Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Do dietary amphetamines play a role in the Christmas feeling?


nd we don't mean the amphetamines you buy on the corner of the street, but amphetamines in spices like cinnamon, anise, nutmeg and cloves.

Goji polysaccharides enhance endurance

Goji polysaccharides enhance endurance
Goji polysaccharides enhance endurance


Sugar chains in goji berries - scientific name Lycium barbarum - protect cells against the effects of extreme exertion and can boost endurance capacity by fifty percent.

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Swiss-ball crunches better than machine crunches


Crunches done on a Swiss ball are not only safer than crunches done on a machine, they're more effective too.

Stiff and painful joints | Apple peel extract supplementation increases flexibility

Stiff and painful joints | Apple peel extract supplementation increases flexibility

Stiff and painful joints | Apple peel extract supplementation increases flexibility
Stiff and painful joints | Apple peel extract supplementation increases flexibility


The peels of apples contain substances with tumor-inhibiting properties, we wrote recently. The same substances may also have a positive effect on stiff and painful joints.

Schisandra enhances the increase of muscle strength induced by exercise


A supplement containing an extract of the berries of Schisandra chinensis augments the increase of muscle strength by low-intensity exercise.

Improve your sleep with glycine, and your memory will work better too

Improve your sleep with glycine, and your memory will work better too
Improve your sleep with glycine, and your memory will work better too


Recently we wrote about a Japanese study from 2006 in which supplementation with 3 g glycine improved the quality of sleep without side effects. The subjects felt more clear-headed the next day instead of being drowsy.

Cauliflower, broccoli & bodybuilders


Bodybuilders, power lifters and other strength athletes may be able to build up more muscle if they eat a portion of cabbage-related vegetables every day.

Supplementation with Epilobium angustifolium relieves mild prostate complaints

Supplementation with Epilobium angustifolium relieves mild prostate complaints
Supplementation with Epilobium angustifolium relieves mild prostate complaints


According to a human study published in Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, supplementation with two capsules of Epilobium angustifolium per day relieves prostate complaints.

Meta-study determines the protective effect of lycopene against prostate cancer


For years, news media reported about studies in which lycopene, a compound in tomatoes, protects men against prostate cancer. This meta-study pieced together the results of those studies and re-analyzed them.

Aging shrinks your brains; cardio makes them grow


After the age of thirty your brain starts to shrink. The process starts very, very slowly, but as you get older the rate at which this happens starts to rise. If you live long enough dementia is inevitable, you might think. Psychologists at the University of Pittsburgh discovered that you can reverse the brain's decline by running three times a week for 40 minutes.

Diet lacking vitamin K1 makes knee joint susceptible to arthritis


If you don't consume much vitamin K1 you are much more likely to develop arthritic knees than if you eat spinach, broccoli or other sources of vitamin K1 regularly.

Chlorella is an antidote against dioxins


Chlorella detoxifies the body, supplement sellers tell you. Sales pitch, we always thought. An almost forgotten study proved us wrong.

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An anti-cancer factor in the skin of apples 30.05.2021
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Train your core and upper body with the same exercises 03.05.2021
Ellagic acid in berries, raspberries and strawberries blocks skin aging 02.05.2021
More vitamin K2, more testosterone 01.05.2021

Lose weight faster with vitamin C 30.04.2021
Steroid users are more vulnerable to the coronavirus 29.04.2021
Vitamin D and corona | Less chance of infection, illness and death 28.04.2021
Pau d'arco speeds up oestrogen breakdown 27.04.2021
Blueberries have an antioestrogenic effect 26.04.2021
The life-extending effects of apples and berries reinforce each other 25.04.2021
Animal study: acerola inhibits growth of fat tissue 24.04.2021
MCP protects against uranium 23.04.2021
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Eggs not dangerous for heart and blood vessels 14.04.2021
Almost all ecdysterone supplements are underdosed 13.04.2021
Cardamom oil | Liver protector & life extender? 12.04.2021
Every cup of coffee you drink diminishes your chances of prostate cancer (a little) 11.04.2021
More irisin (and much healthier) due to green cardamom oil 10.04.2021
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Out of every 10 elderberry supplements 1 is counterfeit 31.03.2021
Leafy vegetables, broccoli and blueberries, no juices | 4 nutrition tips to survive breast cancer 30.03.2021
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Xanthohumol, a life extender in hops and beer 27.03.2021
These are the healthiest parts of butter lettuce 25.03.2021
Raspberry ketone: lose weight and strengthen your bones at the same time 24.03.2021
Do you want to live longer? Eat more fruits and vegetables (without agro-industrial toxins) 23.03.2021
On a diet? Take 2 spirulina tablets before meals and lose even more fat 22.03.2021
150 g white button mushrooms a day help immune system recognise pathogens 21.03.2021
More sleep can double your testosterone level 20.03.2021
This is the difference between organic and regular bell peppers 9.03.2021
How a flavonoid in parsley boosts testosterone levels 18.03.2021
Covid-19 infection with hardly any symptoms - thanks to the tanning bed? 17.03.2021
Surviving breast cancer with fewer & slower carbohydrates 16.03.2021
Pycnogenol keeps skin young 15.03.2021
Serum insulin-like factor-3 reveals the long term testicular damage of steroids use 14.03.2021
Eggplant protects the heart during myocardial infarction 13.03.2021
Date seed | A testosterone booster that makes you healthier 12.03.2021
Rosemary oil, a natural stimulant for the late hours 11.03.2021
How your TV remote control can help you lose weight effortlessly 10.03.2021
Bowel cancer less likely to develop in asparagus lovers 09.03.2021
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Date palm seed increases testosterone levels 07.03.2021
Aronia reduces cellulite 06.03.2021
Dutch research | Hesperidin improves sports performance 03.03.2021
Stimulant from orange 2S-hesperidin works immediately after intake 04.03.2021
Half a gram of 2S-hesperidin speeds up your sprint 03.03.2021

Stopping a weight loss diet over the weekends increases fat loss and prevents muscle breakdown Three grams glycine improves your sleep 25.02.2021
Fighting obesity with semaglutide | Just as effective as bariatric surgery? 24.02.2021
Meta study | To failure strength training equivalent to non-failure strength training 23.02.2021
Diet with less sodium and more potassium has slight slimming effect 22.02.2021
Again: going to failure in strength training is not necessary for optimal results 21.02.2021
The ergogenic effect of cardamom oil in sports 20.02.2021
Silicon supplement rejuvenates skin, hair and nails 19.02.2021
Creatine reduces the need for sleep 18.02.2021
Optimists live longer 17.02.2021
Susceptible to cold and flu? This tea boosts your immune system 16.02.2021
The longevity top 3: rosmarinic acid, pomegranate and curcumin 15.02.2021
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Endurance athletes perform better if they avoid these foods 13.02.2021
Litre of non-alcoholic beer keeps marathon runner healthy 12.02.2021
Quercetin makes bones heavier and stronger, says meta-study 11.02.2021
Interval training helps the obese lose weight 10.02.2021
Date palm seed tea increases testosterone levels 09.02.2021
Natural eggshell membrane (NEM) | Working out while protecting your joints 08.02.2021
Stress course lowers athletes' cortisol level 07.02.2021
Bimagrumab | A muscle enhancer turns into a weight loss drug 06.02.2021
How propolis blocks skin aging 05.02.2021
Creatine has a similar effect in your brain as in your muscles 04.02.2021
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