Olive Leaf Extract helps damaged cartilage to heal more quickly 20.11.19