Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Designersteroid methylepithiostanol damages liver and kidneys

Designersteroid methylepithiostanol damages liver and kidneys

Designersteroid methylepithiostanol damages liver and kidneys
Designersteroid methylepithiostanol damages liver and kidneys


For a moment it seemed that methylepithiostanol was an effective muscle builder with, compared with other oral anabolic steroids, relatively few side effects. Not so.

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Strength training fights belly fat better than aerobic training


Men who do strength training keep their fat percentage lower in the long term than men who run, cycle or do other aerobic exercise.

More apples, less lung cancer

More apples, less lung cancer
More apples, less lung cancer


The most common type of fruit in supermarkets reduces the risk of lung cancer, and may reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer as well. Meta-study.

The anabolic effect of water in strength athletes


Strength athletes grow faster after training sessions if they have enough water in their bodies.

Get fit, delay aging


Researchers at the Kronos Longevity Research Institute discovered that the fitter you are, the more protective antioxidants your body makes.

Antiviral effect of Nigella sativa may protect covid patient


A human study by doctors from Pakistan.

Natural nootropic mangiferin increases reaction speed and alertness, improves memory and mood

Natural nootropic mangiferin increases reaction speed and alertness, improves memory and mood
Natural nootropic mangiferin increases reaction speed and alertness, improves memory and mood


A good dose of mangiferin, a xanthonoid from the mango tree, does more than just improve high intensity sports performance. Human study.

Meditation delays molecular aging


A number of small studies show that meditation reduces mortality risk. Researchers at the University of California at Davis have worked out why this might be the case.

Mangiferin, a nootropic for a faster sprint


Mangiferin is present in the leaves of the tree. An extract of those leaves has been on the market as Zynamite. According to this human study, Zynamite makes athletes significantly faster.

How to train the upper chest with push ups


Thanks to sports scientists at Inje University in South Korea, we now know that the good old push up is far more versatile than we realized.

Do you suffer from corona blues? Go outdoors...


The corona lockdowns make people lonely and unhappy, but there is an antidote.

Steroid users mainly suffer from psychological side effects


According to case studies, steroids users have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, endocrinological disorders and, if you are talking about oral anabolics, liver abnormalities. This image is incorrect.

Nigella sativa is an effective fat loss supplement, meta study


The indications that supplementation with Nigella sativa causes fat loss, are quite strong. We found this 2018 meta-study.

Women's upper body muscles respond to strength training just as well as men's


However, this does not imply that women can easily reach the strength level of men who work out.

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Schisandra chinensis increases muscle strength by 8 percent 23.12.20
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Curcumin increases the muscle strength of people over 65 20.12.20
The results of the largest study among steroids users ever 19.12.20
Whether or not you are used to caffeine, a cup of coffee improves sports performance 18.12.20
MRI captures anticatabolic effect of curcumin 17.12.20
Animal study | Quercetin helps prevent virus infection after strenuous exercise 16.12.20
Animal study | Thyme oil increases testosterone levels 15.12.20
Phyllanthus amarus supplement protects against sore muscles 14.12.20
Anti-inflammatory diet keeps you muscular and strong 13.12.20
A little bit of physical activity drastically increases the survival chances of breast cancer patients 12.12.20
This supplement reduces the risk of coronavirus infection by a factor of 12 11.12.20
Muscle mass extends life expectancy 10.12.20
13-OXO-ODA, esculeoside-A and GABA in tomato juice reduce menopause symptoms 09.12.20
Another study in which glucosamine reduces mortality risk... 08.12.20
Quercetin prevents stress hormone cortisol from breaking down muscle cells 07.12.20
Supplementing with quercetin or red onion forces the body into giving muscle preferential treatment over fat 06.12.20
Multivitamins: not such a crazy idea 05.12.20
Creatine boosts protective effect of resistance training on bone mass 04.12.20
How creatine, leucine or HMB may enhance the effect of anabolic steroids 03.12.20
Burning fat with circuit training goes better with extra vitamin D 02.12.20
Make your carbohydrates healthier and live longer 01.12.20
Strength training with free weights is more effective and motivating than strength training with machines 30.11.20
Vitamin D supplement reduces cancer mortality 29.11.20
Meditation prevents colds 28.11.20
Ecdysterone kills breast cancer cells 27.11.20
Magnesium lowers cortisol levels 26.11.20
Afternoon nap helps you live longer 25.11.20
Eat more beans and live longer 24.11.20
Face mask has no adverse effect on sports performance 23.11.20
Resveratrol turns vitamin C into an even more effective skinceutical 22.11.20
Cysteine sulfoxides in onions increase testosterone levels 20.11.20
Prunes boost IGF-1 levels in humans 19.11.20
Prostate cancer grows half as fast in walkers 18.11.20
This combination of astaxanthin and collagen keeps your skin young 17.11.20
Cyclists bike faster with paracetamol 16.11.20
Q10 improves survival odds in heart failure | Meta study 15.11.20
A multivitamin pill a day helps you maintain your weight 14.11.20
Pycnogenol keeps your bones strong 13.11.20
Less frequent migraines due to zinc supplements 12.11.20
Multivitamin protects against viruses (11.11.20
Co-enzyme Q10 versus heart failure 10.11.20
This deca is not going to make your muscles grow 09.11.20
A high intake of vitamin B6 protects against pancreatic cancer 08.11.20
Strength training in a hypoxia tent results in more muscle mass and more fat loss 07.11.20
On a diet? One capsule of Grape Seed Extract per day doubles the rate at which you lose fat 06.11.20
Rosehips contain slimming medicine 05.11.20
Drinking water during cardio raises your growth hormone level 04.11.20
Astaxanthin, an anti-wrinkle supplement 03.11.20
More carotenoids in your blood, longer telomeres 02.11.20
Anabolic steroids make heavy physical exercise more addictive 01.11.20
Zinc supplement accelerates weight loss during slimming diet 31.10.20
Magnesium supplement helps you perform to the max despite lack of sleep 30.10.20
Why you should not underestimate the muscular benefits of bean protein 29.10.20
Spirulina, an unlikely supplement for erectile dysfunction 28.10.20
Superior weight-loss diet: high protein plus capsaicin supplements 27.10.20
Capsaicin keeps metabolic rate high during weight loss diet 26.10.20
Snacking in the evening comes at the expense of muscle and strength 25.10.20
Proline supplementation stimulates immune system 24.10.20
The optimal incline bench press | An EMG study 23.10.20
Do NO boosters inhibit the coronavirus? 22.10.20
Sprint faster with betaine 21.10.20
Soda, the fizzy nail in your coffin 20.10.20
A longevity drug that protects against almost all causes of death 19.10.20
This is what collagen supplements do to your knee cartilage 18.10.20
DHEA supplements increase IGF-1 levels 17.10.20
This is perhaps the most effective version of the lateral raise 16.10.20
Longer steroid cycles, more side effects 15.10.20
An unsuspected muscle food: blueberries 14.10.20
Outdoor workouts motivate better than indoor workouts 13.10.20
Collagen supplement reduces pain in worn out knees 12.10.20
Suicidal ideation less prevalent in strong men 11.10.20
Dioscorea esculenta supplement boosts DHT in athletes 10.10.20
Dioscorea esculenta increases the concentration of DHT in muscles 09.10.20
Intensive weight training helps fight depression 08.10.20
Vitamin B reduces stress | Meta study 07.10.20
Eating too much but staying lean thanks to strength training 06.10.20
Which one is better? Bench press with a cambered bar or bench press with a standard bar? 05.10.20
How vitamin C might prevent blood vessel calcification 04.10.20)
Testosterone levels go off the scale with holy basil 03.10.20
Cranberries help immune system fight colds and flu 02.10.20
Magnesium and vitamin B6 combination mitigates ADHD 01.10.20
MSM speeds up post-weight training recovery 30.09.20
EPA is an antidepressant 29.09.20
Creatine-HMB combination increases athletes' testosterone level 28.09.20
Meta-study negative about HMB efficacy 27.09.20
Pilot study | Nandrolone alleviates joint pain 26.09.20
Curcumin just as effective antidepressant as Prozac, study concludes 25.09.20
Collagen supplement eases athletes' sore joints 24.09.20
Unstable weights | Bench press, only better 23.09.20
Lose weight faster by eating carbs in the evening only 22.09.20
Eat citrus fruit for strong bones 21.09.20
AKG, a problematic health span enhancer 20.09.20
Citrus limon extract reduces pain, but does not make you drowsy 19.09.20
Sweetener sucralose reduces insulin sensitivity | Human study 17.09.20
Broken hip? Strength training increases the chance that you will still be alive in a year 16.09.20
Androgens deteriorate immune system 15.09.20
Menthol protects runners and cyclists against hot weather 14.09.20
Building muscles with low loads? Train them to failure 13.09.20
EPA increases testosterone levels 12.09.20
A good night's rest protects against colds 11.09.20
Spermidine improves memory in over-60s | Pilot study 10.09.20
Get over colds faster thanks to a combination of zinc and vitamin C 09.09.20
Do spermidine supplements prevent dementia? 08.09.20
Fish oil supplements improve testicular health 07.09.20
Spermidine is a life extender 06.09.20
Spermidine supplementation stops cardiovascular aging 05.09.20
C60 supplements are contaminated 03.09.20
Weighing yourself every day keeps your weight stable 02.09.20
Feeling good? You're likely to live longer 01.09.20
Chewing gum will reduce your energy intake by 36 kcal 31.08.20
More vitamin C, more muscle 30.08.20
Supplementation with MCP slows prostate cancer 29.08.20
Omega-3 fatty acids protect the cognitive abilities of over 60s 27.08.20
Is LGD-4033 liver toxic? 26.08.20
Animal study: less fat with fenugreek 25.08.20
Lose weight with Pu-Erh tea 24.08.20
Distressing results | 20 SARM 'supplements' tested 23.08.20
Tea drinkers have stronger bones 22.08.20
Vitamin D deficiency reduces survival after coronavirus infection 21.08.20
Withaferin-A, an anti-estrogen (and maybe also an anabolic) in ashwagandha 20.08.20