Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Imaginary training can replace the real thing


Strength athletes who replace some of their workouts with sessions in which they imagine training with weights achieve almost the same progression as athletes who don't miss any training sessions.

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Dry eyes? Maybe tuna will help
Dry eyes? Maybe tuna will help


If you suffer from dry eyes, fish oil supplements may help. So may foods with omega-3 fatty acids.

You're less strong with your eyes closed


You lose strength if you close your eyes during physical exertion.

Supplements with omega-3 fatty acids effective against dry eyes

Supplements with omega-3 fatty acids effective against dry eyes
Supplements with omega-3 fatty acids effective against dry eyes


If you are no longer very young, you may notice that your eyes produce less tear fluid. If you like to put a medical label on such discomforts, you can tell that you suffer from 'dry eye disease'.

Handful of ornithine caps before strength training boosts growth hormone level


Give a guy who weighs 80 kg a dose of 8 g L-ornithine HCl before a weight training session, and his growth hormone level will increase by a factor of three.

600 mg alpha-GPC = more post-training growth hormone

600 mg alpha-GPC = more post-training growth hormone
600 mg alpha-GPC = more post-training growth hormone


A choline sort that you can buy off the shelf in the better supplements stores boosts the growth-hormone peak after a weights workout.

How to use galantamine for lucid dreaming


Lucid dreams are dreams in which you are aware that you are dreaming and you can decide for yourself what you dream.

Little time, but still want to get fitter? Try interval training

Little time, but still want to get fitter? Try interval training
Little time, but still want to get fitter? Try interval training


Recognise the problem? You want to increase your fitness, but you don't have time to go jogging for 90 minutes three times a week. The solution?

Combination of strength training with fish oil supplementation keeps aging muscles strong


Fish oil augments the increase in muscle strength from strength training.

Burn more calories to increase your life span


For every 287 calories that the septuagenarians expended on physical activity, their chance of dying declined by 30 percent.

So it's really possible | Increasing your muscle mass during a rigorous weight loss diet


If you want to lose weight in a short time but want to keep your muscles intact, you can combine a strict weight loss diet with daily intensive training. But what if you want to build muscle at the same time?

Beta-alanine works better if you take it with meals


Taking the supplement during a meal leads to a faster increase in carnosine concentration in the muscles than when it's taken between meals.

Alarming drop in testosterone levels in young men


According to American scientists, young men today have as much as a third less testosterone than the young men of 15 years ago.

Why moderate continuous activity is a better antidepressant than HIT


Exercise is an effective remedy for depression, but not all forms of exercise are equally suitable as an anti-depressant.

Constant fight against appetite reduces life expectancy 02.08.2022

Two tablespoons of sesame seeds make soccer players fitter and faster 31.07.2022
Less lonely, longer life 30.07.2022
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A supplement that mends a broken heart 21.07.2022
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Food for dreams 19.07.2022
Taurine, a supplement for diabetics 18.07.2022
Waist measurement says more about health than BMI 17.07.2022
Body fat melts away with gum Arabic 16.07.2022
Sleep better with chamomile 15.07.2022
CBD oil accelerates muscle recovery after strenuous exercise 14.07.2022
Weight loss with sibutramine goes faster when L-carnitine is added 13.07.2022
Reduction of prostate cancer risk by a few tablespoons of beans a day 12.07.2022
Carnitine supplementation promotes fat loss | Meta-study 11.07.2022
Your word use reveals the age you are likely to reach 10.07.2022
Placebos work even if you know you're taking a placebo 09.07.2022
Focus on muscles during strength training for more hypertrophy 08.07.2022
St. John's wort reduces depression | Meta-study 07.07.2022
Anthocyanins in blueberries: more muscle and less fat 06.07.2022
Daily dose of 1500 mg of taurine slows aging 05.07.2022
Focus on muscle group during strength training does not result in more reps 04.07.2022
Why it's better to take fish oil capsules at dinner 03.07.2022
Bench presses with elastic band result in 32 percent more strength 02.07.2022
Do you want to prevent virus infection? Reduce long-term stress 01.07.2022

More HDL, less CRP | How MSM might reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease 30.06.2022
Focus on muscle group during strength training does not result in more strength 29.06.2022
Stress course does away with need for doctor 28.06.2022
Cannabidiol may protect against SARS-CoV-2 infection 27.06.2022
Focus on a muscle group during strength training | This is the effect 26.06.2022
Protein supplement and multivitamin users feel fitter and healthier 25.06.2022
Is curcumin acetylsalicylate a life extender? 24.06.2022
Which exercise is better? The pull-up or the pull-down? 23.06.2022
The three best weightless exercises for your glutes 22.06.2022
A little bit of Royal Jelly increases testosterone level by 22 percent 21.06.2022
Mushrooms, green tea reduce chance of breast cancer by factor of 10 20.06.2022
Dietary spermidine extends your lifespan (by maybe 6 years) 19.06.2022
Slower carbohydrates, fewer migraines 18.06.2022
More physical activity, more fertility 16.06.2022
Spermidine keeps the heart young | Animal study 15.06.2022
Blackcurrant extract increases fat oxidation during moderate-intensity exercise 14.06.2022
Best way to do a lat pull-down: bar to your chest, not in your neck 13.06.2022
Living in rural areas better for mental health than living in the city 12.06.2022
It's healthier to run in the fields than on the treadmill 11.06.2022
SAMe mitigates major depression 10.06.2022
Flu shot lowers testosterone level 09.06.2022
Avoiding carbohydrates is preventing migraines 08.06.2022
Bowl of low-fat yoghurt in the afternoon makes dieting easier 07.06.2022
Women, testosterone and sex | And zinc 06.06.2022
Meta-study | Strength training with weights equivalent to strength training with elastic bands 05.06.2022
Training shoulders with elastic band just as effective as using weights 04.06.2022
Fat loss diet twice as effective if you supplement with caffeine 03.06.2022
Surviving covid thanks to GABA supplementation 02.06.2022
FAS inhibitor Tamarindus indica slows the growth of adipose tissues 01.06.2022

High vitamin D level multiplies survival chances of cancer patient 31.05.2022
Steroid cycle gives coronavirus more chance 29.05.2022
Magnesium, vitamin B2 and co-enzyme Q10 combo soothes migraine 28.05.2022
How Tamarindus indica seeds may increase testosterone levels in men 27.05.2022
Magnesium supplement halves hot flashes 26.05.2022
Diosgenin, the plant steroid in Smilax and Yam 25.05.2022
Dietary diversity increases your life span 24.05.2022
Strict weight loss diet works better if you bend the rules occasionally 23.05.2022
Put on less weight with gluten free diet 22.05.2022
Taurine's mechanism of action revealed 21.05.202
Raise your VO2max to delay ageing 20.05.2022
Celery seed extract lowers blood pressure (and does much more) 19.05.2022
Is Basica a supplement against lower back pain? 18.05.2022
Hefty daily dose of glycine prevents caries 17.05.2022
Why sculptors live longer than painters 16.05.2022
Gardening makes you healthier 15.05.2022
Tour de France cyclists live six years longer 14.05.2022
How gardening improves brain function 13.05.2022
Low-carb diet makes it easier to maintain weight loss 11.05.2022
Your brain works better after two days of vinpocetine 10.05.2022
Strength training helps slimmed down fatties to stay slim 09.05.2022
L-Serine supplementation may make the yo-yo effect a thing of the past 08.05.2022
For strong bones you need to do fitness training at least twice a week 07.05.2022
Heavy strength training increases bone mass in osteoporosis sufferers 06.05.2022
The combination of exposure to sunlight and walking makes your bones significantly stronger 05.05.2022
Heavy training + betaine = more testosterone 04.05.2022
Fit after menopause? Hormone treatment not necessary 03.05.2022
Paraxanthine makes you stronger, more muscular and increases your stamina 02.05.2022
Fenugreek fights menopause symptoms 01.05.2022

Is fenugreek a growth hormone booster? 30.04.2022
Lecithin supplement keeps hearing sharp 29.04.2022
Do you need extra vitamin D if you are already supplementing with fish oil? 28.04.2022
Gram of quercetin per day gives badminton players more stamina 27.04.2022
Supplement with 500 milligrams of vitamin C increases survival chances in life-threatening covid by a factor of 5 26.04.2022
Supplement with 100 mg anthocyanins gives athletes more stamina 25.04.2022
Should heart failure patients be prescribed Q10? 24.04.2022
Alpha-Lipoic Acid boosts effect of creatine 23.04.2022
Blackcurrant for faster sprints 22.04.2022
Magnesium supplement prevents migraine 21.04.2022
Cacao extract CocoaVia makes your brain work faster 20.04.2022
Oligonol versus cortisol 19.04.2022
Creatine dissolved in water works a little better than powder form 18.04.2022
This is what happens to your bones if you take 150 mg of resveratrol every day for a year 17.04.2022
Creatine works better after strength training than before 16.04.2022
With every handful of walnuts you eat every day, your risk of diabetes is halved 15.04.2022
Old-school psychiatrists live longer 14.04.2022
(-)-Epicatechin, an appetite suppressant from cocoa 13.04.2022
Worn joints | ASU makes a positive difference, says meta-study 12.04.2022
Cacao contains endurance sports drug 11.04.2022
Mitochondrial nutrients for more stamina and more mitochondria 10.04.2022
Lychees for less belly fat 09.04.2022
Painfully worn knee? Supplementation with ASU may reduce your problem 08.04.2022
Cocoa makes you alert 07.04.2022
High testosterone level? Don't smile when they take your picture... 05.04.2022
Blackcurrants help athletes burn more fat 04.04.2022
Blackcurrants increase fat oxidation and endurance 03.04.2022
A few spirulina tablets a day lower your blood pressure by 4 to 5 points 02.04.2022
Why your weight loss diet is more successful than you think 01.04.2022

Oligonol, the lychee supplement that protects against heart attacks 31.03.2022
Men who take ginseng live longer 30.03.2022
Does it make sense to combine beet root and citrulline? 29.03.2022
Chlorella supplement boosts maximal oxygen uptake 28.03.2022
Citrulline supplementation increases strength gains and fat loss through interval training 27.03.2022
Enzyme supplement speeds up muscle recovery 26.03.2022
Oligonol, a muscle-building supplement based on lychees 25.03.2022
Vitamin C is a brain vitamin 24.03.2022
Daily weighing helps slimming and prevents overweight 23.03.2022
Lychees inhibit muscle breakdown | Animal study 22.03.2022
Lychee extract boosts athletes' endurance capacity 21.03.2022
More berries, less cholesterol 20.03.2022
Diet with lots of vegetables keeps the elderly fit 19.03.2022
Getting enough vitamin B6 will make you live longer 18.03.2022
How white button mushrooms might take the sting out of diabetes and delay aging 16.03.2022
Vitamin S prolongs your life 15.03.2022
Mango: load up with carbs and reduce fat at the same time 14.03.2022
Meta-study | Healthier diet after cancer increases chances of survival 13.03.2022
How vitamin D increases testosterone levels 12.03.2022
Quercetin reduces cortisol peak after stress 11.03.2022
Beta-lactolin, the brain booster in camembert 10.03.2022
Animal study | Combination of glycine and NAC extends maximum lifespan by 40 percent 09.03.2022
Vitamin D supplement keeps type 2 diabetes at bay 08.03.2022
Positive view of life after retirement extends life expectancy 07.03.2022
Horny Goat Weed inhibits cortisol 06.03.2022
Low vitamin D levels increase the risk of serious covid by a factor of 14 05.03.2022
Feeling of being in control lengthens life 04.03.2022
Goji, a natural anti-depressant 03.03.2022
Over 65? A high Q10 level gives you a healthy heart and well-functioning muscles 02.03.2022
Creatine makes depression treatment with SSRIs more effective 01.03.2022